A Stunning Fail-part one

The week flew by and the Ichihara’s were more than busy trying to get things in order at home and in the shop.   Yoichi had finally shown up and let them know about his nomination.  He wasn’t taking a date but both he and Ju agreed that since he could have two guests, it would be okay if Toshi escorted Aya.  No one would raise an eyebrow if his step mom and godfather, Aya thought of that, attended since his father would be out of the country.

Ichi agreed to stay in the flat while they were away so that it wouldn’t be vacant.  He promised his uncle that he wouldn’t do any winky wetting in their bed much to his embarrassment and chagrin.  Aya had given Ju a glare for so long that he thought he’d be sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the week when she found out.   Neither one had thought any more about Nashi and her stake out.

On their last day home, Ju decided that he was going to stay at home and keep his wife busy in a way he enjoyed the most.  He wouldn’t let her do anything outside of being the love of his life.  He washed her back in the shower which turned into an intense make out session.  Jumped her bones before breakfast.  Helped her wash the dishes from breakfast.  She washed and he nibbled on her before finally turning her around and giving her a major breath stealer.  He grinned as she swayed a little on her feet.

For lunch he ordered some of her favorite pizza, then for dinner he made a quick run to the udon stand they liked so much and bought all of her favorites.  They had already packed and their suitcases were by the front door.   Everything was taken care of and all they would have to do in the morning was dress, eat and leave.   Later that evening, Hana, Acchan and the baby came past to wish them a safe trip as did Yoichi and Toshi.  Once everyone was gone Ju turned to his wife and smiled.  She was practically bouncing with excitement.  He very gently took her in his arms and kissed her.   He made love to her knowing that it could be a little while before they had some quiet time alone again.

In the morning Aya called her folks to let them know she’d be out of the country for a while and Naohito who informed her that he’d taken Nashi out.  He told her that Nashi had peppered him with questions about her and then proceeded to seduce him.  She laughed when he told her that he allowed it, was expecting it, but wouldn’t do it again.  He said she was boring in bed.  Aya wisely kept that information to herself.  So the woman was an idiot and a tramp.  Ju only raised an eyebrow at the smirk that was on the face of his pretty wife.  He didn’t think he wanted to know.

After a relatively easy flight they landed in Los Angeles.  Since the flight was so long, Aya made sure that Ju got up and walked around and she massaged his knee when she could.   Ju joked and said it was her excuse to feel him up but was thankful for the attention.  As it was, the knee didn’t give him as much of a problem as he was expecting.  They all piled into tour buses at the airport and headed to their hotel.  Since Nashi was in one part of the plane and Ju in another, he hadn’t had time to ask her about the picture.  He told Aya he’d ask as soon as they were settled.

Settling took longer than anyone expected.  There was just so much that had to be taken care of with a tour especially one of this length and in a different country.  Staff meetings, band members meetings, support meetings for non-critical personnel.  There was just so much to do along with dealing with jet lag, that once things had calmed down, the Ichihara’s only had strength to shower and fall into bed.  They’d be sharing a room for a couple of days until the tour actually started.


Ju yawned and pulled his wife closer to him.  Despite being tired, they’d managed to find the strength to make love and both were basking in the afterglow when the phone rang.  Ju seriously considered not answering it but considering where they were and why he figured he’d better.  It was H.  He was trying to reach Aya.  It appeared that one of the support staff had a minor accident and her services were needed.  Ju pouted and Aya sighed but that was what she was there for.  She let H know she’d be downstairs in a few minutes and hurriedly dressed.  She gave Ju a quick kiss and headed downstairs.

Nashi was getting some ice when she saw Aya leaving with the emergency med kit.  She took the opportunity to knock on the door to say hello to Ju.  They hadn’t had a chance to talk since before leaving Japan and she really wanted to be close to the man for a few minutes.  He answered the door barefoot and in just his jeans.  Nashi took her time eying him before smiling and asking how he was settling in.

Since Ju wasn’t sure how long Aya would be gone he didn’t invite Nashi in but talked to her in the doorway.   He told her that they were settling in okay then asked her about the photo he’d seen.  She told him that she had stopped by to have her car checked because it was running a little rough since the accident but when she saw him leave she figured she would have to bring it back when he returned.  She was leaving when she saw the guy peeking around the corner and took a picture just in case he was up to no good.  She showed him the other picture she’d taken of Toshi and asked if he knew the man.  Ju told her it was a good friend of his and like family.  Aya told him that he’d come by looking for his cellphone.

Nashi nodded but didn’t look convinced.  Ju gave an exasperated sigh.  He was getting a little tired of Nashi and her hints that Aya was messing around on him.  He kind of enjoyed the look she got on her face when he told her that the man was engaged to another man.   That shut the woman up for a few minutes.  Ju really liked Nashi but if she kept it up he was going to have to tell her off and he really didn’t want to do that.

Nashi was thrown for a few minutes at the information that the man was gay but she had other pictures that she’d be showing him when the time was right.  She was about to say something else when the elevator dinged.  Deciding that she didn’t want to run into his bitch of a wife, she said goodnight and that she’d see him later.  She’d gotten to the ice machine just as Aya walked around the corner.  She saw Ju standing in the doorway in just his jeans and looked down the hall, frowning when she saw Nashi.   She walked up to her husband and gave him a toe-curler.   He smiled at her and told her she was naughty for doing that where Nashi could see it.  She smiled back and told him that Nashi should be thankful that’s all she’d done.  Him losing his jeans was a thought that had run through her mind.  He just shook his head as she pushed him back into the room and slammed the door behind her.

Down the hall, Nashi ground her teeth.  She was just going to bide her time until the woman was back in Japan.  She was going to show her just who the true barbarian was in the house.



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