Amaya part one

Despite their desire to run their guests out so they could have some after beach fun, the Ichihara’s found themselves having too much fun to end the gathering.  Aya and Amaya had a few too many glasses of wine and were giggling at the reactions to some of the looks they got and the effects those giggles had on the men.  Those giggles turned into peels of laughter when a comment about men and their toys had Toshi walking into a chair and both Ju and Yoichi looking shocked with their mouths hanging open.

Amaya was anything but shy when it came to making outrageous comments.  Even Aya blushed at some though it didn’t stop her from giggling.  She remembered that Amaya had grown up an army brat so she grew up hearing how soldiers talked.  They tended to forget there were kids around once there was enough beer in their system.  Add to that the fact that since there were no sons, her dad decided that he’d teach his tomboy of an oldest daughter self-defense and being on the practice field with other soldiers meant you heard the worst language and stories.  She was no wall flower and Aya liked that about her.

Eventually the guys drifted to one part of the flat to talk about guy stuff while the ladies did the cleaning up and talked about the guys.  They both turned at some raucous laughter and Amaya shook her head.

“You have got to be one of the luckiest women I know.  There’s enough eye candy around here to keep even me happy.  Don’t get me wrong, your hubby is cute and all but that son of his…If I was younger or he was older there’d be some hot and heavy going on about now.  Toshi is handsome too but I know trouble when I see it and I’d bet my last dollar he gets into a lot of it.  Something about that gleam in his eye that reminds me of a pixie.  Pure mischief.   Speaking of eye candy.  Who was that guy who was here for Ju’s birthday party, the guy that said for me to ask you if I needed anything?  Aya?  Are you paying attention?”

Aya looked over to Amaya at the sound of her name.  She’d been staring at her magnificent beast and thought he was looking rather tasty.  She blamed the alcohol for that.  It did weird things to her libido.  “Oh I’m sorry.  Toshi?  Yes he is a pixie I guess.  Maybe closer to a kitsune.  When I first met Yoichi I checked behind him to see if there was a flock of women and girls following him.  I only see Ju in him when he smiles or laughs but I understand his mother was very pretty.  Oh and that guy was an ex-boyfriend of mine, Naohito.  He has always been easy on the eyes.  He was a first class jerk when he was younger but he seems to have grown up a little.  There is no love lost between him and Ju but they do try to act civil around each other now.  That reminds me.  How is the job search going?”

Amaya sighed and headed back to the kitchen table where she poured herself another glass of wine.  “Not good but not bad either.  Knowing the language helps but being an American citizen makes things a little more difficult.  I hate to ask but maybe you could put some feelers out for me.  I’ve got enough funds to last for another couple of months but I’ll have to go back to the states if nothing happens before then.”

Aya took a seat next to her but didn’t drink any more.  She’d had enough for one night.  Any more and she’d probably rudely kick everyone out and chase her husband around the flat.  She really did get horny when she got drunk.  “I think part of the problem is you are a certified nurse in America but not here.  Have you considered taking the exam?”

Amaya nodded.  “I have that scheduled for two weeks from now.  My problem is it’s expensive and it’s going to eat into what money I have left.  I’d like to have a prospect lined up before I took the test.”

Aya could understand that.  “Would you consider working in a hospital setting or are you just interested in private work?”

Amaya thought about it.  “I’d prefer private but if I can get a short-term contract, I’d work in a hospital.  Why?”

Aya grinned and if Ju had seen it he would have known she was about to ambush someone and not in a sexual way.  “Are you busy tomorrow?”  When Amaya shook her head no, Aya grinned.  “Put on something nice and a little sexy.  Not much.  Just a little.  Enough to make a guy give you a second look as if you wearing a burlap sack would stop them.  How do you feel about ambushes?”

Amaya looked confused but only for a few seconds before she grinned.  “I have no problems with them at all.  Just tell me where and when.”  Aya looked at her watch and decided that it wasn’t too late to call Hana.  When she got the information she needed she turned to Amaya.

“Hospital, third floor nurse’s station at two.  Wear a nice business suit but make sure the blouse is a little on the revealing side.  Nothing jaw dropping but a little attention-getting.  Bring your credentials.”  The smile she had on her face was feral.  “He’s not going to know what hit him.”

Amaya laughed at the look.  “I don’t think I want to know.  At least not yet.”  That laugh got the guy’s attention.  When they looked over at the ladies, Ju narrowed his eyes.  His pretty wife was up to something from the look on her face.  Considering the fact that Amaya was wearing a similar expression, he thought it best to try to find out what was up.  He excused himself and headed their way.

He was almost at the table when Aya saw him.  The expression on her face changed to something that stopped him in his tracks.  He knew that look.  He wondered for more than a few seconds if he could save face with the others at all if he ran and locked himself in the bedroom.  He didn’t have a problem with fun and games but the look she was wearing promised more fun than he thought he had in him.  He was a little tired.  He sighed and decided that he may as well take one for the team.

She walked over to where he was standing, looking all sweet and demure.   “You look tired baby.  Are you okay?”  When he nodded yes she ran a finger down his cheek then softly kissed his lips.  She wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his chest.  “I think it’s time for us old people to turn in.  Amaya, Toshi, Yoichi, it’s been fun but Ju and I are going to turn in.   Amaya, I’ll see you tomorrow.  Good night all.”

With that everyone went their own ways, Amaya back to her hotel and Toshi downstairs to Yoichi’s room.   For a wonder, Ju just raised an eyebrow and not his voice.  He and Aya turned in.  Amazingly enough  Aya wasn’t all over him.  She just settled for some snuggling and soft kisses.  While she would have loved to have at him, he really did look tired so she figured she’d just wait and jump his bones after a good night’s sleep which she did.  Apparently he’d had plenty of rest if his performance was any indication.   In the meantime, he’d forgotten all about asking her what she was up to.




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