If all were fair….part 2 continued from Aya’s blog

As much as Ju was in a hurry to get home, the afternoon traffic was hell bent on keeping him away from home for as long as possible.  As he sat in bumper to bumper traffic, he wished for the millionth time that he’d opted for the bike and not the car.   Since he didn’t have to concentrate on driving for the moment, his mind went back to the pictures he’d seen in Nashi’s phone.  The number of pictures of him was a tad disturbing.  While he hadn’t seen any of the other band members, that didn’t mean there weren’t any.   Still for her to have taken so many and him not aware of it….

There was also that one picture he’d seen of the flat and Aya.   He’d have to ask who the guy was.  He wasn’t concerned in the least about her cheating.  A person who was as bad at lying as Aya was couldn’t get away with it even if she was inclined to do it.  He knew as well as he knew his own heart that she wouldn’t do it at any rate.  She was his and only wanted him, of that he was 100% positive.   What he really wanted to know was…what was Nashi doing outside his place at that time of the morning?  He looked up at a honk and smiled.  Traffic was finally moving again.  Now it was home and to what he hoped was a good reason for her to jump his bones with a passion.

Once he got home, Ju peeked into the door before he entered.  He half expected to be tackled by a pint sized woman hell bent on killing him with kisses.   Since the coast was clear for the moment, he went in and quietly closed the door behind him.   He wondered where Aya was.  She could usually sense when he walked in like magic.   He looked around.  No wife.   He headed into the bedroom.  He knew she had to be somewhere.  Her bike and her car were both in the garage.

Hearing a splash he grinned.  He stuck his head into the bathroom and spotted his wife chin deep in suds.   He stood in the doorway and watched her bathe for a few moments before saying anything.  “If you need help washing your back I volunteer my services.”

She smiled at that and stood up dripping suds.   She gave him a very long look before turning, bending down and pulling the plug on the drain, making sure his favorite part of her anatomy was facing him.   She then turned on the shower to wash those suds away.   Ju just stood there enjoying the show until she called his name and pointed at the towel near him.   He figured if he couldn’t wash her back he could at least help her dry herself.  The smile he gave her made her blink.   By the time he was done it was a toss up who enjoyed it more, him doing it or her getting it.

Later, after they finally made it out of the bathroom, Aya asked him a couple of questions.  “You’re a demon.  You know that right?  I was supposed to be jumping you not the other way around.  How did you manage to get H to agree to me being tour nurse?  Why did it even come up and why do I think you aren’t telling me everything?”

Ju talked while getting dressed.  “H figured that I might turn down this tour because it’s so long if I didn’t have you around so he set it up.  All you had to do was agree.”

Aya turned to watch him, smiling as he pulled a tee shirt over his head covering up his tattoos.  “You’ve been on long tours before.  Why is this one different?”

Ju had been waiting for that question.   He braced himself, grinned and announced,  “Because this one is in America with stops in Taiwan and Hong Kong .”   The bracing turned out to be a good idea.  His wife pounced on him and would have sent him tumbling onto the bed if he hadn’t.  She peppered his face with kisses.

“America!  Hong Kong!  Oh my goodness wait until I tell Hana!  I love you, you marvelous man you!”

Ju was kind of glad he’d jumped her bones before telling her about the tour’s location.  He wasn’t sure if he would have survived her jumping him under the circumstances.  He laughed as he watched her dancing around the room and singing “going to America” off tune.   It came to a stop when she mentioned shopping.

“Woman?  Will you try not to spend all of our savings in one trip?  Now I’m going to talk to Yukkie and Ichi about the shop.  Tomo knows how to handle her end so I’m not going to have to do much talking to her.   We still need to get some lunch so call Hana and we can get something to eat at the bar.”

He was about to leave when he remembered the photo.  “Did someone stop by the day I left for the mini-tour?”

Aya was getting dressed and didn’t miss a beat.  “Toshi did.  He left his cellphone in Yoichi’s room and came back to get it after he dropped Yoichi off at class.  Why?  Wait.  How did you know?”

Ju went on to tell her about finding the picture in Nashi’s phone.  Aya frowned.  “Did you ask her what the devil she was doing outside our place at that time of morning and taking pictures?  That bitch is up to no good and don’t you try to defend her.  You wait.  She’s going to have to do something to keep me from going on this tour.  Mark my words.  By the way.  When you talk to her and you’d better, let her know if I catch her outside I’m going to beat her like I own her.”

Ju sighed.  He gave up on trying to get those two to like each other.  Hell, he was having a hard time keeping them from going at it if they were in the same room.  Still, it was bothersome to know that she could be stalking him.  He’d wait until he talked to her.  Maybe she had a good reason for being here that early.  He was about to say so when he noticed his wife was taking off what she’d just put on.  “Problem?”

She walked back over to him wearing only her lingerie.  The smile on her face made parts of him happy to see it.  “The only problem is you still being dressed.  I owe you one for that ambush in the bathroom and since it’s been a while….”




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