A stunning fail. part 4

Aya stretched then relaxed and watched Ju sleep.  His hair was all over his head and he was snoring softly.  She thought he looked adorable.  When the alarm went off he grumbled a few choice words then smacked at the clock before rubbing his hands across his face.  He yawned and peeked through his fingers at his wife when she giggled.  He turned to look at her.  “And what has you so tickled?”

She snuggled against him.  “Oh nothing except that you’re still kind of cute for an old man.”   Ju humphed.   “Old huh?  You didn’t think so a couple of hours ago when you were urging me to do you harder and faster.”

Aya gave him a kiss on the cheek.  “That was different.  You had the adrenaline rush that comes from good sex.  You’re still an old coot and about to get a year older.  But you’ve managed to hold up well so I guess I’ll keep you.”  She squawked as Ju rolled her onto her back.   He nibbled on her neck for a minute before speaking.

“You couldn’t get away from me if you tried.  You are my barbarian princess and don’t you forget it.  Now about that old coot crack….”   He started tickling her until she had tears in her eyes.  When he finally stopped, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down for a kiss.

“I love you old or young but if you even think of getting a gleam in your eyes I’m having you neutered.   I’m hungry and I need some food to replenish all the energy I’ve used to keep up with your perverted antics.   Now if you want another go at me you have to feed me first.  I am not a cheap date.”

He grinned, gave her a quick peck, then let her up.  He was hungry himself and the awesome dick could just take the rain check she’d given him and cash it in a little later.  They ordered up some room service and had a nice meal.  They just talked and laughed and enjoyed each others company.  It was quiet and peaceful.  Those moments were hard to find lately and both relished the opportunity to enjoy it before Aya was set to fly back to Japan.  She’d be leaving later the next day.  Since she was going home  for a couple of days then flying back, she didn’t even bother with packing.  All she would need would fit in her purse.  Ju found that he had one more round in him and promptly put it in his wife before fatigue claimed them both.  Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


Early the next morning all of the staff met in the small conference room in the hotel.   Aya’s replacement turned out to be a tall, stunning, Japanese American woman who was fluent in both languages.  She looked more American then Japanese and only the cant of her eyes showed any Asian influence at all.  She had long legs, a nice bottom and was showing a nice amount of cleavage.   All the guys, including Ju, stared at her slack jawed.  To a man, the guys fumbled something as simple as their own names which had the other women shaking their heads and the replacement in stitches.  Aya just sighed.  “Don’t mind the stupid.  It’s not contagious.  I guess you get this a lot.”

Amaya just laughed.  “It’s not unusual.  Annoying but not unusual.   Aya?  That’s your name right?  It’s a pleasure to meet you.   You’ll be gone for a couple of days?  I would appreciate a little background information on the staff just in case something comes up.”  She said all of this in perfect Japanese.  Aya went over the small list of concerns and gave her the menu for the next few days barring any stops.  Amaya nodded her thanks.  “Is there anything else you think I should know?”

They had walked away from the guys to talk in private and were heading back their way.  Aya stopped and pointed at Ju.  She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.  “You see that handsome old coot over there?  He’s mine so could you make sure he stays healthy until I get back?  I’ve gotten kind of used to having him around.”

She squeaked and ran around a table laughing with Ju in hot pursuit.  They played cat and mouse with Aya using furniture or people to keep Ju off balance.  When he did manage to catch her, he gave her a good tickle then a quick kiss once she’d gotten her breath back.   Nashi walked up to Amaya who asked if they were married.  Nashi said yes with enough venom to make Amaya look at her with a raised eyebrow.  Then Nashi turned and walked out of the room.  Rei, Yuki and Amaya watched her go.  Someone else watched also and he had the slight beginnings of a frown on his face.

When it was time for Aya to leave for the airport, Ju was there with a hang dog expression on his face.  “I’m going to miss you baby.”  Aya hugged him then looked up for a kiss he was happy to give her.  “I’m going to miss you too but it’s only for a couple of days.  I’m sure the bitch will be happy to keep you company.”   Ju gave her a light swat on the butt for that remark.  “Behave woman.  I don’t want anyone but you keeping me company if you get my drift.”  Aya reeled him in and gave him a mini-breath stealer.  “I’m going to hold you to that handsome.  Get some rest.  You are so going to need it.  I’ll see you in a couple of days.  I love you.”  Ju gave her another kiss as the cab pulled up.  He watched it go down the street with his love in the car.  He jumped when someone coughed lightly.

Amaya shook her head.  “You guys must be newlyweds.   She’s going to be back in a few days.  Don’t sweat it so much.”   Ju shook his head.  “We’ve been married for seventeen years.”  He laughed at the look Amaya gave him.  She really was very pretty.  Looking at her made him smile.  “Come on beautiful.  I’ll buy you a cup of tea and give you the boring history of my life with Aya.”   Amaya grinned.  “If what I just saw was any indication.  I doubt very seriously that your life with her is boring.  I would like to get to know more about her.  Besides being a capable nurse from what I can see and have heard, she seems to be well liked with one glaring exception.  What did she do to Nashi?  I think her name was Nashi.”  Ju sighed.  “I’m beginning to think being married to me is the root of the problem but come on.  Let’s get that tea.”  The two headed to the small cafe in the hotel not realizing that Nashi was watching them with a scowl on her face.  This was supposed to be her time with Ju and that hussy was trying to stake a claim.  Well she’d see about that in due time.


~ by jujuken on June 20, 2015.

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