Fifty Shades of Ju

mun is taking a nap when the loud one wakes her

Ju:  You know you’ve started something.

Mun:  What now Ju?  I was taking a nap.

Ju:  You should have never let her do it.

Mun:  What, the pole dance?

Ju:  grins

Mun:  -_-

Mun:  From the grin you didn’t mind so why are you here?

Ju:  Well I’ve kind of lost her.

Mun:  Lost who?

Ju:  Aya.   I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find her.

Mun:   That’s not lost.  That’s hiding.  You’ve jumped her bones every time she was still long enough for you to catch her.

Ju:  tries to look contrite and fails miserably

Mun:  I rest my case.

Ju:  Ah come on!  I haven’t been that bad have I?

Mun:  Think about it.  You actually ran Aya, your Aya, the barbarian princess, the woman whose libido is on par with yours…usually…out of the house.

Ju:  Yeah.  Awesome isn’t it?

Mun:  Why are you looking for her anyway?  You can’t want more sex.

Ju:  I can’t?

Mun:  You’re kidding?

Ju:  I am?

Mun:  smiles

Ju:  is alarmed by the smile and turns around to see what got his mun so scarily happy

Aya:  is in full bondage gear and this time she means to use that whip

Ju:  meeps and flees

Mun:  watches him run and falls out laughing

Mun:  Nice work there princess but that joke is wearing kind of thin isn’t it?

Aya:  Who the hell says I’m joking?  Since I started it, I’m going to end it.  If you hear any blood curdling screams you’ll know I caught up with him.

Mun:  You do know that there is the remote chance that you’ll find another button?

Aya:  gives a scary smile before turning and stalking after her husband

Mun:  hopes she can get a short nap before the screaming starts and prays he’s not that kinky since she knows nothing about bdsm and isn’t trying to write it


~ by jujuken on March 8, 2015.

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