Amaya part 2

Ju woke to soft, warm hands caressing his chest.  He sighed contentedly as soft lips kissed him on his back.  “Hey beautiful.”  Aya kissed his back again before answering.  “Hey yourself handsome.  How’s my magnificent beast this morning?”

Ju took one of her hands and kissed her fingertips.  “I’ve got my pretty princess here with me and nothing I have to do all day but make love to her.  I’d say I’m doing great.”  That got him another soft kiss.  “Come on beautiful.  I say we conserve some water.”

They both got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.  Aya stopped Ju from starting the shower.  “I want to kiss you until I pass out so teeth first then watch out tiger.”  Ju grinned, as they both brushed their teeth and gargled.  When Ju finished he made kissing motions with his mouth.  His wife was happy to oblige him and gave him a soft kiss at first.  The second kiss was longer and had some heat to it.  The third kiss was a slow and thorough exploration of each others mouths.  When they broke the kiss, Aya ran her fingers across Ju’s lips.

“You have the most glorious mouth and the sweetest kisses.  I think I’m the luckiest woman in the world but if we don’t hit the shower soon you will have to wait to get your bones jumped.  I’m meeting Amaya a little later.”

Ju grinned and began to back his wife toward the shower.  “I meant to ask you what you were up to last night but you had that look on your face like you do right now and if you keep looking at me like that I’m going to have at you with a vengeance.”  When Aya gave him a smile that made the awesome dick take notice he gave her a kiss that had her moaning.  “You’ve been warned woman.”

He was good to his word and tried very hard to screw his wife through the tiles in the shower.  He thanked his lucky stars that they’d had the foresight to keep those handholds in place.  By the time he’d brought his petite wife to her second orgasm the handholds were the only thing keeping her on her feet.  He loved sex in the morning and he wasn’t sure if it was because he was well rested or not but it had always been his favorite time of day to go at it.

They were in the bedroom getting dressed when he finally got around to asking Aya what she was up to.  She sat down on the bed next to him and kissed him on the shoulder, then the neck, then worked her way up to his lips.  After kissing him breathless she answered.  “I’m going to ambush Hito and make him give Amaya a contract proposal.  I should say Amaya is going to ambush him.  I’m just the distraction.”

She gave a little meep when he pushed her down on the bed and loomed over her.  “He isn’t going to know what hit him.  I’d love to be there for that.  One other thing.  What is with you and this urge to have your lips on me?  I don’t mind but damn, I’m not a lollipop you know.

Aya gave him another smoldering look and licked her lips.  “You aren’t?  You taste pretty sweet to me.  Maybe I’m just enjoying having my husband around with no band mates, no groupies, no boss, no confusion and no noise.”

Ju leaned down and allowed her to eat at his mouth before answering.  “It is nice to be home isn’t it?  And since it’s been a while you may get more of me then you’d planned.”

Aya didn’t answer but just looked at him.  He was handsome, manly, hot and he was hers.  She ran her fingers into is hair and pulled him down for another long, slow, exploring kiss.  He lowered his body onto hers and began a slow nibble down her throat.  She had wrapped one leg around his leg and was grinding against him when her phone rang.  They both ignored it.  Then his phone rang but they were to into each other to care.  He was kissing her now like she’d kissed him, slow and exploring when the house phone rang.  Aya looked at him after the kiss ended.

“Maybe we should get that.”  Ju shook his head.  “If the house isn’t on fire I’m having another go at you woman.  Whoever is calling can wait until…”  He never finished the sentence as the answering machine kicked in and Hana’s voice could be heard.

“Aya pick up the phone.  There’s been a change of plan and you need to know about it.”   Aya sighed and grabbed the phone while Ju continued his nibbling.  “This had better be good Hana.  What’s up?”

“Took you long enough to answer the phone.  Am I interrupting anything?”  She laughed at a sharp inhalation from Aya when Ju lightly bit down on an exposed nipple.  “Good.  Consider this payback for you interrupting me last night.  Look.  The board meeting has been moved up to ten and from what I’ve heard your victim may be going out of town for the weekend so you’d better get your butt up here soon.  Aya?  Are you listening to me?  Hello?”  She looked at the phone then shook her head when Ju came on.

“Sorry Hana but she’s a little too busy at the moment to care.  She’d say she’d see you later if she could talk right now.  Bye.”  The line went dead and Hana laughed.  Acchan looked up at the laugh.  He’d been feeding Eri.  “Finally got a hold of her?”  Hana nodded.  “Yeah and she’s got a hold of Ju.  I hope she makes it to the hospital in time.”  With that cryptic remark she turned to her husband and daughter and smiled as Eri got more food on her then she got in her.

Aya glared at Ju and he laughed.  “Hey.  Let’s have none of that!  You enjoyed it and you know it!  You could have always said no.”  Aya crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at him.

“You know I can’t resist those demon kisses of yours.  If I’m late you are so going to pay for it.”  She looked at her watch.  It was going to be close.  At least the hotel Amaya was staying at was close to the hospital.  She headed to the garage with Ju on her heels.  He started to argue when she pulled down her helmet off the wall but she gave him a scathing look and he backed down.

“I can get through traffic quicker on the bike and you know it.  She pulled on her leather jacket and knee pads.  She was wearing a plain pink tee and jeans with her biker boots.  Her hair was pulled back into a low ponytail.  She had a small shoulder bag that she put into the saddlebag on the bike.  She walked over to him and gave him a small peck on the lips.  “Behave while I’m gone.  I’ll give you a full report when I get home.”  With that she put her helmet on, got on her bike, backed it out of the garage and was soon gone.

Ju watched her go with a hint of trepidation.  He knew she was a careful driver but anything could happen on a bike.  He shook it off and headed into the shop to see what the guys had been up to.  He found that Ichi and company had taken all that he said after the last fiasco to heart.  The shop was running efficiently and from the books profitably.  It was nice to know that things were running smoothly without him and a little disheartening also.  He kind of liked the idea that they really needed him around and was a little saddened that they didn’t, if that made any sense.

He looked up from the books when the door to his office opened and Tomoka walked in carrying a large portfolio.  She stopped when she saw him and smiled.

“Ju-san!  I didn’t know you were here.  What brings you here?”  When Ju told her he was checking in she nodded.  “Those two idiots had to be pulled down a peg or two a couple of times but they realize now that I’m the deputy sheriff and I can be worse than the sheriff.  Once they figured out that I’m going to always win they got their acts together.  As you can see sales are up and turn around time is down.  I hope you don’t mind but I hired two more guys.  Passing out those business cards at the awards show was better than running a commercial on tv.  Our orders went up about fifteen percent.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but considering the type of business this is that’s a lot.  We did a thorough background check on them and if you want to see their work, there are two cars on the back lot they just finished.”

“Already saw them.  The bays and the back lot were the first places I checked before coming in here.  You’ve got a good eye for talent.  What’s with the portfolio?  You aren’t planning on leaving are you?”

Tomoka shook her head no.  “Ichi is here and this is where I’ll be for as long as he’ll have me.  As for the portfolio, I’m surprised you don’t recognize it.  It’s yours.  I should say the work in it is yours.  I got tired of seeing that ratty old thing you were using and put everything I could find in here along with pictures of everything we had on record that you’d done.  You have done some good work over the years and who knows, you might decide to pick it up again when you are too old to rock and roll which won’t be too long from now.”  She giggled at the glare she got for that.

“I should fire you for that crack but you are too good at what you do.  Wow.  I didn’t know I’d had so much of that stuff lying around.  Thanks for getting them together for me.  I’ll sort through them later and put my best stuff in the front and figure out what to do with the rest.  Bills all paid?”  When she nodded yes Ju sighed.  “You guys have everything under control and I don’t have anything to work on.  Maybe I’ll go check in on Aya and see how that ambush of hers is going.  Don’t ask.  If you aren’t busy tomorrow we can go over the books in detail and make any changes we might need and between you and me, see if I can squeeze out a small raise for you.  You’ve earned it even if you don’t need it.”   This last was said when Tomoka started to protest.

He stood up, stretched and smiled at her.  “Hiring you was the best thing I could have done.  Making you office manager was a stroke of genius.  We’ll talk later and no arguments.  You really do deserve it.  If you guys need anything give me a buzz.  I’ll be at the hospital spying on my wife.”  He pulled out his own bike gear and his bike and headed toward the hospital figuring he’d get there in time to catch the show.

He just did make it.  The meeting was just ending when he walked in.  He leaned on the nurses station counter and talked to a couple of the people he was friendly with while watching his wife out the corner of his eyes.  She looked cute and was talking to a small group of nurses and orderlies.  Standing next to her and generating a lot of attention from the guys was Amaya.

She was a good four inches taller than Aya.  She had her hair up in a tight bun that would have been severe if not for the tendrils that fell around her face and neck.  She was wearing a business suit in name only.  It was form-fitting but not overly tight, short but not too short and was paired with a blouse that was almost too revealing.  The high heels she was wearing strapped around her ankles and accentuated already long, shapely legs.  It occurred to Ju that she looked very much like a fashion model but with a little meat on her bones.  She had fashion model looks also and Ju admitted to himself that she had the prettiest dimples he’d ever seen.  When she smiled her whole face lit up.  It was warm and inviting.  If he hadn’t been a truly married man who loved his wife without reservations, he’d have made a play for her.

He was brought from his observations by two pairs of eyes boring a hole in him.  He shrugged, grinned, and waggled his fingers at the two ladies giving him an almost glare.   Seems they didn’t appreciate him showing up.  He was about to go over to them when Naohito emerged from the board meeting.

He watched as Amaya turned her back while Aya sauntered up to him.  She was all smiles and cuteness.  Naohito should have known something was up.

“Hito, do you have a minute?  I have a friend who is looking for a job.  Do you think you could help her?  I know it’s asking a lot but I’d really appreciate it if you could help her out.”

Naohito gave her a mini glare.  “You are only nice to me when you want something.  I’m not going to just hire someone because they are a friend of yours.  I do have the hospital and my business to consider.  I’ll talk to her but I make no prom…”  They were walking toward the group as they talked.  When Amaya turned around and beamed that dimpled smile at him, Naohito promptly tripped over his on feet.  Once he got his feet back under him, he proceeded to act like a klutz.   Ju fell out laughing when Naohito sent business cards flying all over the place when he tried to pull them out of his pocket.  He knocked over the clipboard at the nurses station then hit his head on the desk when he stood up after collecting the errant cards.  Ju was practically crying by the time Naohito had managed to fumble a hello.  Aya just shook her head.  The man was hopeless.

“Hito if you are done playing around, I’m sure you remember Amaya.  She’s a registered nurse in the states but is planning on being here for a while and as such she needs employment.  She’s taking the nurses exam in a couple of weeks if she can get a promise of a job somewhere.  Those tests aren’t cheap and she’d really feel better if she knew for sure that a job of some kind was at the end of it.”

Amaya spoke up then and Ju was glad those two weren’t working a job on him.  She was all smoke and sensual.  That smile was still in evidence as she presented her resume to Naohito.  “As you can see Kei-san, I’m board certified in America and fluent in both languages.  I’ve been studying for the nurses test here and things aren’t that much different then in America.  I would be extremely grateful if you could help me find employment.”

Ju snickered.  He knew that look Naohito was wearing.  That was a poleaxed man if he’d ever seen one.  Naohito for his part, stammered a hello and told her to call him Naohito.  He then dropped her resume, hit his head against hers as they both bent to pick it up and finally got smacked on the arm by Aya and it wasn’t a love tap.

That was it.  They all turned as Ju couldn’t hold it any more and fell out laughing.  He didn’t stop until Aya came over and whapped him on the arm also.  “Behave.”

Ju was still snickering as he saluted.  Naohito was glaring at him and Amaya was trying hard not to laugh herself.  Naohito cleared his throat, took a deep breath, then tried again.  This time he managed to look over the resume without dropping it.  He got a calculated look on his face which had Aya smiling behind her hand.  “This looks good but I really need time to go over it carefully and of course interview you.  I’m free in about an hour.  We can do the interview over lunch if you are free.”

Amaya did a mental “yes” smiled and agreed.  She wasn’t alone.  Aya did a mental “yes” herself.  She poked her still snickering husband.  When he started saying “abuse” she poked him again and gave him a smoldering look which shut him up quick.  “I’m heading home handsome.  Care to join me?  We can stop and pick up some lunch on the way.”  Ju was all for that.  Quick eats meant a quick jumping of her bones.  The smile on his face let her know that.  She said her goodbyes though she doubted Naohito even noticed.  He was too busy staring at the retreating back of Amaya.



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