Ju was bored.  He had no session work to do and V was taking a break.  Since it was Sunday, the shop was closed and he’d managed to finish the work on his Porsche so his time was free.  It was early and as he stared out the window it dawned on him what a pretty day it was going to be.  He went looking for Aya and found her in the kitchen planning their meals for the next couple of days.

She looked up as he came in and smiled.  She was happy that he was back to his old self.  When he sat down at the table and peeked at her menu she took a long look at him.   She still marveled at how well he was aging.  He was gloriously handsome in her eyes and as far as she was concerned no one else’s opinion mattered.  “What’s up handsome?  I know you’ve got something going on in that devious mind of yours.  Spill.”

Ju gave her a quick kiss.  “You know me too well.  What have you got planned for today besides cooking?”  When Aya said nothing he grinned.  “Pack some lunch and a small bag.  We’re going to the beach!  We haven’t been for a while and the weather is supposed to be perfect all day.  Besides.  I haven’t seen you in that new bikini you bought.  Didn’t think I noticed did you?  It’s about time I let all the guys know that I’ve got the pretty princess.”

Aya grinned.  “Have I told you I love recently?”  Ju acted like he was thinking about it and Aya slapped at him playfully.  He leaned over and placed a slow gentle kiss on her lips.  “You show me every day woman.  Now get packing.  Times a wasting.”

They had everything fixed and packed into the suv in no time.  Ju threw his surf board on top and off they went.  For a wonder traffic wasn’t too bad and they got to the beach in time for lunch.  After eating a light meal they both did some swimming…after Ju finished ogling Aya in her new suit and trying to decide whether he was going to let anyone else see her in it.  She won the argument.  It really wasn’t as small as he was making out, but it was small.  She told him to be happy that he was lucky enough to have a wife who could still wear a bikini at her age.  He wisely told her she was ageless and beautiful.  That got him a smoldering look, a kiss and a promise to thank him properly when they got home.

Ju decided that he was going to surf for a bit and Aya was going to sunbathe.  He rubbed suntan lotion on her then hit the surf.  He’d been out for a couple of hours when he decided to check on the missus.  She probably was about done with the sunbathing by then.  For her part Aya had turned over and was dozing lightly when a gentleman asked if she wanted him to put lotion on her back.  She politely said no and put her head back on her arms to try to go back to sleep.  She sighed when the guy asked if she was sure.  He was being polite if insistent.   He had sat down next to her but she didn’t turn to face him as she spoke.

“My husband has radar when it comes to men being around me.  I would suggest that you leave about now.  Too late.  Ju, he was very polite if a bit persistent.  Don’t hurt him please.”

The man looked up into the face of a six-foot tall, tattooed man who was wearing a “am I going to have to kill you?” look on his face.  He stammered an apology and scrambled to his feet then stopped and gave Ju a long look.  “You’re that guy who plays bass for V!  Damn dude!  I think you are freaking awesome on that bass!  This is your wife?  Damn, bassist in a big group and married to a hottie too.  How freaking lucky is that?  Sorry to encroach dude, ma’am.”  With that he hurried off.

Ju watched him for a bit then said a few choice words.  The guy was with a group and from the looks of things he was letting the others know who he was.  He sighed as a number of them headed his way.  Aya sat up at the sigh and noticed the direction he was looking in.  She sighed also.  “Be nice baby.  Talk a little, smile for pics and then politely excuse yourself.”

Ju did all of that and fortunately the group was a little older and more inclined to be polite.  He took a few selfies with them, talked about what V was doing next and generally enjoyed himself.  One of the women in the group recognized Aya from the awards show and clued the rest in that Ju must have been the dad that was out of the country.  That got a lot of whispering going.  Aya answered a few questions about Yoichi.  She just knew that the blogs would be working overtime after this.

The group finally said their thank you’s and left but not before treating the pair to a couple of juice drinks and some snacks.  Ju collected his pretty princess and his surf board and the pair headed home.  They were surprised to find Yoichi in the flat cooking dinner.  What surprised them even more was the fact that they had two dinner guests.  Toshi and Amaya.  From the color on Amaya’s cheeks,  Toshi must have been in rare form.

After saying hello Ju leaned down and whispered in Aya’s ear.  “I say we go back to the beach.”  Aya grinned at him.  “I say we go wash the beach sand off of us again while they are eating and since we like conserving water…”  They had showered at the beach before changing back into street clothes but Aya never minded playtime in the shower.

Ju shook his head as they excused themselves and headed toward the bedroom.  “Nah.  I’ve got that whole “I wanna make you scream and holler” thing going on in my head.  Let’s help them eat then kick them out.  I’ve got a couple of things in mind that could get the results I’m looking for.”  Aya just stared at him before a smile slowly graced her lips.  “The things you say.”  Ju gave her the same smile.  “The things I’m going to do you mean.”   He gave her a down payment of a toe curler and the two headed back into the kitchen to hurry their guests along.


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