The Best Valentine’s Day Gift…Ever

It was early afternoon when Ju breezed back into the flat.  He’d finished the engine work on his Porsche and had taken it around the corner just to see how it ran.   He was satisfied with the progress.  He let the guys go home early since they were caught up in the shop.   Besides, he wanted to spend some time with his wife.

Aya had come home earlier.  Ju took one look at her and knew the awesome dick was going to have to wait a while.  His baby looked wrung out.  He fixed her some miso soup and tea, which was about the safest thing for him to cook, then ushered her into the shower when she could barely stay awake at the table.  When he’d gone down to the shop she was sleeping peacefully.

She was still asleep when he quietly walked into their bedroom.  He sighed then went to take his shower.   When he came out of the stall he was surprised to find his best yukata hanging on the door.  Next to that on the counter was a bottle of some very good Sake, a Sake cup and a note which read, “Put on the yukata, have a drink, but don’t come out until you get the signal.”   Ju turned the note over but nowhere did it say what the signal was.  He shrugged.  It was probably something simple.

He dried off and put on the yukata.  It was a thick brocade, warm, and very comfortable.   He poured himself some Sake and took a sip, smacking his lips at how good it was.   He wondered idly as he poured himself more Sake, when the little minx had done all of this though he knew that he was deaf and dumb when he was in the shower.  She must have been faking being asleep.

He’d finished his second cup of Sake when he heard himself playing the opening chords of a song that H did.  He grinned.  That had to be the signal.  He grabbed the bottle and cup and headed out of the bathroom to a dimly lit bedroom.   His mouth dropped as he spied his wife in a matching yukata swaying in the middle of the floor, her hands wrapped around an honest to goodness pole.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.  He stumbled back to the bed and sat down hard enough to have sloshed any liquid that had been in his cup.   He watched as his wife swung around the pole to Devil’s Side.  She gave him a look over her shoulder that made him moan and put the Sake and cup down on the nightstand before he dropped them though his eyes never left her.

Aya slithered up and down the pole like the dancer in the pv then dropped the yukata to show that she was wearing his favorite lingerie set  She swayed and undulated to the beat of the music, sometimes with the pole as support, sometimes without.   She’d left her hair loose and during one part of the song ran her fingers through it making it messy and giving him a look like a wild lioness.   When the break came in the song and his bass became more prominent, she slowly slid down the pole, rubbing his favorite part of her anatomy against it in time with his bass.

Ju licked lips that had gone dry, narrowed his eyes and stood.  He walked over to the cd player and turned it off surprising Aya.  She gave him a puzzled look then bit her lip.  She looked down, embarrassed.  “You didn’t like it?”  She was almost in tears as she said it.

Aya looked up startled at the tone of his voice when he spoke.  His tone was low and rather sinister.  “No woman has been brave enough or crazy enough to do what you are doing now.  It’s the one button that no woman has dared to push.  I want to fuck you so bad right now that I’m scared I might hurt you.”  He ran his fingers down her cheek to her neck then down to the bra she was wearing and popped the catch.

Aya gave him a timid look.  “Ju you’d never…”  He didn’t let her finish.  He began to massage her breasts, speaking as if he was in a trance.  “I never thought anyone would love me enough to give me the biggest turn on I could think of, my sexual fantasy made real.   The first time I ever got a hard on from something visual was when I was at a friends watching a movie while his dad was at work.  There was a scene with a pole dancer and the awesome dick spoke up for the first time.  Ever since then pole dancing has been a major turn on but to have someone I love do it for me….”

He stopped playing with her breasts, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her.  The kiss was hard and fierce and had her whimpering but in a good way.   She could feel him hard beneath the yukata and it made her wet just thinking that a dance she’d done could get him that way.   The fact that he had a hand down her panties and was vigorously fingering her helped also.

Ju leaned his head against hers.  “Aya baby.  I’m sorry.  I’ve got to have you, be in you.  I’m so scared I’m going to hurt you being like this.”

Aya placed a hand against his lips to quiet him.  “No you wont.  Now stop talking and fuck me my magnificent beast.”   She ran her fingers into his hair and pulled his lips to hers.  She kissed him like he’d kissed her, fierce and hard.

Ju growled into the kiss, broke it, pushed his wife onto the bed, which had her giggling for a moment as she bounced, then pounced on her.   He shucked off the yukata, pulled off her panties, positioned himself at her entrance then slammed into her.

He put his arms under each of her legs, placed his hands on her thighs, and used them to pull her toward him as he entered her.   He told her how magnificent he thought she was, how wonderful, how perfect for him, how much he loved and adored her as he fucked her hard.

He was worried that he was hurting her for a moment but when she started chanting his name he knew she was okay and he stroked her even harder, deeper, faster.   When she started trembling he knew she was going to blow.   He gave her a few more extremely forceful and deep strokes then sighed as she came around him and he came within her.

All was quiet for a few moments save for the sound of their heavy breathing.   Ju was the first one to speak.  “Baby?  Are you okay?  I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Aya gave him a dreamy smile.  “Oh heavens no.  I’m tempted to tell you to do it again but I like walking and I’d be unable to for a few days.  That was glorious.  I’m not sure when I’m going to push that button again but you can bet I will someday.”

Ju looked at her wide eyed for a minute then laughed.  “Woman. Be careful what you wish for.  I reigned in some of the dark side or you really wouldn’t be walking for a few days.  By the way, where the devil did you get a pole?”

Aya gave him a calculating look before answering.  “It’s a support pole for senior citizens.  It’s collapsible  which is why I didn’t do any swinging from it.  Happy Valentine’s Day my love.”

“You do know I’m going to get a hard on every time I hear this song for a while right?  I hope we won’t be playing it any time soon.  It could get embarrassing.”

Aya snuggled up against him.  “I can fix that you know.  I can do a repeat to Fragrance.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a slow burn.”

Ju looked down as his awesome dick twitched feebly at the thought.  “I think I’ll manage.  The awesome one is down for the count.”

“Good because your barbarian princess wants to take a nap before dinner.”

Ju thought a nap sounded great and pulled his princess closer to him.  He gave her a kiss that promised more action once the awesome one was rested.  She didn’t seem to mind and both settled down for an afternoon nap.


~ by jujuken on March 8, 2015.

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