We need to have a talk.

mun:  has just posted and is about to have dinner when the seriously crazy one shows up

Ju:  We need to talk.

mun:  About?

Ju:  Me working so hard that I don’t have the strength to let the awesome dick loose and when I do…no freaking details.

mun:  It’s not my fault you work so damn much.  Keep your boney butt at home more and you can be in the missus all you want or as much as she’ll let you.  As for details…meh.  Do I really need them?

Ju:  Yes.

mun:  Why?

Ju:  Uhm…because they make it more interesting?

mun:  You don’t sound very convincing.

Ju:  Okay because I like reading them.  It puts me in the mood.

mun:  Who are you and what have you done with the real Ju?  In the mood and you breathing are on par with each other.  Puts you in the mood.  Yeah right.

Ju:  looks sheepish   About that.  Well I kind of read them when I’m having a hard time getting in the mood if you know what I mean.

mun:  You’re kidding?  You?  The energizer bunny?  Your engine is always running.

Ju:  Usually but lately there have been times when I need a little assistance.  Just don’t tell Aya.

mun:  Alright big guy.  I’ll think about it but I think you are just being a bigger pervert than usual.  You just like reading smut.  I can always write more Yoichi and Toshi.   I even had someone ask me about a Ju and Arly fic.  I need to write that too.  Ju?  You okay?  Maybe you’d better sit down.  Should I call Aya?

Ju:  sits on the floor placing his head between his knees and trying not to hyperventilate   Hell no!  If she finds out what happened she’ll be pushing you to write the damn thing.  At least the Yoichi and Toshi one.  She might not like sharing me even if it’s make believe and it is definitely that.

mun:  nods   I’ll write some of both kinds of smut.  Will that make you happy?  Now if you are feeling better, get out.  My dinner is getting cold.

Ju:  grins and stands up   I’ll be looking forward to some inspiration.  Ttyl.

mun:  The things I put up with.


~ by jujuken on July 12, 2015.

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