Toshi part 5

Toshi and Yoichi were both up early. They had a plan of action but they didn’t want that messed up if either of their two victims got up or in before they could get it all set up. It was a wise move on their part. They had just finished breakfast and planning when their first victim made an appearance and what an appearance he made. Ju was the first one to appear. He was still wearing what he’d had on the day before which was wrinkled as if he’d slept in them. His hair was all over his head. His eyes were bloodshot and he had the makings of a five o’clock shadow.

“Dude…you look like shit. If this is what Aya wakes up to in the morning she’s either blind or hopelessly in love. I’m betting on blind. No one can be that in love.” Ju flipped Toshi the bird and went to rinse his mouth out in the sink, changed his mind and headed back to the bedroom. If he was going to get his wife he’d need to be dressed first. He announced that he was going to take a shower and slammed the door. Toshi and Yoichi looked at each other and started laughing. Now for Aya.

Toshi gave her a quick call to see where she was telling her that he wanted to be around when she got there in case things got out of hand. She thanked him but said that wouldn’t be necessary and that she’d be there in about forty five minutes. That was perfect. Ju should be done by then he thought. He was. He came out of the room dressed in a simple white tee shirt and jeans. He’d shaven and combed his hair but still looked tired and haggard. He got himself a cup of tea and some food and sat down at the table.

He hadn’t spoken a word since he announced he was going to shower. Yoichi looked at Toshi who nodded. “Dad, Toshi. I’m going to lay down. I’m not feeling well.” That got Ju’s attention. “What’s up kiddo? Anything I can do to help?” Yoichi started to shake his head then stopped. “Nah. I’ve just got a nasty headache. I’m going to take something and lay down. Try not to be too hard on Aya okay dad?” Ju nodded. He got up from the table and headed toward Ichi’s old room. Since Ju’s back was to him, he didn’t see Yoichi take a turn and head down the back stairs. He’d left the door to the room very slightly ajar as was his habit. Toshi bit back a grin.

“So are you honestly going to go try to drag Aya back here or have you come to your senses? I really would hate to lose you as a friend.”

Ju glared at him. “She’s lucky I didn’t go get her last night. She has some explaining to do. I helped pay for this place and I refuse to go anywhere just because she’s got a bee in her bonnet about a damn car.”

Toshi shook his head. “I see a lot of cold showers in your future dude. A whole lot. Ju flipped him off. “Don’t you worry about it. I can handle her.” Toshi eyed him. “You don’t sound too convincing. Are you…” The rest went unspoken as tornado Aya entered the house.

Toshi wisely went into Ichi’s old room as Aya rounded on Ju. “Who the devil do you think you are to even think you could drag me anywhere? As far as leaving…you can forget it. I’m not going any damn where but the same might not be said for you. To think I’d even considered letting you get the damn car but nooo…you had to get all caveman. Well hell will freeze over first. No car you stay. Car you go. End of story.”

Ju had gotten angry all over again the minute he saw her. The more she talked the more he bristled. “If I’d have wanted to drag you back here I could have and would have. Honestly it was nicer here with you gone. Quiet. As for me leaving…not a chance. In fact you can take that bag you had packed and get the hell out now.”

Toshi knew it was time to start phase two when Aya got quiet. He could almost see the wheels turning. She hadn’t asked to have a bag packed and the minute she voiced that the game was over. He pulled the bedroom door open quickly. “Aya! Ju! It’s Yoichi! He’s been complaining about feeling sick all morning but now he’s passed out on the floor!” All words of anger were forgotten as both Aya and Ju rushed in while Toshi eased out. He pulled the door shut behind him with a resounding click.

Aya and Ju looked around as the door clicked shut. No Yoichi. They’d been had. Ju didn’t really need to try to door to know that they were probably locked in. He tried just in case. “I’m going to kill them both…slowly. You may as well sit down. Looks like we’ll be here for a while.”

Aya settled down on the bed and crossed her arms. “What did you mean the bag I had packed? I didn’t have any bag packed. I was just babysitting overnight and that was unexpected but I needed to get away for a little while.”

Ju growled. “I’m gonna kill them both! They came to me with some story about you saying I could have the car but you’d have to work doubles for the next six months and since I wouldn’t be here much you might as well live in the nurses dorm. Well at least until I found somewhere else to live.”

“Six months? Try a year. I worked the numbers. I love you but I’m not willing to do that unless your life depended on it. NO CAR!”

Ju bristled. “I told you that I’d work some extra gigs and sessions so you wouldn’t have to work doubles. I’ll concede the fact that you might have to sign back on with the hospital maybe but all the rest of that is just bull and you know it. You’ll just sit around half the time doing nothing if you go back to private practice anyway. If you loved me like you claim, signing back on for another year wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But don’t you worry about it. If I have too I’ll use the shop as collateral. I’m getting the car.”

Toshi and Yoichi both winced at that from Ju. They were listening outside the door. “Toshi, this doesn’t sound good. I don’t think it’s going to work. Got a plan B? Toshi was about to answer when Aya started talking so they both shushed and listened.

“If I loved you like I claim? How could you even say something like that to me? When you wanted to start the custom shop did I waver at all or tell you to keep the shop as it was? When you started customizing the mustang, did I moan and groan about the cost? As terrified as I was about you becoming a professional musician, did I do anything but support you? Even though you never asked me if I wanted to adopt, didn’t I take your son in? Even though we all had a shaky start, and despite his antics at the moment, don’t I love and respect him as if he was mine?”

That last comment surprised Yoichi. He didn’t even realize he was crying until Toshi gently wiped a tear off his cheek. He had no idea that Aya cared that much. It made him happy to hear it but also made this whole situation even worse. He wanted to go in and tell them to stop ripping each other apart but a shake of the head from Toshi stopped him. “They need to work this out on their own or it won’t mean anything.”

Things had gotten quieter but Toshi could hear Aya sobbing. Ju was being a spoiled brat but he had to see it. Someone telling him wouldn’t matter. For Ju’s part he felt like a heel. Aya was right now that he thought about it. She had always allowed him to follow his dreams and he was remiss about asking her what her dreams were so he asked her.

“All I’ve ever wanted was to be by your side. I want to grow old with you. I’ve been saving all of these years so that we could maybe retire early and see the world together. You asked me in London, hoped, that I would want to see the world with you when you toured overseas. All of that changed because you saw a toy you wanted. I’ve never berated you for not asking what I might want now or in the future but I am now. If you get this car, I’ll have to give up my dream of going back into private practice. You’ll be gone most of the time, seeing the world without me because I’ll be stuck here working to make sure the note on that car is paid. Do you remember how much I’ve missed you when you are on tour? You are talking about being gone even more now. How am I supposed to be happy and supportive about it? I want you to be happy. I want you to have the things you dream about having but I also have dreams and the main one is having you with me.”

“Damn Aya. I’m so stupid sometimes. I didn’t think. Shit. I’ve wanted one of those cars for the longest time and when I saw it everything else just disappeared from my head. I don’t know what I was thinking. I have a hard enough time now being away from you so much now and if you don’t believe that you can ask the guys how I get after a few days. Nothing is so important that it’s worth making you so unhappy. I love you and that’s more important then any hunk of metal. Can you forgive me for being such a horse’s ass?”

From the sound of quiet sobbing Toshi could hear, she did. He figured that he’d better play the last card before they started on the make up part of this. He got the paper he’d had Yoichi print out for him and slid it under the door. He waited patiently.

Ju had Aya in a tight hug and was gently kissing tears from her cheeks when he heard something by the door. He spotted the paper and picked it up and showed it to Aya while he read.

“Okay brain damaged. If you are reading this then you’ve learned the error of your ways and have made up with your spitfire. Listed are a number of Porsche hulks that are cheaper than that money pit you were looking at. You’re a fucking mechanic with a custom shop. Buy one and fix it up. Duh. It’s a lot cheaper and it will give you a reason to stay at home besides the one in the room with you. Now you kids do the whole make up sex thing and when all the moaning is done we’ll let you out. Your senpai, Toshi.”

Ju and Aya just looked at each other then laughed. Ju went to the door. “Since you’ve been helpful I’m not going to kick your ass for giving me the worst night of my life and you can tell that traitor of a son of mine…ours, that he’s off the hook too. Now I’m going to go ravish my wife but I would prefer to do it in my own bedroom so if you don’t mind…the door.”

Toshi took a screwdriver and removed the doorknob. He took a step back when the door opened just in case. A very contrite Ju walked out holding his wife’s hand. Aya told him to go ahead, she had something she wanted to tell Toshi in private. Ju didn’t argue. He just nodded at both Toshi and Yoichi and headed toward their bedroom. He stopped by the kitchen on the way and retrieved a mango, a bowl and a knife. He held them up for Aya to see then grinned at her. She shook her head. That man. She turned to Toshi and Yoichi.

“You two have made it a habit of sticking your noses into my marriage for good and bad. I would like this to be the last time. I hope it’s the last time anyone will need too. Thank you.” She gave them both a kiss on the cheek but as she gave Toshi his she whispered. “You’ve been busy and deserve a reward. I’ll keep Ju occupied. You and Yoichi have some fun. Just keep it down okay?”

Toshi looked at her, grinned, and nodded. The look he gave Yoichi when she left made the young man blush.   “Young man, I’ve just been given permission to have my way with you.  I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins.”


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