Toshi grinned like an idiot after Aya’s suggestion.  He was gonna get laid for sure.  He gave Aya a hug and watched as she headed toward her bedroom.  “Oh Aya?  Just remember he loves you okay?”  With that he hurried to catch up with Yoichi.  Aya gave his back a puzzled look then turned toward her bedroom again only to find Ju blocking the door.  “Uhm…I don’t think you want to go in there just yet.  It’s uhm…a little messy.”

Aya raised an eyebrow at that.  “Just how messy is a little messy?”  She was easing toward the door as she spoke.  Ju thought about it.  “I’d say it’s in pretty bad shape.  Why don’t you give me a few minutes to…”  That’s all he got to say as Aya ducked under his outstretched arm and into the room.  She stopped in the doorway, mouth open.  The room was a disaster.

The suitcase the guys had packed was open, empty and in the middle of the floor.  The clothes that had been in it, tossed onto the nearest chair mostly.  Some of them were on the floor as were the lamp off the night table, the cordless phone, books, magazines, and Ju’s dirty rumpled clothing from the night before.  The bed was a disaster, sheets rumpled, falling half off the bed, and it smelled of sweat and booze.  The empty beer bottle was laying on the floor near the bed and the half empty bottle of Jack was on the nightstand.  There was no glass in sight.

She turned to him after surveying the room, arms folded across her chest, mouth in a straight line of disapproval.   She slowly started counting to ten.  By the time she’d gotten to three Ju was explaining himself.  “Okay so I threw a first class temper tantrum when the guys said you were going to stay in the nurses dorm until I moved out.   The phone went sailing after I left that message at Acchan’s.  I think it’s probably dead now.  It’s been off the cradle all night.  So after I kind of destroyed everything in reach, I got drunk.”

He watched as Aya started quietly picking her things up.  She hadn’t said a word yet.  She hung up the phone and started to strip the bed when she stopped.  There was a pile of crumpled tissues in the bed.  She turned to Ju.   He put his hand behind his head and looked at the floor.  “I kind of got depressed thinking about you putting me out and had a crying jag.  I was plastered by then and didn’t know whether to be heartsick or pissed.  The heartsick won.”

Aya nodded.   “If the thought of us separating disturbed you so much, why the attitude this morning when I got home?”

Ju shrugged.  “Stupid, embarrassed, pride.  Take one.   It didn’t help that Toshi was feeding fuel to the fire not that it would have mattered.  I was more than primed for a fight on my own.”  He sat down on the bed and started picking up and discarding used tissues.  “Damn was I pitiful last night.”

Aya took a seat next to him.  “I may not have trashed a room or gotten drunk but I was pretty pitiful last night myself.   If I said yes to the car you’d have been gone all the time.  If I said no to the car you’d just be gone.  I couldn’t see a win here at all and it was threatening to break my heart.  I love you, you big goof and the thought of you not being around terrifies me as much as it saddens me.”  She took his free hand and kissed the palm then tilted her head up for a kiss which Ju was happy to give her.  “Now come on.  The sooner we clean up this mess, the sooner we can make up properly.”  The grin she gave him made his blood pressure rise.  She didn’t have to tell him twice.  They set about putting the room in order.


Toshi caught up to Yoichi as he was entering his real room, pushed the young man through the door and proceeded to kiss him silly.  At first Yoichi was too surprised to do more than stand there but then the alpha male in him warred with Toshi for control of the kiss.   Toshi was more than willing to let him take control of things if that’s what the younger man wanted.   Top or bottom, it didn’t matter to him as long as it was sex and it was good.

Deciding that breathing was an important function, the two men ended the kiss with Toshi grinning like an idiot.  He loved how flushed Yoichi would get after one of his mini ambushes.  “Your darling stepmother just gave me the go ahead to have my way with you.  She said it would be our treat for getting her and her tattooed idiot back on the same page.  Her only condition was that we keep the noise down.  I’m not the smartest man in the world but I know when to take advantage of an opportunity.”

He was slowly stripping as he talked and walking Yoichi back toward the bed.  Yoichi was matching him piece of clothing by piece of clothing.  “Oh she did?  And what makes you think I’m agreeable?”

Toshi grabbed him by the waist and pulled him so that the two were chest to chest, groin to groin.   He ground his groin against Yoichi’s and smiled at the soft moan the young man made.  “I’m not going to give you a cheesy line about you being happy to see me but damn.  You sound as good as you look and feel.”

Yoichi placed his hands on Toshi’s ass and squeezed the round cheeks as he ground himself into Toshi’s groin again.  “Less talk.  More of this.  I hope you’re up for a wild ride old man because I’m going to have fun with you.”

Toshi moaned.  “I sincerely hope you do cause if you don’t I’m gonna talk about you.  Soooo….top or bottom?  I don’t care just as long as there’s sex involved.”

Yoichi grinned at that.  “Oh there will be sex involved.  A whole lot of sex if I have my way.  As for top or bottom, I usually like to catch but I’ve been eying that  firm ass of yours for a while now and getting into it is at the top of my list of things to do.”

By this time the two men had made it to the bed with a lot of groping and grinding during the walk.  Yoichi’s legs hit the bed and he abruptly sat down on the edge of it.  He looked up with a leer.  That position put him face to face with a part of Toshi that was very happy to be there.   He slowly lowered Toshi’s pants and underwear until the older man could step out of them.    He licked his lips at his prize and Toshi twitched.  “Find something to hold on to old man.  It’s party time!”

Toshi was about to say something scathing about the old man crack when his knees suddenly went weak as Yoichi began to fondle his balls as he gave the tip of Toshi’s penis a flick with his tongue.  All that came out was a low moan.

“What was that you were saying old man?   Oh!  You were just moaning?  Good.  I want to hear more of that.  It sounded delicious.”  As if conducting an experiment, he licked the tip again and was rewarded with another low moan from Toshi.  “Hmm.  Just as I thought.  I lick and you make those delicious noises.  I wonder what you’d do if I do this.”   He gently scratched at that space between Toshi’s sac and his opening while taking the head of the man’s penis and mouthing it.  Toshi hissed a “fuck” as Yoichi released the tip from his mouth and leered at him.  “Oh that’s what I intend to do my sexy friend.”

Toshi looked at Yoichi and wondered where the tentative young man was that he’d played kissy face with not too long ago.   This young man…well he sounded like who he was, Ju’s son.   The thought made Toshi both a little ashamed and a lot excited.  Ashamed because in a sense he was robbing the cradle but excited because this gorgeous young man wanted him.  His voice caught as he tried to speak.

Yoichi picked up on it and smiled.  “A first.  You speechless.  Let’s see if I can correct that.”  He began to lick a path up Toshi’s penis from the base to the tip.  He played with and massaged his balls just like he liked having his done.  Toshi was making some of the most delicious sounds showing his appreciation of Yoichi’s skill.  He began to rock a little signaling his desire for more.  Yoichi obliged him by slowly deep throating him.  He knew he was doing it right when Toshi put his hands on Yoichi’s shoulders for support and began to rock his hips in time to Yoichi’s motion.  He chanced a glimpse up at Toshi’s face and his penis twitched from the sight. Toshi’s head was back a little, his expression one of pure bliss.  He licked his lips a couple of times then looked down at Yoichi and there was unadulterated lust in his eyes.

“Oh my God!  If you don’t stop I’m going to blow!”  Yoichi took the hint and though Toshi moaned in disappointment he was glad Yoichi had stopped.  He wanted his release to come in a different way.   Apparently so did Yoichi.  He released his treat and stood up.  He removed the rest of his clothing as Toshi watched appreciatively.

“If you are anything like your dad, Aya is one very lucky woman.”  Yoichi preened.  “Actually, I’m a tad wider if the fit of those condoms he gave me is any indication.  Still, I think Aya is a lucky woman and you’re about to be a very lucky man.”

Toshi got chest to chest with Yoichi.   He ran a finger up the younger man’s penis  and chuckled at the slight hiss from him.  Since the two men were about the same height, it was easy for Toshi to palm both of their erections, stroking them both at the same time.   He leaned his head onto Yoichi’s neck and bit it gently.  “I could say the same for you but I’m done talking.  Bed now.”

Yoichi was in no shape to argue.  He groaned at the loss of sensation as Toshi released them both to crawl into bed.  He lay there with his legs bent at the knees and open.  He stroked himself casually to keep his erection up and waited for the young man to decide what to do.

It didn’t take long for Yoichi to take the hint.  He opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube and a pre-lubed condom.  He put on the condom then turned his attention to the lube. It was water-soluble so he didn’t need to worry about ruining his sheets.  He got on the bed between Toshi’s legs and checked the man out once again.  He was slender, of average length, with just a slight curve to him.  Yoichi imagined that slight curve could do wonders in the right places and filed that information away for their next encounter.   He poured some of the lube on his fingers and circled Toshi’s opening for a bit before slowly inserting first one then two fingers.  He worked them in and out stretching the opening as he did so.  Toshi was moaning softly and the sound of it made Yoichi twitch again.  After doing some probing he found what he was looking for when Toshi suddenly arched his back a little, his breathing speeding up.

Yoichi withdrew his fingers and positioned himself at Toshi’s entrance.  He was about to enter Toshi when the man stopped him.  He turned over onto his hands and knees and presented himself to Yoichi.  As much as Yoichi would have loved to watch the expressions on Toshi’s face, he kind of understood why he decided on that position.  Face to face was so much more intimate.  Neither man really wanted to go down that route.  The thing about being a friend with benefits is knowing how not to cross the line into something more serious.

He repositioned himself and slowly began to enter the older man.  Toshi was tight.  Very tight and Yoichi wondered aloud if he was hurting him.  “It always hurts a little.  What you need to do is distract me.”

“Hell old man!  I’m the one that needs distracting!  Damn you feel good!  I think I can find something that will distract us both enjoyably.”  He reached around and began to stroke Toshi as he moved within him.  Toshi was so tight and it’d been a while since he’d slept with anyone.  Yoichi knew he wouldn’t last long and could feel himself getting closer to the edge.  He knew Toshi was close.  The man had wrapped his hand around Yoichi’s and was guiding his strokes in pressure and speed.  He’d raised his ass up and had his face buried in the covers, his rocking back and forth to Yoichi’s thrust evidence that he wanted more.  Yoichi gave it to him.

He angled his thrusts and knew he’d hit the right spot when Toshi let out a strangled “yes”.  Something about that set Yoichi off and he rode the older man ruthlessly, pounding that spot with abandon.  He released his hold on Toshi’s penis letting the man work himself.  He placed his hands on Toshi’s hips and held him still as he pounded into him.

Toshi was moaning loudly.  It had been a while since he’d had it so rough and tumble and he was enjoying every thrust.  Yoichi was working that special spot in him and while he knew he was going to be very sore later, it felt damn good right then.  Too good as Yoichi hit that spot once again with force and Toshi came hard.

Yoichi knew he was being rougher than he usually was but damn the man felt so good.  He didn’t want it to end but he was so close to his release that he was worried he’d come before he could get Toshi off.  He managed to hit the man’s sweet spot dead on and was rewarded by Toshi coming.  Yoichi was clamped down on with warm tightness that was almost painful but it took him over the edge as well.  Both men collapsed in a heap of sweat and soft moans.

Yoichi carefully pulled out and deposited the used condom in the trash can near by.  Toshi hadn’t said a word yet which had Yoichi a little concerned.  “Toshi?”

“Shhh.  I’m enjoying the feel of being thoroughly debauched.  Damn that was good.”  The comment put a smile of pride and relief on Yoichi’s face.  “I don’t know about you Yoichi but I need to soak in a hot tub for a while but before I do…”  He turned to the younger man and kissed him.  “The next time we’re together and there will be a next time, I’m going to make you howl now could you be a dear and run me a tub of hot water?”

Yoichi was happy to hear that there would be a second time.  “Well you know just because your ass is sore doesn’t mean mine is.  Howl you say?”  He gently ran his fingers up the length of Toshi’s spent penis and was pleased that it twitched.  “I’m looking forward to it.”


Meanwhile upstairs, Aya had just finished smoothing out the clean sheets she’d made the bed with.  She turned around and found Ju standing right behind her.  “All done.  You’ve finished cleaning up your mess?”  Ju nodded.

He took a step toward her with his head down.  “Are you still mad at me for trashing the place?”

Aya answered honestly.  “Yes a little.  Those were my clothes you had thrown all over the floor and furniture.”

Ju took another small step toward her and pulled off his tee-shirt.  “I’m sorry.  Do you still love me?”

Aya watched him with one raised eyebrow.  “Of course I still love you silly.”

Ju had unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans which hung precariously on his hips, while she talked.  He took another step toward her and was now looming over her with a smile on his lips that made her go oh.  “Then why are you still dressed?”  He lunged at her and she ducked under his arms, squealing like a little girl.

They played cat and mouse for a few minutes with Aya laughing at Ju whenever he had to slow down to hitch up his pants since they were threatening to drop and trip him up.  He finally caught her as she was trying to scramble across the bed.  He pinned her to the bed and gave her a long, slow, deep kiss that left them both breathless.  She laid very still as he unbuttoned her blouse.

“You know this bed, this room, just isn’t the same without you here.  Even if you are mad at me and make me sleep on the sofa, I know you’re here with me.  I didn’t like the feeling or thought that one of us would be without the other.”  He laid his head down over her heart, listening to it beating rapidly.  “The next time I act like a horses ass just kick me until I come to my senses but don’t ever leave me.  Okay?  I love you.”  He kissed her again.

“I love it when you get all mushy.  You telling me I can kick you when you are acting unwise is just a plus now stop talking you sexy man you and take off the rest of the clothes we are wearing.  I need my sexy bassist fix.  It’s been over a week you know and…”

Aya’s monologue was cut short by a kiss from her husband who had succeeded in removing both her blouse and her bra while she was talking.  The kiss was in the “let’s see if I can get you dazed and confused” category.  He was definitely successful with the dazed part from the look on Aya’s face when he’d finished.  “If I could bottle those we’d be rich.  Do it again baby.”  Ju happily obliged her and snickered softly when she let out a moan half way through the kiss.  He wasn’t sure if the moan was from the kiss or the fact that he was also giving her breasts a nice Ju-ken massage while he was kissing her.  Whichever it was she was enjoying it.

Deciding that those pert little breasts were begging for some lip action from him also, he nibbled, licked, suddenly attacked with harder bites then soft kisses, all the way down her neck, across her shoulder blades and down to those nicely hard nubs on each breast.   He gave each in turn a version of the kiss he’d given his wife all the while tugging off her cargo pants and panties.

Now that his wife was suitably undressed he finished undressing himself and set about torturing his wife in the most delicious ways he could think of.  By the time he had licked and sucked his way down to her naval, she was panting visibly, flushed and squirming.   He was already laying between her open legs so he took advantage of that.  He kissed the inside of both her thighs then gave her opening a little flick of his tongue that made Aya jerk.   He mouthed her clit and softly flicked that a few times with his tongue.

She opened her legs wider to give him better access.  He got the hint and proceeded to eat his wife like she was a steak and he was a starving man which he was in a sense.   His tongue explored her thoroughly.  He suckled at her clit like a newborn suckles at a tit.  He put all his skills at oral sex into it until Aya had grabbed handfuls of his hair to hold him still as she literally fucked his face.  The sounds she was making had him hard and dripping and he knew he was going to have to get into her soon or go crazy.  Letting his fingers take over where his tongue had been, he concentrated on her clit as he finger fucked her.  When she threw back her head and whispered his name he knew she was ready.

He forced her hands from his hair, wiped his face, positioned himself at her entrance, braced himself and slammed in to the hilt in one quick thrust.  Aya came immediately and if Ju hadn’t braced himself for it he’d have probably joined her but he wasn’t ready for that yet no matter how good it felt around him.  He set a quick pace of hard thrusts, Aya still in the throes of an orgasm.  When she let out a low growl he knew what was going to happen.

It wasn’t often that he got her like this but there were times when her first orgasm set her off like a junky needing a fix and he was the fix.  She wanted more of that feeling and continuously.   She ground herself on him, raked her nails down his back and buttocks hard enough to draw welts, bit, kissed or licked any part of him she could get her mouth on, the whole time begging him for more, to fuck her harder.

He rolled them both over letting her control their session now.  She rode him hard, the sounds of their bodies coming together making a soft slapping sound.   When she started making a soft keening sound Ju knew she was close.  He grabbed her around the ass and forced her down even harder as he thrust up.   When she looked down at him the look in her eyes was all molten heat and lust.  He knew if he could kiss her right then he’d probably come from the kiss alone.  Her keening changed to softly crying oh’s as she began to lose the rhythm while trying to grind herself even harder against him as he thrust into her even faster.

It was sudden.  It was one of the most intense things he’d ever experienced.  It washed over him in waves of pleasure so profound it threatened his very consciousness.  He surged up into her as his orgasm hit him at the same time as hers hit her.  At that moment it felt as if both of their souls had mingled just for a second.  When Ju could think again he found Aya laying across his chest crying softly, her body still twitching from time to time.  The tears didn’t worry him.  He had some of his own in his eyes that he wiped away quickly.  He chuckled softly at the “pervert” that she whispered before raising her eyes to meet his.  She scooted up enough to kiss him which caused him to exit her.  She twitched at the loss and moaned softly.

He placed his hands on both side of her cheeks and just stared at her for a long moment before he kissed her and it was a kiss full of love.  Aya sighed then laid her head on his chest.  “I guess we need to get up but I surely don’t want too.”  Ju was in complete agreement so they both just stayed where they were for a time, neither speaking just feeling the heartbeat of the other.   Aya finally began to get up.

“Where are you going?  I was enjoying my Aya blanket.  You’re warm.”  Aya smiled at him then made a face.  “I’m going to take a shower.  I’m sticky and so are you.  Care to join me?”  Ju wondered idly if he was up for some more fun and games but decided he wasn’t.  Still, the thought of molesting…helping his wife shower was appealing to him.  Besides.  It sounded like the shower was running downstairs and with a limited supply of hot water, he’d better make use of it now.  He thought it best not to think too hard on why the shower was running downstairs and followed his wife into their own bathroom.

Turned out that he did have another go in him though it was a short one and the hot water lasted just long enough for a second cleaning.  It was late afternoon by then and both he and Aya were hungry.  When they opened the door to the bedroom they were met by the very delicious smell of something being cooked and headed toward the kitchen.  Yoichi was busy making some orange chicken.  Toshi was leaning against the sink trying to give him advice on cooking which Yoichi was wisely ignoring.  They both turned when they heard the others walk into the kitchen.

The first thing Ju noticed was that Toshi was wearing the same look that Aya was and he blanched at that but he figured since Toshi moved like he had been fucked within an inch of his life, then Yoichi had done the fucking.  That put his mind at ease a little.  From the non-look of surprise on his wife’s face, he had a sneaky suspicion that Aya was in on it but he was feeling way too good to really care or bitch about it.  Being hungry didn’t help and since Yoichi and Aya were plating up he didn’t feel the need to start anything other than eating.

They had just started eating when Toshi’s phone rang.  After a short conversation he hung up and turned a high wattage smile on the group.  “That was the real estate agent.  He found me a place in my price range so you’ll be rid of me soon.  I know the area very well so I doubt if I won’t like it.  I’ll…we’ll be going to check it out later.  What’s even better is it’s in this neighborhood so you’ll be seeing more of me.”  That was met with silence from Ju and Aya and a yay from Yoichi.  Toshi frowned a little.  “Don’t be so happy guys.  Sheesh.”

Aya chimed in with a smile.  “Don’t be silly Toshi.  It’s just that you said we’ll be looking at it.  That doesn’t mean Yoichi will be moving in with you does it?”  Both Aya and Ju were relieved when he shook his head no.  “I just need a ride and an objective opinion.”

Ju looked at him.  “A ride?  Scared to be seen in that p.o.s. you have?”  Toshi glared at him then sighed.  “The engine locked up.  It’s toast so after we check out the place Yoichi and I are going to see that car dealer ex of Aya’s.  Figured he’d give me a good deal on another used van.”

Ju thought about it for a minute.  “I’ll go with you.  I want to tell him it’s a no on that Porsche and look around for something that needs work and is much, much cheaper.  That’s if it’s alright with you Aya.”

Aya wished for the millionth time that he still had his goatee but she pulled him to her by the collar of his tee-shirt and proceeded to kiss him like she meant it.  When she broke the kiss both Yoichi and Toshi were staring at them open-mouthed.  Ju faked a pout.  “Aw.  And here I was hoping you’d say yes.”

Toshi shook his head.  “If that was a no kiss I’d need to hose down for a yes one.  Damn.  Yoichi we need more practice.”   He winked at Yoichi who was laughing at his dad’s scandalized expression.  Aya blew her husband another kiss as she got up with her plate.

“Alright fellas.  If you are through it’s time you got out of my kitchen so I can clean up and start planning dinner.  Behave yourselves please but before you go.”  She gave both Yoichi and Toshi a kiss on the cheek thanking them for getting her and her hubby back on the same page.  Then she gave Ju a kiss that was almost as intense as the previous one.  “I’ll see you when you get back.”

Ju gave her a hug.  “And you call me a pervert.  See ya later sexy mama.  Love ya and I promise whatever I get will be cheap.”  With that, he gave her a salute and sauntered out of the flat whistling.  Things were right with the world again and he was a very happy man.








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