A stunning fail. part 5

Amaya and Ju found a seat in the cafe and ordered some tea and shortbread cookies.  Ju had taken a liking to the things and had some whenever he found a place that sold them.   He was nibbling on one when Amaya started laughing.  “You look like a little kid eating those.  What’s with the nibbling?”

Ju stopped what he was doing, sighed, and promptly took a bite out of the cookie.  “Sorry.  It’s something Aya makes me do if we are eating her favorite cookie which is very similar in taste to these.  She says it’s a crime to eat a good cookie too fast and they should be nibbled on and savored.”

Amaya smiled.  “It’s hard to believe you’ve been married for seventeen years.  You act like you’ve only been married for a few months and that you are both in your early twenties.  I’m surprised you don’t act closer to your ages.”

Ju gave her a look before grinning.  “I’m a bass player in a rock band.  How does that and acting your age compute?  I also play for a man who looks like he’s twenty-one but is actually closer to fifty.  Ah.  You didn’t know.  H is forty-seven.  I know.  I wish the bastard would share the location of that fountain of youth he’s got.  As it is, I figure if I refuse to act my age then I can be like him, forever young.  Aya helps with that a lot.   All the yoga, the zumba, the healthy eating, and of course the sex keeps her young and I have to stay that way to keep up with her.”

Amaya nodded.  Good diet and exercise were key to being healthy and feeling good.  “So how did you guys meet?  She told me to make sure you exercised the knee so I’m assuming it was the reason you guys met.”

Ju went on to tell her about the accident that sent him to the hospital and how Aya was one of his nurses in ICU.  “She told me that she didn’t date men who couldn’t pee by themselves.  As broken up as I was, I had to smile at that.  It hurt.  Not what she said but the smiling itself.  I was hooked from the very beginning and haven’t regretted one moment we’ve been together.”  He laughed.   “It seems like it was only yesterday.   We’ve had our ups and downs but never have we doubted our love for each other.”

Amaya nodded.  “You two remind me of my parents.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so in love with each other.  They were so in tune that one would start a sentence at times and the other would finish it.  It was creepy and hilarious and wonderful.”

“You said were.  Are they both still alive?”  Amaya nodded.  “And still totally in love .  It’s just they don’t finish each others sentences as much.  They live in New York.  I signed on in part because I knew you guys were headed that way.”

Ju raised an eyebrow.  “You’re not just here to replace Aya for a couple of days?”  Amaya shook her head.  “I was supposed to but the American nurse has an emergency at home so I’ll be staying with the tour.  She’s just going to stay until Aya gets back.”

Ju grinned.  “Well I guess a welcome aboard is due.   Hi!  I’m Junichiro or Ju for short.”  He extended his hand and Amaya shook it with a grin on her face.   “Nice to meet you Ju.”  Ju was about to say something else when Nashi walked in.  “Hey!  Nashi!  Come on over and join us.”  Nashi got her tea and headed their way.  She had every intention of joining them anyway.  This just kept it from being awkward.

“Nashi, you remember Amaya right?  She’s Aya’s replacement.  Turns out she’ll be with the tour until we hit New York.   Amaya this is Nashi.  She’s one of our backup singers.  Woman has a set of pipes on her and is my main partner in the practical joke department.”  Nashi grinned.

Amaya put them both on notice.  “I’m an army brat and learned self-defense from my dad who was in tactical.  I would suggest you think very long and extremely hard about playing a joke on me.  I hit first then check to see if I’ve killed you.”

Nashi and Ju both spoke at the same time.  “So noted.”  That got all three of them laughing.   Ju and Nashi were taking turns scandalizing Amaya with tales of some of their pranks when Rei and Yuki showed up along with Rei’s husband and the drummer Arley.   While Nashi was Ju’s favorite female friend, Arley was arguably his best male friend.   They’d played support for a number of other bands and had known each other for a while.

“Dude!  What is up with you and pretty women?   You’re as ugly as a one-eyed mule  yet you married one beauty.  You’re best friends with another and now I find you occupying the newest beauty’s time.   Whatever the hell kind of cologne you wear I want some.”

Ju flipped him the bird.  Nashi gave Ju a long look before speaking.  “I don’t know Arley.  He is kind of cute.”  Amaya chimed in.  “Yeah for an old coot.  Isn’t that what Aya called you?”  Arley finished off with a,  ” You don’t look half bad for a man pushing eighty.”   That got Ju sputtering and the rest of the crew laughing.   While the men traded insults, Nashi took the time to watch Ju.  Amaya took the time to watch Nashi.  She had a strong feeling that Ju was right about Nashi having issues with Aya because she was married to him.  What was it about young women and their need to have a married man?   Still she’d keep an eye on the woman.  If and when the time came, and she was sure it would, that Nashi would have no choice but to give up her dreams about having the man, she may become depressed and depression can lead to some very bad decisions.


Aya was tired when she got off the plane.  It was a long if uneventful flight.  She had the good part of the day before the awards ceremony and she planned on using it to get over her jet lag.  She picked up some food at one of the many restaurants located in the airport so she wouldn’t have to cook and caught a cab home.   She walked into a flat that was anything but quiet.  There was a party in full swing.  Yoichi had invited some friends over to celebrate his nomination and the impending show.   He’d forgotten that Aya was coming home that day.  She sighed.

It wasn’t a rowdy party, just a lot of people eating and talking.  Whatever they were drinking was coming out of an elegant punch bowl and considering the early hour there was probably no alcohol involved.   Ichi and his shadow were there as was Toshi.  He was the one who spotted Aya standing in the doorway.   He nudged Yoichi who turned and paled noticeably.   He went toward her with Toshi pushing him gently in the back.  He was silently glad it wasn’t him that had gotten the party together.  He didn’t want Aya glaring at him.

Yoichi cleared his throat.  “Aya.  I didn’t think you’d be home until later.  I kind of got talked into having this get together.   My place isn’t big enough and I really couldn’t afford to rent out Acchan’s place so Ichi and I talked it over and figured as long as we cleaned up and there was no alcohol or rowdiness, it would be okay.”

Aya really was tired so she only gave him a fifty watt glare.  Yoichi quickly let her know that other than the bathroom, no one was allowed anywhere else in the flat but the front room, dining room or kitchen.  Aya nodded.  “If I find anyone in my room they are going to be skinned alive and you right after.  How much longer are these people going to be here?”

Yoichi shrugged.  “At least another couple of hours.  Sorry.  I’ll tell them they have to leave if you really want me to.”   Aya would have loved to but one look at Yoichi’s face told her that would be cruel.  She gave the young man a hug and a kiss on the cheek.   “Just try to keep it down to a dull roar.  I’m so tired I could probably sleep through a major earthquake.”

By that time people had noticed them talking and were heading that way to find out who the woman was.  Yoichi introduced her as his step mom who had just flown in from out of town and who was tired.  They all said they’d try to keep it down and that it was a pleasure to meet her.   She greeted them politely and was about to head to her room when she remembered Sona.  “Where’s my cat?”

Toshi blanched.  “I…uh…put her in Ichi’s room with some toys, food, water and her litter box.  She almost got stepped on a couple of times and was trying to get at the food.  I’d have put her in your bedroom but I figured she’d do something disgusting in Ju’s shoes and he’d try to kill her.  Ichi’s room just seemed safer.”  He relaxed a little when all she did was nod and go get her kitty.  She yawned, petted her cat and trudged into her bedroom after saying hi to Ichi and Tomoka.   She took a shower, put on some sweats and fell asleep on the bed with Sona snuggled against her chest.  She didn’t hear her phone when it notified her of a text message.


Ju was a basket case.  He’d been trying to text Aya and hadn’t gotten any response.   He tried calling but he was having trouble getting a line through.  Being so far away had a lot of disadvantages.  Nashi walked up to him.  “Calm down Ju.  She probably passed out the moment she got home.  Give her another couple of hours before you start panicking.”   He was about to say something scathing when Amaya walked up.

“She’s right and you know it.  If you don’t calm down I’m going to give you a sedative and the only way to do that is by injection so if you don’t want a needle in that cute little ass of yours I would suggest you listen to us ladies.  Now go get a beer and calm down.”  Ju glared at them both but the thought that Amaya would give him that sedative quieted him down.  He went to get a beer and talk to some of the guys.  He only wanted to be around one female right then and she wasn’t there.

Once he was out of ear shot, Nashi said some choice words most of them preceded by the word bitch and ending in the word bitch.  “She’s probably out on that date she had planned.  I swear I don’t know why he hasn’t caught on to her yet.”   Amaya just looked at her for a minute.  “You really don’t like her do you?  What did she do to you that you dislike her so much?”

Nashi just shook her head.  “Don’t you worry about it.  I’ve got things under control.”  With that she walked off determined to talk to Ju that day if the woman didn’t call and calm him down.  How dare she?  She knew he’d worry and that’s exactly what the bitch wanted.  It was long past time for someone to stop her and Nashi was the one who was going to do it.  She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she almost ran into Rei.

“Hold up Nashi.  Where’s the fire?”  Nashi glared at her.  “That bitch you like so much hasn’t called Ju to let him know she got home alright and he’s a frantic mess.   If she was within hands reach she’d be the one on fire and I’d be holding the matches.  If she doesn’t call him soon….”

Rei grabbed her by the arm and pulled her farther out of the room.  “Nashi, stop it now!  You aren’t going to do a thing.  Anything you can do right now would just make things worse.  If you really love the man, leave him alone!”  Nashi snatched her arm back.  “She’s got one hour.  If she hasn’t called him in an hour I’m letting him know what I know.”  She stormed away with Rei following behind her.  Neither saw Ju when he started grinning.  He’d gotten a text through to Yoichi who let him know that Aya had passed out as soon as she hit the door and probably didn’t hear her notification go off.  Ju told him not to wake her but to let her know that they’d talked and he’d text her later.  He went back to his hotel room for a nap with Nashi not knowing what was up.


Aya had just finished getting dressed when Toshi arrived.  She put on her infinity necklace and earrings then went to inspect the man.  She raised an eyebrow at what she saw.  Toshi was decked out in a full formal tuxedo.  He was busy trying to adjust the bow tie when Aya emerged from her room.  She went over to him, slapped gently at his hands and adjusted the tie.   “Toshi.  You look very handsome tonight.  I was a little concerned at what you might have shown up in.”

Toshi grinned.  “You look beautiful Aya and I knew if I’d shown up in anything bizarre the look I would have gotten from you and Yoichi would have probably killed me for real.  I wasn’t about to rain on anyone’s parade today.  We won’t even talk about what Ju would have done to me.  Speaking of Ju, did you get a chance to talk to him?”

Aya shook her head.  “I sent him a text but there’s no telling if he got it or not.  I’m assuming he did or everyone we know would be getting calls or texts from him wondering where I was.  I let him know that the show could be seen online if he wanted to watch it.  Now…Ichi is going to drive tonight.  I figured that we’d all be doing some drinking to celebrate whether Yoichi won or not and heaven forbid we got into an accident with Ju’s new baby.  Ichi liked to peed himself when I told him that Ju said it was okay for him to drive us to the event.  He’s been wanting to get behind the wheel of that car since Ju brought it home.  He’s going to drop us off then pick up Tomoka.  He said they would go out to Remu’s to watch the show and wait for us to call him.”  She looked around.  “Where’s Yoichi?”

The man in question was outside pacing.  He was a nervous wreck.  When Ichi pulled up and honked he let out a little yip and actually jumped.  Ichi got out of the car dressed in his best black suit.  He looked the part of a chauffeur.  Ju had made him promise to hand out business cards to anyone who asked about the car and Ichi had a few dozen on him and in the glove box.   Ichi walked up to Yoichi and put a hand on his shoulder.  Yoichi yipped again and promptly dropped the tin of mints he was holding.  Ichi caught it before it could hit the ground and spill its contents completely out.  Yoichi did lose a few though.

Ichi was giving the tin back to Yoichi while laughing at him when Aya and Toshi came out.  Aya wondered at the glare Yoichi was giving Ichi but decided she might not want to know.  Ichi wouldn’t let it go however.  “My dear cousin is as jumpy as a cat with hiccups trying to sneak through a dog pound.  He’s just up for an award not impending fatherhood.  You might want to try to calm him down aunt Aya.  At this rate if someone goes boo he might wet himself.”

Yoichi glared even harder.  “Don’t you have something to do like get in the car?  I’m not that nervous.”  He proved himself a liar when the tin of mints went sailing all over again.  This time there was no saving it and the rest of the mints joined the first part all over the pavement.  Yoichi used some colorful language that would have made his dad proud and went to pick them up, thought about it and just left them scattered on the ground.  Toshi turned his back to try to conceal his amusement but Ichi just belly laughed.  Aya gave Yoichi a hug while trying to stifle her own giggles.  Yoichi sighed and relaxed.  “I’m a mess aren’t I?”  When everyone nodded he sighed again.  Aya brushed a lock of hair out his face and gave him another hug.

“It doesn’t matter to us if you win or lose.  The fact that you got nominated is enough for us though they’d be silly not to give you the award in my unbiased opinion.”  Toshi went over and clapped him on the back before whispering something in his ear that turned the man beet red and made his eyes widen.  Aya could just about imagine what Toshi said.  The man was as big a pervert as her husband.  She wished Ju was with them.  She knew he’d be wearing that proud papa smile all evening and it was a major button for her.  She turned at a light touch to her elbow.  Toshi smiled at her.

“Come on beautiful.  The sooner the night is over, the sooner you can get back to that ugly mug you married and rock his world.”   Aya gave him a mini glare for the ugly part but she couldn’t really argue the fact that she wanted to get back to her man.  She gave him her hand and he escorted her to the car.  Toshi rode shotgun while Yoichi and Aya rode in the back.

When they arrived at the venue, the place was a madhouse.  Ichi was told to line up with the other cars and the occupants were asked their names, had to show their invitations and were told what to expect.  Yoichi was told he’d have to walk the red carpet but that his guests weren’t required to.  He asked if they could and was told yes.  He told Aya he thought he might need the support.  He took Aya’s arm and the three walked down the long red carpet.  Ichi was busy giving out cards and answering questions about the car.  A few reporters had asked about it and Ichi was a true businessman.  He made sure that he promoted the shop.

Aya looked around at all the trappings then whispered to Yoichi.  “This is like one big play.  Just act.  That’s what you do best.  Make believe that the part you are playing tonight is just a part in a show.  You’ll be fine.”  The young man relaxed and went into what Aya called his fantasy mode.  It was time for him to play in wonderland for a while.   He gave her a smile and a kiss on the cheek then went to wow his fans.  Toshi took Aya’s arm and they followed a few steps behind.  They stopped well away from the reporters who stopped Yoichi and asked him questions and took pictures.   He introduced them at one point and someone recognized Toshi which got more reporters asking questions.  Aya knew for sure that there would be some wide speculation as to who Yoichi’s dad was to have Toshi as a godfather.  When asked where his dad was, Yoichi just said overseas on business and left it at that.

After a lot of talking and picture taking, they finally made it inside where it was a little quieter but not by much.   Aya and Toshi were seated in the guest section while Yoichi was seated with the rest of the cast.  As far as Aya was concerned the whole thing was fairly boring.  She didn’t watch much tv so she wasn’t up on most of the shows but she and Toshi both got very lively when the nominees for best new comer were announced.  They got even livelier when Yoichi was named best new comer in a drama show.  He lost all of his composure then.  Aya hugged Toshi and gave him a big kiss on the cheek before being turned around by a grinning Yoichi who picked her up, kissed her on the cheek then put her down.  He was thumped on the back so hard by Toshi that Aya thought he was going to fall over.

He finally made it up on stage to take his award.  He thanked the cast and crew then got quiet for a moment as the tears started falling.  “I wish my mother were here to see this but she’s not.  Instead I have my step mom who ran lines with me before I got this job and during, my godfather who has given me emotional support when I needed it, and my dad who while he couldn’t be here has been beaming proud papa smiles every time my name comes up.  I wouldn’t be here if not for them and they have my utmost thanks and love.”  He wiped at his face, grinned, and held his award above his head, shaking it as he walked off the stage.   Aya and Toshi were yelling and clapping wildly.  The show managed to snag the best drama award and best actress award.  The party in the back afterwards was loud, rowdy, and full of champagne.


Ju, Rei, Yukie and a couple of the guys were gathered around one of the hotel computers watching the show.  It was very early since there was a twelve hour time difference and the before show started a few hours before the actual awards show.  Amaya showed up just as Ju’s car pulled into view.  When Yoichi got out and helped Aya out of the car everyone started asking Ju questions at the same time.  The guys slapped at his arm when he announced that yes the sexy car was one of his creations.  He laughed but quieted them down when the reporters started talking to Yoichi.  You could hear a pin drop when Yoichi introduced Aya as his step mom.  Arley was making fish out of water faces.

“Wait.  That would make you his DAD?!  How in the world did someone as butt ugly as you make that?  His mom must have been some looker.  I’m telling you I don’t get it.  With that face how do you attract the beauties?”   Ju gave him the double flip off and turned back to the monitor.  Aya looked beautiful and even Toshi had cleaned himself up.  A few of the people with him knew of Gargoyle and Toshi.

“Trouble and I have been friends for years.  Trouble?  That’s the name Aya gave him because we or I should say he, tends to get us into a lot of it.  Man doesn’t have an off switch for that mouth of his.  Aya is about the only one to shut him up besides that lead singer of theirs.  Kiba is one scary dude when he’s pissed.”  Ju listened as Toshi fielded a few questions himself.  Aya stayed out of the way and just looked like a beautiful doll in Ju’s opinion.  He whispered a “hey baby, I miss you” and ran a finger down the screen.  Everyone told him to man up and stop acting like a lovesick puppy.  “If you knew how much she likes my proud papa smile then you’d know why I miss her.”  That got him catcalls of pussy whipped and he asked why that was a problem.

Ju napped while the rest of them watched the show.  They woke him up when the award for the best newcomer was about to be announced.  They all yelled when Yoichi won and Ju teared up at the acceptance speech the young man gave.  They clapped him on the back and joked about him and being a proud dad.  He left them to try to get a hold of Aya or Yoichi.   When he got back to his room he took a selfie of his proud papa smile and sent it to both of them then popped a beer to celebrate.  He was expecting a couple of people to show after the awards show was over so he wasn’t surprised when there was a knock at his door.  He was surprised when Nashi stalked in loaded for bear.

“Did you ever talk to Aya?  I thought not.  I was going to keep quiet about this but you need to know.  I overheard her talking about a date with a guy she called trouble and that even if you knew and got mad about it she’d just calm you down with sex.  Ju that woman is messing around on you and I have proof.”  Ju stood there with his beer threatening to fall out his hand.  What in the hell was the woman talking about?  Before he could say anything she had pulled out her phone and was showing him a picture of Aya and Yoichi…a number of pictures of them.

Ju put his beer down and glared at Nashi.  “These are your proof?  If you’d bothered to be with us a little while ago you’d have learned that the young man is my son…our son and he was up for an award tonight.  What the hell is wrong with you and why have you been stalking Aya?”

Nashi was taken aback by that bit of info but Rei had brought it up so she wasn’t thrown off her game that much.  She still had the pictures from the bar.  Let him explain those.  “I’m stalking her because she’s a tramp and you deserve better.  I’ve seen how she flirts with the guys here.  And while those pictures may been innocent, how do you explain these?”  She showed him the pictures she’d taken at the bar.  Neither had noticed that Rei had come to the room and was standing just outside the still open door.

Ju took the phone and glanced at the pictures. He threw the phone against the wall hard enough to break it.  He was livid.  “That was Aya’s cousin Hana and her husband.  They look enough alike to be mistaken for each other at a casual glance.  You still haven’t answered my question.  Why the hell are you stalking my wife?  You’ve been a royal bitch when it’s come to her from the very beginning.  And now this.  Why are you so hell bent on breaking up my marriage?  ANSWER ME!”  He was yelling now.  It was something he almost never did especially to a woman but Nashi had stepped way over the line and Ju was about as mad as he could get.

Nashi wasn’t backing down.  “You want to defend her so badly you’d come up with a lame story like that?  What is it that keeps you with that woman?  She doesn’t love you.  Not really.  Why can’t you see that?”

Ju rounded on her practically snarling.  “Lame story?”  He opened his phone with shaking hands.  He was so angry he wanted to hit someone.  When he found the picture he wanted he turned the phone toward Nashi.  It was a picture taken during Hana and Acchan’s reception.  Acchan was in the middle and the two ladies were on either side of him.  If Hana hadn’t been wearing a wedding dress you would have been hard pressed to tell them apart.

“Lame story.  How about you trying to convince me that a woman I know loves me more than anything in the world is being unfaithful to me?  How about you not listening to me when I told you to stop intimating that she was?  How about me telling you to stop baiting her and you continuing to do it?  How about me trying to defend you to her and getting her mad at me for doing it?  How fucking lame was that?”

Nashi had started tearing up as Ju yelled at her.  She was just looking out for him.  She made the mistake of telling him that.  That tore it.  Ju was in her face now, backing her up as he yelled at her.  “I’m a grown man dammit.  Why the hell would I need a child to look out for me?  Aya told me the first time she met you that you were in love with me and I didn’t believe her.  Is that true?  Well is it?  All the little things you’ve done that would get her pissed at me were on purpose.  You claim to be a friend yet you’d sabotage my marriage? ”  He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down as Nashi broke down and cried.  When he spoke next he was quieter.  Anyone knowing him well would know that it was the eye of the hurricane.  “Why Nashi?  Why?”

Neither noticed the small group that had collected outside the door as Nashi wiped at her face and got defensive.  “It’s because I love you!  That’s why.  I love you more than she ever could and it just worked on me that you couldn’t see her for what she is.   What you have with her is nothing compared to what I could give you and you just wouldn’t see it.”

Ju laughed and it was a bitter sound.  “You are such a little girl and I’m a fool.   You love me more than she ever could?  You seriously believe that?  If Aya thought I’d be happy with someone else she’d let me go.  You couldn’t do that.  You wouldn’t do that.  My happiness is more important to her then her own is.  I feel the same way.  You could never take her place and I’m not looking for anyone TO take her place.  I love her.  Right now, I don’t even like you.  Get out.  Get out before I say something you really will regret.”

He turned toward the door and pulled up short.  H was standing there and from the look on his face someone was in deep shit.  “Nashi a word please.  In my room now.”  He turned and stalked down the hall.  Rei gave Nashi a sad look.  She’d tried to warn the woman.  Nashi wailed and ran out of the room down the hall.  Amaya was there and decided to follow the young woman down the hall.  She yelled back to let Ju know she’d watch over her but at that moment Ju couldn’t have cared less.  He sat down on the side of the bed and put his head in his still trembling hands.  He was so mad he could have hit that woman.  He looked up as Rei shut the door on the few gawkers remaining and went to sit down next to Ju.

“I know I’m not Aya but I’ve got shoulders too.”  Ju leaned his head on her shoulder and took a deep breath.  “Did you know Rei?”  Rei nodded.  “I knew she was in something with you.  I tried so many times to steer her from the path she was walking but you know how stubborn she can be.”  Ju looked up at her.  “Why didn’t you tell me Rei?”  Rei laughed softly.  “Your wife tried to tell you and you didn’t listen to her.  What chance would I have had?  Can I ask you one question without you getting pissed?  That picture at the bar…that, that wasn’t Aya was it?”   “Nah.  Her cousin Hana.  The first time I saw her at the club I thought it was her myself.”  Rei nodded.  “Then how could you expect Nashi to know?”  Ju couldn’t answer.  What he did say was, “That’s not the point Rei and you know it.  It wasn’t her place to inform me.”  Rei had nothing to add to that so the two just sat there and were quiet.  In a sense they’d both lost a friend because Rei had a sinking suspicion that Nashi was going to be on a plane to Japan sooner than later.

Amaya wound up giving Nashi a sedative after H informed her that once the tour was over, she would no longer be working for him.  It was hard to tell what upset her more, Ju rejecting her or losing her job.  H would have sent her packing that day but there was no time to get and train a replacement.  H cautioned her to stay the devil away from Ju or he was going to say to hell with it and ship her back early.

For his part, Ju’s performance the next night while accurate  lacked his usual energy.   He managed to get hold of Aya but he didn’t mention what had happened.  He didn’t want her upset.  He was tired when he got back to the hotel.  He showered and climbed in bed without even eating.  He was depressed and missed his wife.  The sun had just come up when he turned over or attempted to.  Snuggled up against him was his wife.  The woman was a stone cold magician at being able to snuggle up against him without waking him up.  He was so glad to see her that he woke her up and kissed her before holding her tightly.  When he spoke his voice shook.

“I’m so glad to see you baby.  I’ve missed you.”  Aya looked at him, concern in her eyes.  “What happened?”  Ju went on to tell her everything.  She stroked his head as she listened.  If he’d been looking at her he would have seen the anger in her eyes.  If she could kill that woman she would happily.  What should have been a happy day for him turned into a nightmare thanks to her.  Aya just held him until he got himself together before speaking.

“Ju?  How are you holding out?  I know you and this is probably tearing you apart.  It’s not your fault baby.  I told her, you showed her, Rei told her that you love me and I love you more than I can say.  It’s not your fault she didn’t listen and no you did not lead her on.  You are just you.  Besides, she didn’t love you enough not to sleep with Hito.”  That got his attention.  “I’m going to kill him!”  Aya laughed.  “Calm your jets killer.  She seduced him while trying to get some dirt on me.  He says she’s boring in bed.  Of course she would be.  Who can compare to your barbarian princess?”

Ju shook his head.  “Modesty…you don’t know that word do you?  By the way, it’s been how many days and if nothing else I need some love and attention at the moment.”  Aya rolled him over on his back and climbed on top.  “So how did you like your son’s speech?”  That made Ju smile his proud papa smile and Aya reacted to it like always which ended in two happy sated people.  Tomorrow they’d be back on the buses and back on the road again.


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