A stunning fail- the aftermath

Ju was pretty much back to himself by the time they played their last performance before New York.  It helped that he seemed to have made some new fans during that performance from the amount of screams and attention he got from his side of the venue.   He was head banging, mugging and pointing up into the crowd in the balcony much to their enjoyment.

Nashi stayed well away from him and he from her though she almost snarled at Aya when they accidentally ran into each other backstage.  Aya gave her the most potent glare she had in her arsenal and the woman backed down.  She was lucky Aya didn’t do physical or she’d have had some bumps and bruises to go along with her bruised ego.  Amaya kept a watchful eye on Nashi to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid.  She was a drama queen and they tend to take humiliation hard.  Rei and Yuki tried to talk to Nashi but other than for work, she shunned them.  It made Rei sad.  She had called Nashi a friend but the woman didn’t really seem to know what a friend truly was.

Aya did her best to try to keep Ju’s spirits up when he wasn’t performing but she knew that being betrayed like he was would hurt him deeply.   He would get a look on his face sometimes when he didn’t think anyone was watching.  Aya was beginning to suspect that he really liked Nashi more than for just a friend.  Not  in the way a man likes a woman romantically but as more of a sister, family.   That she would go to such lengths to break up his marriage to a woman she knew he loved deeply was like a kick in his teeth.

Aya was at a loss as to what she could do to cheer him up.  She jumped when Rei said hello.  She hadn’t heard the woman walk up.  “What’s got you so jumpy Aya?  Wait. Don’t tell me.  It’s Ju isn’t it?  This whole Nashi thing has me kind of depressed and  Ju was a lot closer to her than I was.  I can’t even begin to imagine how he is feeling.”

Aya nodded.  “Add homesick and tired to the mix.  I’m at my wit’s end Rei.  I don’t think he’s been this down since forever.  It’s not as bad as when he lost his best friend but closer to when he lost his dad I think.  He really liked that bit…woman.  All I can do is just hold him when he gets really down.”

Rei gave her a hug and motioned for her to look behind her.   Ju had just walked in.  His hands were in his pockets and his shoulders were slumped.  His face was devoid of expression.  It was like someone had drained some of the life out of him and made him just a shadow of who he was.  Aya said a few choice words under her breath about not being able to kill a certain someone.  She told Rei she’d see her later, put a smile on her face, and went toward her husband.

He almost walked past her before she called his name.  “Oh.  Hi baby.  I didn’t see you standing there.”  He gave her a soft smile and a quick kiss.  She put her finger against her cheek and gave him a questioning look.  He returned that look with a “what?”   She pointed toward a chair and had him sit down.  She sat in his lap, pulled her glasses and a note pad from her purse and crossed her legs.   She put her glasses on, opened the pad, grabbed a pen and smiled at him.

“Now Mr. Ichihara.  How are you really feeling today?  You seem under the weather and I’m going to see if I can diagnose your problem and maybe come up with a remedy.”

Ju gave her a hug and a small smile before answering.  “I seem to be a poor judge of character these days.  I let someone close to me who really didn’t have my best interests at heart.  To make matters worse I exposed my lovely wife and family to someone who isn’t stable and what could have happened is haunting me.  She stalked you Aya.  While I was away that woman was following you everywhere.  If she had done something to you because I let her get close to me….”  He let the sentence trail off.

Aya pulled his head against her chest and stroked his hair as she spoke quietly.  “Oh Ju.  Baby, you had no way of knowing.  Stop beating yourself up over this, over her.  She is just a poor, confused, spoiled, little girl who couldn’t take no for an answer.  It’s not your fault she didn’t listen to anyone.  Even Hito tried to tell her.  You are the kindest, most considerate man I’ve ever known.  I don’t want you beating yourself up because someone took it to far.  I want to see that smiling, handsome, crazy, man I married running around here terrorizing people again.  They miss you.  I miss you.  Come back to us.”  She said all that in a soft voice but that changed.

“Besides.  If you don’t, I may have to let the princess out, find that hussy and verbally gut her.  If there are sharp utensils around it might be physically too.  You don’t want that. Now do you?”

Ju looked up at her and his eyes got big.  His pretty little wife was looking positively lethal.  With the glasses on and that look, she looked more like a mad scientist than a doctor.  It made him laugh.  “You look scary as hell woman.  I’ll try to put this all behind me, if for no other reason then not wanting to have to visit you in jail.  Now…if you thought I didn’t notice the glasses and the whole Doctor Aya thing you are so wrong.  I say we go upstairs and you can analyze me to your heart’s content.”  That made Aya smile and she gave him a quick kiss before sliding out of his lap as slowly as she could.  He narrowed his eyes at her mumbling “minx” then got up with a quick and hopefully unseen adjustment to his jeans.   Aya hoped that this was the last of it but she doubted it. She knew her husband.  It was going to take more to convince him and she had an idea on just what to do.  All they had to do now was get home.


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