Evil Twin

Aya was tired when she got in from her nursing job.  While the job itself was easy, the commute was a long one.  All she wanted was a hot shower, food, a good book and a warm bed.  With her snuggle bunny away she could at least get a little rest.  He’d be home the next day and any rest she’d get would be hard to come by.  She smiled.  She loved the man to pieces but he was so high maintenance.

She hung up her coat and headed into the bedroom to get out of her nurses uniform.  Since she could smell something delicious she knew that Yoichi had cooked something so she opted to change into something comfortable and eat before she took her shower.  All that hot water would probably make her sleepy so waiting a while would be best.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw that Yoichi had a guest.   All she could see was spiky black hair and a furry sweater.  Yoichi, who had been in the middle of a spirited story, paused and smiled.   “Hey!  I didn’t hear you come in.  Hungry?”

Aya nodded.  “Don’t let me interrupt your story.  Who’s your friend?  Hi!  I’m Aya.”

Yoichi looked at her then his dinner companion and started to laugh.  “Uhm…this is dad’s evil twin.  He never told you about him because the family disowned him as a teenager. ”

Aya gave him a look then shook her head.  “Yoichi.  The world can barely handle one Ju and he’s a good guy.  I doubt if the gods would be insane enough to make two.   Does he look like your dad or something?”

The guest in question stood and slowly turned toward Aya.  He was as tall as Ju and as thin but his hair was all black and spiky where Ju always had some color running through his hair somewhere.  He had no facial tattoos where Ju had three stars around his left eye.  From what Aya could see he had no other tattoos but for all of that he looked just like her husband.  She took a step back at the leer on his face.

When he spoke, his voice was low and sensual.  “Hello beautiful.   I see my brother has good taste in women.   You’re adorable and look good enough to eat.”

Aya took another step back and licked her lips.  This was so not good.   The man was a version of her husband with the hotness ramped up a couple of notches.  He sounded like sex liquified and the way he was smiling at her made her want to either flee or climb into his clothes.  She opted for climbing into his clothes.

She walked around him, giving him a good look.  “You know you look so much like him.  Enough like him to make me wonder what it would be like to have you both at one time.  A Junichiro sandwich.  I think I’d like that a lot especially if you’re as big a pervert as he is and from that look you gave me a minute ago I’d bet money that you are.”

Yoichi choked on his tea after that remark and the leer on the evil Ju’s face was replaced by a look of mild irritation.  “So you’d cheat on your husband with his twin?”

Aya didn’t blink as she got into the evil twin’s personal space.  “Having two of you would make jumping his bones easier.  I could jump at will and not wear him out.  It’s a win win situation for me.  We should go see if you are as good in bed as he is since he’s not going to be home for another day.  See if you have as many buttons for me to push as he does.”  She ran her hands down his chest then laughed as he took a step out of reach.

He walked over to Yoichi.  “We’d better go.”  Poor Yoichi looked about as perplexed as one can look.  Aya wasn’t acting like Aya and he wasn’t even going to think about the expression on the evil twin’s face.  The two men were heading out the back door when Aya spoke.

“Why is your hair all black Ju?”  He turned and threw a one hundred watt glare her way.

“Woman!  I should spank you for that!  How’d you know?”

“You had me going until you smiled at me.  What’s the chance of both of you missing the same tooth?  I just want to know what happened to your tattoos.”

Ju took a napkin, wet it and wiped at his face.  The make up came off and the facial tattoos appeared.   He pulled off the sweater and there was a skin toned top under it.   “It was for a photo shoot.  As for the hair, my stylist suggested I lay off the hair color for a bit.  You know you almost gave me a heart attack thinking you’d cheat on me even if it was with, well with me.”

Aya ran a finger down his cheek then reeled him in for a kiss.  “I can barely handle one of you much less two.  Still you and that all black hair is kind of hot.  I’ll show you how hot later and you can tell me how you managed to get home so early.”

Ju grinned at that.  Yoichi breathed a sigh of relief and Aya wondered just what life would have been like if Ju did have an evil twin.  She shuddered to think what life would have been like if he had a good twin and was more than thankful he was a solo act.   She watched as the two men went off laughing.  When the phone rang she took one look at the caller id and let it go to voice mail.  Nashi could kick rocks bare foot for all Aya cared.    She happily went about fixing herself a plate and thinking of all the things she was going to do to that hot piece of work she married once he got back in.




~ by jujuken on February 9, 2015.

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