Teriyaki Ju

*mun is minding her own business when the whirlwind that is her main muse comes crashing in*

Ju:  Teriyaki Ju!  Teriyaki Ju!  What is the matter with you woman?  I came so hard I thought my heart was going to burst!  Where in the world did you get that idea and can you come up with another one like it?

mun:  -_-

Ju:  What?

mun:  You amaze me.  You come running in here hollering about almost being screwed to death and then ask for a repeat.  If you must know I was eating some Teriyaki salmon when I saw a clip of real world you playing with Anis.  The devil just popped up on my shoulder and asked if Aya would like to have some Teriyaki Ju.  Your stick.  Her sauce.  I see it was to your liking.

Ju:  *grins*

mun:  Aya says you ruined the sheets though.  How in the devil did you do that?

Ju:  *looks sheepish*  Well I kind of tore them trying not to control what Aya was doing to me if you get my drift.

mun:  That good?

Ju: Fuck yeah!  Damn.  I just thought of something.  Maybe you should have saved the Teriyaki Ju for Valentine’s Day.  I’m kind of tired of chocolate body paint.

mun:  What she has planned for Valentine’s Day pales in comparison.

Ju:  Should I be afraid?

mun:    Yep.  Very.  How’s your health insurance?

Ju:  *grins*

mun:  You are such a pervert.  Get out.  I’ve got some plotting and planning to do and Ju,  I would suggest you be on your best behavior for the next two weeks.  You won’t want to miss out on your VD gift.

Ju:  *leaves whistling*

Aya:  *sticks her head in*  And just how am I supposed to top that?

mun:  *whispers in Aya’s ear*

Aya:  *eyes get big as saucers*  If he survives he’s going to kill you, probably with hugs.  Hell.  I may not survive.   You are so wrong.  You know that right?

mun:  Bwahahahaha!


~ by jujuken on February 4, 2015.

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