If all were fair…part 3

Ju stretched and gave a contented sigh as his back cracked loudly.  Aya laughed.  “That sounded like it felt good.”  He nodded and pulled her closer.  “That felt good but you feel better.”  She gave him a quick kiss and started to get up.  He was having none of that.  She gave him a look.  “Junichiro…you do not have to get all the sex you can before we leave.  There will be times when we’ll be sharing a room you know and we won’t be leaving for another week at the least.”

Ju nibbled on her neck for a bit before responding.  “Oh I know that but you can’t scream and holler in a hotel room.”  Aya moved far enough away to look at him.  “Scream and holler?   I don’t do that now.”  Ju grinned.  “Not yet but I’m aiming to change that if you’d stop trying to get up.”

Aya sighed but she didn’t try to get up again.  Ju took that as a victory and upped the ante a bit.   He’d gotten his wife to the point where she was trying to kiss his face off when his stomach growled loudly.  It kind of killed the mood when Aya started laughing mainly because it kept on growling.  “Looks like your stomach has some sense even if you don’t.  Food first handsome then we’ll see if you can get the results you were just talking about though if you haven’t in all these years I don’t know why you’d think you can now.”

Ju let her go and sat up.  “It’s the trying to get you to that’s the fun.  I guess I can’t talk you into take-out?”  He could tell by the glare he got how that suggestion went over.  “Thought not.  You want to tell Hana don’t you?  Oh well.  Acchan’s it is but I reserve the right to continue this once we get back home so you’d better plan on getting enough to bring home for dinner.  You won’t be doing much cooking…at least not in the kitchen.”  He wagged his eyebrows at her then headed to the bathroom.

Aya watched him go with a smile on her face.   He truly was her magnificent beast and the vain man knew it.  Now if she could just figure out what Nashi was going to do next.  She had a pretty good idea what the woman was thinking and she was surely barking up the wrong tree if she thought she could convince Ju that she was messing around on him.  He knew better.  Of that she was sure.  All he had to do was look in her eyes when he smiled at her and he’d know for certain.  He was the center of her universe and she’d cut out her own heart before she’d mess around on him.  She as much as told that stupid woman that.  While she could understand the woman possibly falling for Ju, not realizing how married he was would be her downfall.   If she wasn’t careful she’d lose him as a friend for sure.


Nashi pushed her food back an forth on her plate.  How was she going to get Ju to leave that woman home especially with H having offered her the nursing job?  She had about a week to wreak havoc in that relationship.  If miss thing didn’t go, finding another nurse wouldn’t be much of a problem.  They usually used a company that specialized in that.  She was going to have to get Ju alone and let him see her evidence.  It was the only way but how?

She started when Rei suddenly appeared and sat down next to her.  “Nashi.  I know that look.  Please tell me it won’t involve Ju and Aya.”  When Nashi didn’t speak Rei sighed.  “What if this all backfires?  Are you prepared to lose a friend and possibly this job?   You’ve got a damn good looking man with money and power who wants to get to know you better.  Go out with the man.  What have you got to lose?”

Maybe Naohito could provide Nashi with some ideas.  She was sure the man was still in love or sleeping with Aya.  “That’s a good idea Rei.  I’ll give him a call.”

“Why do I have the feeling you and I are on different pages?  Just be careful what you do Nashi.  I really don’t want to have to break in a new singer.  Besides.  Even though you can be as stubborn as a mule, I like you.”  With that, Rei took her leave.

Nashi watched Rei leave before shaking her head and pulling out her phone.  She scrolled through the numbers, found Naohito’s and gave him a call.  He was happy to hear from her and the two set a date for dinner at a very nice restaurant.   Nashi thought about it and figured some shopping was in order.  She may as well wow the man.  Might make it easier to use him.


Ju gave Aya a quick peck and smiled as she hurried off to find Hana and let her know about the tour.  He turned to Acchan and raised an eyebrow at the look on the man’s face.  “What?  I got lipstick or something on my face?”  Acchan just shook his head clearly amused.

“It’s just the look you get on your face when you’re around Aya.  I know what you’re feeling but it shows on your face more.  Happy?”

“Yeah.  Things have been quiet for the most part.  Life is good.  Work is great and this tour…having Aya with me…I couldn’t ask for more.  How’s Eri?  Getting big and looking more like her mom I hope.  I wouldn’t wish your mug on anyone.”

He laughed as Acchan flipped him the bird.  The two men had been friends since high school and next to Hayato, no one was closer to him.  He wondered what his old friend would have made of his musical success.  He’d always told him that he had the knack but Ju never paid him any mind when it came to that.  He assumed they’d always be racing and fixing up cars.  He was brought from his thoughts by Acchan calling his name.

“Earth to Ju.  I don’t know where you were but it must not have been all that good.  I’d bet good money that Hayato was in your thoughts.  I’m right ain’t I?  You always get that look on your face when you think of him.  I think he’s really happy for the both of us.  Funny how two women from the same family has made us as happy as we are.  Never thought either of us would tie the knot much less have families.  Speaking of families.  Tell Yoichi I said congratulations.  He deserves it and I hope he wins.”

“It’s funny how his death led to our happiness.  If I know him, the bastard was probably orchestrating the whole me meeting Aya thing.  It’d be like him.  Control freak.  But what’s this about Yoichi?  Congratulate him on what?”

Acchan went to the back of the bar and pulled out a magazine.  He showed it to Ju.  On the cover was a trio of men from the tv show that Yoichi was in.  He was one of the trio.  The headline read “Best actor, supporting actor and best new comer.  A triple winner threat?”

“That kid.  He didn’t say a thing but then I haven’t seen him in a couple of days.  I bet Aya doesn’t know or she’d be…”  He was cut short when he heard an excited shout of his name and his little spitfire came racing back into the bar area.   She pulled up short when she saw the smile on his face.  That proud papa smile always gave her goosebumps.  She went up to him and got into his personal space.

“I take it you heard and if you don’t stop smiling like that I’m going to take you home and make love to you until you scream and holler.”   Ju leaned down until his lips were almost touching hers.  “Is that a threat or a promise?” he asked in a soft whisper.   Aya was about to give him a major breath stealer when Acchan coughed “get a room” and it made her remember where she was.  She gave him a quick peck instead and promised him that it was both.

She looked at the magazine Ju was holding.  “I wonder when he was going to tell us.  Did you check out the date of the awards show?  We’re going to be in America.  I guess I’ll be flying back.  Can’t have him without some family here.  I can’t wait to see him.   Hana and I are going shopping while you eat.  Don’t look at me like that.  I ate while I was back there with her and since we’ll have Eri with us, we won’t be gone long.   Your bone jumping prospects are still intact now go have some food and get caught up with Acchan.  I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

By that time Hana had appeared with Eri.  Ju gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, tickled Eri, then gave his wife a mini breath stealer.  “I’ll see you later woman and don’t spend all of our savings please.”  Aya gave him a grin that let him know he was talking to himself and left out with Hana, both women chattering excitedly about the nomination that Yoichi had received.  He nodded toward the door and the backs of the ladies.  “I’m going to have to take this trip to pay for that trip.”  Acchan would have laughed but he had a sinking feeling that Ju wasn’t alone in that department.


Aya had decided that the dress she wore to the charity ball would work for the awards show.  She mainly was looking for accessories and maybe something for the sexy man she’d married.   She knew his measurements well enough to buy him a nice suit or slacks without him being there.  Hana needed some new clothing for Eri who was growing like a weed.   The ladies were happily chatting away and neither noticed the glare directed at one of the two.

Nashi had just walked in.   She spotted Aya who was facing the door but the other woman had her back to her.  She ducked behind a clothing rack as the women came her way.  Keeping her back to the women, she acted as if she was looking through the men’s clothing as she eavesdropped on their conversation.

“Ju’s not going to be happy about you coming back here for a couple of days.”

“I know but he’ll get over it.  I’m the one that will be suffering if I hop right back on a plane with no rest.  Besides, I’ve got plans to make and I can’t do that with him around.”

“I know that look Aya.  What are you up too and what will you do if he already has a date?”

“I have a backup.  Don’t I always? ”


“Oh heavens no.  Trouble.”

“Trouble!  That’s what you’re about to start if you go with him.  You’d better not let your husband know you’re running around with him.”

“Why?  He’s not going to do anything.  If he does get pissed I’ll just do what I always do and give him kisses, crawl in his lap, and make that awesome dick of his happy.  Maybe a nice tie instead of a suit.”

The two ladies walked off and Nashi frowned at their backs.  So the hussy had a date that would bring her back to Japan.  She could make use of that information.  It would be the perfect time to let Ju know just what kind of woman he was married to.   She hurried out of the store.  She had a date to get ready for and more information to gather…she hoped.


When Aya and Hana got back to the bar, they found their husbands in a heated discussion over who was going to win the World Cup.  Ju was mildly surprised and very happy to see that Aya only had one smallish bag.  Acchan wasn’t so lucky as the stroller was piled with bags and Hana was carrying Eri.   Ju leaned down for a kiss and a peek into Aya’s bag.  He just knew she’d bought something barely there to entice him and was disappointed to only find a couple of ties and some new underwear for him.   He pouted.

“Aya?  Where’s all the frillies and the barely theres?  Where are the mouth watering “I can’t wait to take you out of those” underwear?”  Aya took pity on her magnificent beast.   She walked up to him and put her hands on his chest.  She smiled up at him as she spoke.  “I figured you wouldn’t wear any frillies or barely theres so I just opted for buying you plenty of the “I can’t wait to take you out of” kind. ”  Ju looked puzzled for a moment and then a broad smile lit his face.  He leaned down and gave her a kiss.  “You are so bad.”  Aya grinned.  “You know it and you love it.”

Ju couldn’t argue with that.  In fact it made him think of a number of things the sexy little woman had done to him just that morning.  When Acchan started laughing he looked at him with raised eyebrows.  “I don’t know what you were just thinking but the look on your face would have scared most women away.  Whatever she did, you’d best remember you’re an old man now.”  He laughed again when Ju flipped him the bird.

“Dude you can’t talk.  You married her evil twin.”  Acchan turned in the direction Ju was looking and gulped at the look on his wife’s face.  “Looks to me like you’d better be worrying about your own health if that look is any indication.”  Acchan looked at his wife who was giving him a “I’m planning on having you for dinner” look.   He turned back to Ju with a grin.  “I have no problem sacrificing my health for the cause.  Now if you two will get the hell out of here, I’d like to work on baby number two since baby number one is down for a hopefully long nap.”

They said their goodbyes quietly and headed back home.   Once they got to the flat, Ju pulled the bag from Aya’s hands and dumped the contents on the bed then began to undress.  Aya was puzzled.  “Why are you doing that?”  Ju didn’t skip a beat.  “I’m trying them on to see how fast you can take them off.  Why else?”  He pulled up a pair of silk boxers, found a tie that would match them and put that on, then struck a pose.  “Well?”

Aya put her hand on her chin and thought about it for a few seconds.  “Turn around.  I want to see the back.”  When Ju complied she walked up behind him and ran her hands over his ass and then around to the front and ran a hand into the opening of the boxers, palming him for a minute before letting him go.   He moaned.  She smiled and using her other hand, grabbed the tie around his neck and gently pulled on it forcing him to turn around.  She pulled him down to kissing range.  “I think these will do quite nicely.”  Ju couldn’t find fault with that.

Later that night, Nashi and Naohito had a nice date with dinner and a little dancing before she managed to get the man into bed.  She found that men liked to talk when sex was involved and since it had been a while since she’d had any and Naohito was easy on the eyes, she may as well kill two birds with one stone.  Hopefully she’d have some good sex and gather some useful information.




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