The games she plays.

Ju turned over expecting to cuddle up to a warm, soft Aya.  What he got was a cold, hard bed.  He opened his eyes and sighed.  His wife was nowhere in sight.  He looked at the clock and blinked.  It was way past eleven.  He hadn’t realized how tired he was.  The long flight back after a month of touring and then the party when they got home took all the energy he had left.  She must have known that and let him sleep.  Still, he wanted his baby and whined her name.  No answer.  He sat up, combed his fingers through his hair to try to get it in some kind of order then decided whether he was going to shower first or eat.  Since his stomach wasn’t calling him names yet, he opted for a shower.

Aya was in the kitchen keeping an eye on lunch and looking through the magazines and bills when she heard the shower running.  She grinned.  Her baby was up.  She began putting the finishing touches on lunch.  Ju was sitting on the bed in just his boxers, toweling dry his hair when she came into the room.

“Good afternoon Ichihara-san.  I have your lunch ready sir.”

He didn’t see her when she walked in because his towel was over his head.  He looked up when she spoke and his eyes got wide as did the smile on his face.  His wife was dressed in a french maid’s outfit and was holding a tray of food.  The outfit was very short, black with a white apron, white stockings and high heels.  It was also cut very low in the front.  She put the tray down on the night stand and turned to the bed.  After placing a number of pillows against the headboard, she motioned for him to scoot back and lean against them.  She handed him a plain wife beater which he put on then she got the tray of food and sat on the bed next to him.

Ju was watching as she did all of this and noticed that his favorite part of her anatomy was barely covered.  The sight made him smile.  The food made him smile more.  He was about to dig in when she slapped his hands, picked up the chopsticks and began to feed him small portions of salmon and vegetables.  She wiped his mouth when he got any sauce or food on it then she’d lean in for a quick kiss which gave him a good glimpse down the front of that outfit.  He was looking for something to drink when she gave a small exclamation then scampered out of the room, her little maid’s dress bouncing up and down and giving him glimpses of cheek.  The damn thing was really short.  She came back a moment later with an open bottle of his favorite brew, the condensation marking it as very cold.  She bowed and presented it and a very nice view of her cleavage to him.  He noticed that she was wearing a very small set of panties because her back was to the mirror across the room.  When she bowed that short dress left nothing to the imagination.  He was beginning to wonder if she would be better for lunch then the food.

Once he’d finished eating, she asked if he would like another beer.  He said yes and she took the tray with the now empty dishes out of the room, returning with another beer and what looked to be a bill on a small silver tray.  She gave him both then stood by the bed with the tray against her chest.  Ju almost choked on the beer when he looked at the bill because that’s what it was.  She had a price for everything he’d had.  It was what she used for currency that had him coughing.  He looked at her.  “Why is it that everything on here costs something that you are going to enjoy getting paid for?”

She turned her toes in and rocked back and forth like an innocent young girl.  “Why Ichihara-san.  You enjoyed your meal didn’t you?”  The voice she used was totally opposite from the image she was portraying.  It made the awesome dick twitch.  This was one bill he was going to enjoy paying as much as his waitress was going to enjoy being paid.  He read down the listed items and their cost.

1 cup of tea = a minimum of one breath stealer

1 bowl of miso soup = one long nibble on both sides of the neck

stir fried vegetables = slow removal of maid outfit with liberal applications of lips wherever you chose

grilled salmon = slow removal of Ichihara-san’s clothing

2 beers = liberal use of fingers on the breasts and nether regions of the server

Total bill = mind-blowing, blackout inducing, awesome dick being awesome, sex

He looked up at his server and gave her a lecherous grin.  “I think I’ve got this much on hand.”  Aya walked over to him and leaned down.  “While “on your hand” has some interesting possibilities, I’d rather be on your awesome dick.”   Ju ran his fingers into her hair and reeled her in for the first of many breathstealers.   He finally let her come up for air and whispered against her neck just before he started nibbling, “I always pay my bills.”

Aya moaned softly.  Ju was a real good neck nibbler and he made sure to hit all the spots that made her tingle.  While he was nibbling, his hands were busy molding themselves to various parts of her anatomy before beginning the task of undressing her.  He made sure that his mouth was as busy as his hands as he undressed her.  The dress had a built-in bra to it so when the top came down her breasts were fully exposed.  He worried her breasts with his mouth, sucking and biting softly as he peeled the top of the dress down.  As the top went farther down, so did his mouth.  Since he was free to choose where he put that glorious mouth of his, he made sure he kissed or sucked at all of her hot spots.

Aya had her hands in his hair and was moaning softly.  Her whole body trembled when he stuck his tongue in her naval then blew in it.  When he finally peeled the dress off of her, he smiled.  She was wearing lace garters to hold up the white stockings and a g-string that tied at each hip.   He looked up at her, grinned, then pulled on first one ribbon and then the other with his teeth.   He turned her around so that his favorite part of her anatomy was facing him and placed a soft kiss on each cheek.  He pulled her down onto his lap and she could feel how hard he was getting.  His hands resumed their exploration of her body.

Ju was enjoying this immensely.  He loved these games and this one was beginning to inch up the top ten list.  He lifted his wife up just enough to pull off his boxers then pulled her back down on his lap.  The awesome dick appreciated the feeling of being snuggled between two soft ass cheeks and made its pleasure known.  Aya sucked in her breath at the feel of him hard and nestled between her cheeks.   This action made her clinch her ass a little and Ju moaned at the feel of it.  He figured it was time to pay the check in full.  He began an assault on her neck with his lips while one hand played with a breast and the other played between her legs.  She was wet and panting and he hadn’t even put so much as a finger in her.

“Are you ready for me to pay the bill?”  Aya whined.  Ju bit her hard at the juncture of her neck and shoulder.  “Are you ready for me to pay the bill?”  Aya squirmed in his lap and he moaned.  It felt so good.  His fingers teased at her opening.  “Are you ready for me to pay the bill my sexy server?”  Aya let out a breathy “Yes” and Ju buried his fingers into her moist heat.  Her whole body shuddered.  He fingered her vigorously for a few minutes until she was panting before standing up, turning her around and bending her over the bed.  Those heels she still wore put her at the right height for him to take advantage of the position she was in.  He pulled her hips up a little, rubbed himself against her round bottom for a bit, then positioned himself at her opening.   He wouldn’t have minded a little anal but he didn’t want to stop to prep her.  She was primed and ready for vaginal.   So was he and without further ado he entered her and sighed happily.

While he couldn’t kiss her like he wanted in their current position, he liked it a lot.  For one, the height difference wasn’t as big an issue.  He could wrap himself around her and ride her to his heart’s content.  He was doing that now.  He was still playing between her legs even as he moved within her.  His free hand was full of one breast.  He was nibbling on her neck when he wasn’t telling her how good she felt.

Aya was biting down on her lip to keep from getting loud.  He felt so good.  She was guiding the hand he had between her legs, making sure he rubbed the spots she wanted rubbed at the pressure she liked.  When she began to tremble, Ju knew she was close.  He increased the pace of his thrusts and just when he was about to blow he squeezed that sensitive nub between her legs as he slammed home, whispering her name as he came.  She shuddered almost violently and came, her legs giving out as she collapsed onto the bed with him on top of her.   He rolled to the side with a moan.  “Damn.  Just fucking damn.”

Aya turned her head to look at him.  “I think that bill was paid in full.  You are a monster and I love it!”   Ju grinned at her.  “I haven’t even given you the tip yet.”  Aya huffed.  “You gave me the tip, the shaft, and everything else.”  She leaned into him and collected a kiss which he turned into a major breath stealer.  “Consider that your tip.”  Aya was to busy trying to get her wits back after that kiss to complain.  She kicked her shoes off and got comfortable against him.  It was good to be back home and in their own bed.  The two vowed to enjoy it as much as they could.  V would be back on the road again in a couple of weeks.











































































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