A stunning fail-part 2

Once Aya had Ju back in the room she asked him if he’d asked Nashi why she was outside of their flat at that ungodly hour.  When Ju told her what Nashi had said Aya got quiet.

“Ju?  How prepared are you to lose her as a friend?  I have a strong feeling that she is going to push things to that point.  I want you prepared for that.  I know how much you like her.  I have no idea why but I know you do.  She’s going to step in it up to her elbows and I don’t think you guys will be friends anymore if she does.  I don’t want you to be hurt by it.  I know how much you value people you consider friends.”

Ju nodded.  “I hope she doesn’t take it to that point but if I have to I’ll tell her to leave me, us, alone period.  If she’s a real friend she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.  I just hope she doesn’t pull the old “for your own good” stuff.  I hate that with a passion.  I’m a grown man.  If I have to take some lumps about something I’m more than capable of doing it.   Now what was that you said about taking me out of my jeans?  Sounds intriguing.”

Aya just shook her head.  “You’d better save some of that energy for rehearsal tomorrow or H won’t let us share a room again for a while.”   Ju took her in his arms.  “You are no fun.”  Aya laughed.  “That’s not what you said a couple of hours ago.  Come on magnificent.  Time for bed.  To sleep you monster!”  They didn’t,  he was, and she finally fell asleep with a very content smile on her face.  Ju on the other hand slept fitfully wondering if Nashi was going to destroy their friendship.


Despite not having much sleep, Ju was full of energy the next morning.  It was a good thing too.  The day started early and was busy from the very beginning.   Aya had meetings with the rest of the medical staff.  Then there were the introductions to the other bands playing.  Meals to plan that were nutritious but tasty…his wife’s doing.  Wardrobe planning, set planning, background planning, planning planning.  All that before they even stepped foot on stage to rehearse.

Ju hadn’t seen much of his wife since they left the hotel room.  He wondered where she was hiding and contemplated trying to find her so they could have lunch together when he spotted Nashi.  He went over to her and pulled her to the side.  “Hey Nash, do me a favor will ya?  Try not to bait Aya too much.  I tend to get the backlash when you do cause I try to plead your case but sometimes you make it hard.”

Nashi rolled her eyes.  “Ju.  If you haven’t noticed.  She’s the one that’s usually baiting me.  I wish you could have heard some of the things she said at that banquet.  I can’t guarantee that we won’t have words but for you I’ll try not to be the one to start anything okay?  So stop worrying so much.  It’ll give you wrinkles.”   Ju sighed and nodded but smiled.  He wished his two best girls could be civil to each other if not friends.

He was about to go back to looking for Aya when Nashi grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek before waving and going in the opposite direction from him.  He was wondering what brought that on when he heard a cough behind him.  He grit his teeth.  Didn’t they just have a conversation about her baiting Aya?  He managed to yell that he was going to pay her back for that before the woman was out of earshot.  He turned to his wife expecting to see storm clouds.  What he saw was a woman plotting and planning and if he knew Aya, Nashi wasn’t going to know what hit her.  He decided to head his barbarian princess off at the pass.

He pulled her to him, tilted her head up and looked into her eyes.  “Whatever you are planning to do to her, don’t.  You know I love you without pause and I’d hate to be angry with you but I will if you act up.”  He looked back the way Nashi had gone and frowned before turning back to Aya.  “Besides, I’m beginning to get the feeling that she’s going to mess up on her own.”

Aya pouted but nodded.  “I’m still putting you on notice.  If you suddenly get a mind blowing kiss from time to time, it’s because she’s in the area.  Well not completely because of that.   I do enjoy giving you those.”  Ju just sighed and hugged her.  It could have been a lot worse then her baiting Nashi with kisses.  At least she wasn’t going to be verbally gutting the woman which was her normal form of attack.  They managed to have lunch together before the rigors of tour life pulled them apart.

The show went off without much of a hitch.  No equipment failures or anything and to Ju’s surprise, a number of fans from Japan were there.  It was nice to see fans lining the first couple of rows since the rest of the crowd had no idea who they were or what to expect.  H was in fine form and worked the crowd.  Ju played his ass off and mugged for the people nearest him.  Since the set was only thirty minutes, they tried to pack as much energy into it as they could and they were pleased to hear later that they had managed to gain some new fans.

Aya managed to snag a kiss when he got off stage but then it was shower, dress and go to the meet and greet even though H and K were the main attractions.  Ju did get some notice as did the other members.  He took some pictures with a few of the female fans but none of them got out of line enough to warrant the appearance of his barbarian princess.  When it was deemed appropriate to leave, he collected his woman and they left.  They’d be on the road tomorrow and sleeping would be done on the bus.  He might have been tired but he was going to make sure he had his fill of his pint sized wife before the drought began.   When he fell asleep right after making love, Aya just kissed him on the forehead and pulled the covers up over them both.  This time she was the one that couldn’t sleep wondering when and what was going to happen next.

They were on the road bright and early.  Aya managed to catch a nap on the bus but for the most part it was a noisy ride.  They got to see the country by bus and everyone pointed out interesting things whenever they drove through a city.  They managed to see some of the tourist attractions at each stop and all marveled at just how huge America was.  Surprisingly enough, V had fans at all of their stops which was a nice thing for the band members to experience.  That many of them came all the way from Japan was an added plus and the band made sure to always put on high energy shows just for them.    Barring one bad review which got the reviewer’s head handed to him by old and new fans for not knowing what he was talking about and being biased, all of the reviews so far had been positive.  H was very happy about that and how the band was performing overall.

They’d done four shows before there was a break.   Ju, Aya, and some of the members of both of the other bands hit some of the hot spots in the town they were in.  They had lunch at a diner that one of the guy’s had heard was first rate.  The food was delicious but the music being played on a jukebox was unexpectedly the star of the day.

The guys were having an animated conversation when a song came on and every bass player in the place stopped talking and started listening.  They all got up and headed to the box to see what was playing, talking excitedly amongst themselves.  Curious, Aya asked the waitress, with the help of an interpreter, what was playing.  The waitress mentioned that the group was called Mandrill and they were an old school r and b band from the seventies and early eighties.

When the guys came back to the table they peppered the waitress with questions about the band especially the bass player.  They’d selected every song that was listed by the group on the jukebox and was busily critiquing the bass player’s work.  All of them were impressed and even more so when they found out how long ago the music was from.  They found out the bassist’s name,  Frederick Fudgie Kae Solomon, and that he’d died in 1982.  From the chatter amongst the bassists he must have been very good Aya surmised.  Ju decided to look him and the band up once he got back to Japan.  That some of the best bands of that time, Earth Wind and Fire amongst them, opened for those guys, they must have been something else though he’d never heard of them.

Once lunch was over, the members of the other two bands left to rehearse.  They had a show that night but V was off.  They had a meeting to plan what they were going to play at the next concert they did and to discuss what they were going to play for their one solo concert at the end of the tour.  After that, the rest of the day was free.  Ju took advantage of it to make up for lost time with his wife.  They’d slept on buses for a couple of days due to traveling and he was determined to make use of the bed and the room they had especially considering that Aya would be flying back to Japan in a couple of days for the awards show.

He found his wife in a spirited conversation with Rei and Yukie.   Whatever it was about it had Rei beet red with Aya and Yukie giggling.  Must have been about men and sex or just sex or just men.   Ju wouldn’t have put it past any of them.  Nashi was nowhere to be seen.  Ju did a mental sigh.  Nashi should have been with the other women enjoying each others company.  There were very few women in attendance and only the four Japanese women.  He headed toward the group and was a few feet away when Rei nudged Aya and looked Ju’s way.

Aya turned around and gave Ju a look that made him stop a couple feet away from her.   She turned back to Rei and said a few words.  Ju, for his part, couldn’t decide whether to flee or hold his ground.  He knew that look.  His wife’s fuse was lit.  It probably wouldn’t take much for the sexual explosion to happen.  What in the world had they been talking about?  He decided to take it like a man and waited for his little woman to come over to him.  When she did, she looked him up and down slowly then smiled a smile that had no innocence in it anywhere.  “Should I be worried?”  Aya nodded slowly and the awesome dick wanted to know why they were still there.

Aya noticed Nashi had come into the room and was headed their way.  She figured some payback was due.  “All I have to say on the matter is Fragrance.”  Ju looked puzzled.  “You don’t have a pole here.”  Aya showed Ju a set of pearly white teeth in what he called a shark’s grin.  “No but you do.”   Rei shook her head as the smile started small then spread across Ju’s face.  It was an “I’m gonna have me some awesome sex” smile if she ever saw one.  Ju leaned down into Aya’s face, a hairs breath from kissing range and said, “the things you say.”  Aya put her hands in his hair and pulled him closer until their lips were almost touching.  “You mean the things I’m gonna do.”  She gave him a kiss that had him pulling her closer and humming with pleasure.

Rei and Yukie both looked at each other as Nashi huffed and turned around.  She stormed out of the room mumbling under her breath.  The two ladies shook their heads.  They knew Nashi and the woman didn’t take no for an answer.  She was going to do something to try to break those two up.  They knew it as well as they knew their names.  They watched as Ju led his wife out of the room and hoped that she didn’t succeed.


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