Evil Twin 2

Ju cautiously stuck his head in the door and looked around.  It was dark in the flat and very quiet.  He breathed a sigh of relief.  It was kind of late and he was hoping that Aya had gone to bed.   The look she’d given him before he left let him know that she was planning on debauching him big time if she got the chance.   That woman’s libido was on par if not bigger than his and he had yet to find an off switch that didn’t include him sleeping on the sofa.  To be fair she would back off if he said he was tired but he hated doing that.  It was a male thing and admitting he was too tired for sex galled his male ego.

He went to the bedroom door and put his ear against it to see if he could hear anything.  All quiet.  Taking a deep breath he opened the door as quietly as he could and slipped in.  Aya was sound asleep and for a wonder was only taking up half the bed.  Ju began to disrobe and debated taking a shower before he got into bed.  He was worried he’d wake Aya up but he hated getting into bed without one.   Wanting to be clean won out and he gathered up his night clothes and hit the shower.  He could only hope that she would sleep through it.

When he came out of the bathroom, Aya was sitting up in the bed.  She looked like a lost child with her hair all tousled and nightgown falling half off her shoulder.  She was smiling at him sleepily.  It was just a normal “I love you” smile and nothing deviant.  Ju breathed another sigh of relief.  His luck, he hoped, was holding out.

He climbed into bed and laid down.  She gave him a soft kiss on the lips, let him know that the bitch, Nashi he reminded her, had called and he could get the message in the morning.  She snuggled up against him, pulled the covers up around them, told Ju that she loved him, and went back to sleep.  Ju joined her, happy that the demoness apparently was gone.  No such luck.

He woke the next morning to find his wife giving him a smile that sent alarm bells through his mind but woke the awesome dick up.  It, was waiting to see what was going to develop.  He, was wondering if he’d survive it.  She ran her fingers through his hair and remarked that she’d never seen it without some coloring in it and she thought it was hot.  She surprised him by asking if he wanted to make love to her.  Then surprised him even more by telling him if he was too tired then it was okay.  She’d be happy just being close to him.

He gave her a look and asked her who was she and what had she done with his Aya.  She gave him another one of those deviant smiles.  She crawled up onto his body and made parts of him very happy.  When he brought up the fact that she’d said she’d be happy just snuggling she said the good Aya would have been but she was Aya’s evil twin.   Then proceeded to be a very good bad girl.


~ by jujuken on February 10, 2015.

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