A stunning fail. part 3

The ride up the elevator was interesting to say the least.  Aya’s hands were busy whenever they had the car to themselves.  By the time they made it to their floor Ju was ready to pin his wife to the nearest unmovable object and screw her within an inch of her life.  When the door to their room closed, he grabbed her and kissed her until she was moaning.  He backed her into the bedroom, pushed her down on the bed and put on a show of undressing.  She perched on the bed like a very interested kitten.

“I haven’t started the music yet handsome.”   Ju gave her a smile that put her on notice.  “I know.  I’m just getting ready.  The less I have on, the sooner I can have at you.”  Since Aya couldn’t find any fault in that she just smiled and motioned for him to lay down on the bed.

“On your stomach big guy.  I’m going to give you the full treatment.”  Ju sighed contentedly at the thought.  Aya straddled his waist after taking off her own clothing.  She started at his shoulders and began a full body massage.  She worked out the tension, the weariness, all the kinks and tightened muscles until Ju was a puddle of relaxed goo.  All but the awesome dick.

Aya knew full well what those types of massages did to her man and she’d up the ante with some caresses, licks, and kisses.   When she turned him over he was hard and ready.   She eased up his body taking as many liberties with her mouth as she could without actually giving him a blowjob.  She didn’t want to push him to far and end it to soon.   When he asked her where the music was she knew she didn’t have anything to worry about.

She grinned, reached for her phone and turned on Fragrance.  Then she turned on him.  By the time she had finished, undulating, grinding, riding, and kissing him, they’d both collapsed in sated bliss.   He rolled her onto her back and gave her a quick kiss.    “I wish I was still hard so we could do that again.  You’ve been warned woman.  I’m going to be at you for the rest of the day.”

She wrapped her legs around him.  “That sounds absolutely wonderful if you ask me.  There is the matter of food so unless you can figure out a way to get room service in and out of here without seeing us like this, we are going to have to at least get semi dressed.”

Ju sighed but he knew she was right.  He was going to need some refueling if he was going to attack the woman under him again and he had every intention of doing so.   He rolled off of her but pulled her to him.  He liked snuggling though he knew it wasn’t a manly thing to do.  Plus it made his wife happy and a happy Aya was always a plus.   He looked down at her when she yawned.  She’d worn herself out it seems and a nap sounded like a good thing in his book.  He told her that and she had no objections so he pulled the covers around them both, gave her a quick kiss, set the alarm and hunkered down for a nap.


Nashi was still fuming at Aya’s display when Rei caught up to her.  She had her phone out scrolling through the pics she’d taken of that woman and muttering to herself.  Rei sat down in front of her.

“Nashi?  Why don’t you just give it up?  You’re making yourself miserable and I hate to see it.  Ju is completely in love with his wife and a blind man could see it.”

Nashi glared at her.  “I don’t know why everyone thinks that woman is an angel.  She’s messing around on Ju.  I’ve got proof and I think he should know about it.”  She gave Rei her phone and let the woman scroll through the pictures she’d taken.  Rei was trying to plead Aya’s case when the picture Nashi had taken in the bar came up.  She stopped talking and stared.  Nashi smirked.  She knew exactly which picture had shut Rei up.

Rei put the phone down and gave Nashi a very long look.  She chose her words carefully.  She wanted the woman to listen to her.  “Nashi, while I can’t explain that last photo, there is probably a good explanation for the others.  Do you know who that younger man was in those pictures?  I thought not.  He’s an actor in that cop drama that everyone has been talking about.  The three lead males are all up for Television Drama  awards.   He’s young enough to be her son which means he could be Ju’s son.  Did you think about that?   I don’t think for one moment that she’d sleep with Ju’s son.  Look.  That last picture is damning I know but have you considered the fact that Ju might not appreciate you raining on his love parade?   He’s happy.  Why would someone who’s a friend try to end his happiness?  You could very well be looking at a kill the messenger scenario.  Please. Please.  Think this over carefully.  At least you guys are friends now.  Don’t mess that up on an unlikely maybe.”

Nashi wouldn’t back down.  “It’s the sex that has him enthralled.  I know it is.  That’s probably how she got him to marry her.”   She jumped when Rei banged her hand on the table.

“If you’d bothered to get to know the woman you’d have heard that Ju proposed to her before they’d even french kissed and before you go thinking it was the only way he could get it.  She didn’t think he liked her like that since he hadn’t so much as attempted to kiss her much less anything else.   I don’t think he would have cared if she turned out to be boring in bed.  He loves her so much he’d have taught her what to do if he needed to but he was determined to marry her.  You know why?  BECAUSE HE LOVES HER!”

She stood up.  “You know what Nashi?  Right now I like her a lot more than I like you.  If she is cheating on Ju she’s making sure he doesn’t know and that he’s as happy as a man can get.  I might not forgive you myself if you mess this up much less him.  I’m done with it.  I’d suggest you think long and hard on what you do next.”  With that she stormed out the room leaving a stunned Nashi behind.






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