Play time

Ju took his time off to finish the detailing on the GTR and to work on his Porsche. Everything in the shop was running well thanks to Tomoka being an efficient and ruthless task mistress. When she said jump the guys had learned to say how high. Putting her in charge of sales had been a stroke of genius on his part. She made sure they weren’t overbooked and turned down anything that would cause the shop problems. She also made sure that Ichi and Yukkie didn’t go at it as much.

He’d had a long talk with Nashi and she assured him that she wouldn’t bait Aya any more and she apologized for forgetting some things that she’d said. Ju was satisfied with her explanations even if Aya didn’t believe a word of it.  Speaking of his spitfire of a wife,  Ju wondered where she’d gotten to.  She wasn’t in the flat when he came up and she hadn’t left him a note so he figured she’d be back soon enough.

He had curled up on the sofa with a blanket over himself to stay warm and had fallen asleep while watching tv.   He woke to find his wife curled up next to him and wondered for the hundredth time how she managed to get so close to him without waking him up.  Apparently she’d been there for a little while since she was sound asleep.   He gently pulled her closer and sighed contentedly.   He was lucky in that she hadn’t stayed mad at him about the Nashi misunderstanding.   Her performance the other morning was proof enough of that.

Thinking about that made parts of him happy to have a warm Aya curled up against him.   It had been more than a day since she’d jumped his bones and he’d gotten plenty of rest especially since she wouldn’t let him tinker with his toys for more than a few hours.  He looked down at her sleeping form.  It was still a very nice form.  He knew he was a lucky man even if he did act like an idiot at times.   The thought that he needed to return that bone jumping she gave him entered his mind but she looked so peaceful sleeping that he didn’t have the heart to wake her.  He just continued to lay there enjoying her warmth and their closeness.

About thirty minutes later she started stirring.  He must have nodded off for that much time to have passed.    She looked up at him sleepily and apologized for waking him up.   He smiled that smile that she loved so much and made kissy motions with his lips.  She eased up his body, which was happy to have the attention, and gave him a very slow, very thorough kiss.   Once they’d come up for air Ju asked what the kiss was for.   Aya nudged his chin until he lifted his head up a little and gave him a peck on it.  She then proceeded to nibble on his neck in between words.

“You just looked so cute laying here sleeping and sleeping next to you all curled up as I was made me feel safe and very happy.   I just had the urge to eat you up and the kiss was just an appetizer.”

He gave her a look.  “Should I be worried?”  When Aya grinned and nodded he sighed but that didn’t keep him from smiling at the thought.  She sat up and crawled off the sofa, stretching once her feet hit the floor.   His eyes trailed down her body and the thought that she was the one that should be worried crossed his mind.   He did owe her one after her actions the other morning and since she’d thrown down the gauntlet so to speak, he was seriously considering some payback.  The question was whether he was up to it or not.   He decided that he wasn’t.  He was tired and the thought of another light nap was appealing.  He told Aya that.

She pouted for a minute.  “And here I was hoping for some Teriyaki Ju for dinner.  Oh well.”  She shrugged and bounced her way into their bedroom humming.  Ju thought she was awfully happy for someone who wanted her bones jumped but wasn’t going to get her wish.   He pulled the covers back up to his neck and got comfortable.  At least until Aya made another appearance.

She had changed clothes and was in a button down blouse, a skirt that was just a little on the short side and loose socks.   She bounced past him and into the kitchen still humming.  When she walked by he caught a glimpse of thigh and his awesome dick decided they needed to talk.  The conversation went as follows.

“Dude.  You’ve got a hot wife who is willing and very able to eat you for dinner.  What is your problem?  You don’t think you can keep up with her?  What the hell?  Man get one of those damn cock rings you’ve got and have at her.  I don’t know about you but Teriyaki Ju sounds damn good to me.  Now get your lazy ass off this sofa and onto the missus.”

Ju looked down at the traitorous thing knowing that once it’s attention had been gotten it wasn’t going to calm down until it had been well and truly satisfied.  And he was curious to find out just what Teriyaki Ju entailed.  After throwing off the covers and adjusting himself, he got off the sofa and went into the kitchen to see what Aya was up too.  What he found was his wife bending over to get something out of the bottom of the fridge and giving him a very nice view of her tush.   He licked his lips and that traitor of a dick of his said “hello”.

She grinned when she noticed he was in the kitchen staring at her.  She walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss then continued chopping the vegetables that she’d pulled out of the fridge.  There was a pot on the stove with something that smelled really good in it.  She pulled it off the heat and tested it with a spoon.  “Just warm.  Perfect.”  She poured some into a squirt bottle and turned around.   “From the looks of things dinner is about to be served.  I thought you wanted a nap.”

He walked over to her, pulled her against him and ran his hands under her skirt to squeeze her ass.  “That was before this traitor of a dick told me to get my lazy ass off the sofa and onto my hot wife and I was curious about this Teriyaki Ju you’ve been talking about.”

She pulled one of his hands off of her ass, took the squirt bottle and ran a line of sauce down one finger.  She then licked all of the sauce off of said finger.  He moaned.  She grinned.  He dragged her into the bedroom, got his cock ring out of the drawer and placed on the bed.  She looked at it then him and cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m gonna need this because if you do what I’m so hoping you’re going to do, once dinner is served, dessert is going to be me screwing you half to death.   You woke the beast up and it wants to be fed.  Now.”  He was coming out of his clothes while he spoke and the awesome dick was ready and waiting to be freed then constrained.

Good thing too.  If Aya was anything she was more than efficient.  By the time she was done he was a groaning mess.  He flipped her over and proceeded to screw her within an inch of her life.  He didn’t even bother to completely undress her.  Panties off, skirt pushed up, let the sex commence.  Aya didn’t mind one bit.  By the time he was done she’d had multiple orgasms and was pleasantly tingling and twitchy.

From the smile on her face Ju knew that dessert had been a winner and he breathed a mental sigh of relief.  The awesome dick was still awesome in his wife’s eyes and they’d had their play time together.  It was back to rehearsals tomorrow afternoon.



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