Amaya part 3

While Ju and Aya were busy rocking each others world, Amaya was contemplating lunch with Naohito.  She hadn’t decided if she should be very professional, mildly professional, or to just flat out work the man.  It wouldn’t be the first time she’d gotten a job purely by being a flirt.  She hated going about getting a job that way since she was a very capable nurse but sometimes that was the only way she could get around a guy who only saw her looks.

She was still mulling it over when Naohito arrived.  Amaya saw him before he saw her.  She took the time to give him a good looking over.  He was tall and rather thin but not boney.  His hair was neatly trimmed to the base of his neck.  He was movie star handsome but something was off with his smile.  It was if he didn’t do much actual smiling because of feeling good about something.  She realized he had a used car salesman smile.  She remembered then that Aya had mentioned him owning a couple of dealerships.  Though she didn’t know the man, it saddened her to think that he didn’t have enough good memories to have a genuine smile.

He finally noticed her and came over to the table.  He sat down after flashing her an almost smile.  She decided then that she was going to make a point of seeing at least one genuine smile before their interview was over.  Her starting point, flashing him a wide smile,  making sure her dimples were in full view.  She did a mental yes when the man actually blushed and began to stammer.  He was saved from total embarrassment when the waitress came up to give them menus and take their orders.  By the time that was done, Naohito had managed to get his sea legs back under him.  The fake smile was back.

They went over Amaya’s job qualifications and references while waiting for their food to arrive.  Naohito was suitably impressed.  “I can talk to the board and see what I can do about a short term contract.  Six months maybe?”

Amaya thought about it.  Six months.  Her parents would be abroad for at least a year.  She wasn’t sure if she would be staying in Japan once they returned home.  She could try it for six months and if she didn’t like it she’d have references for private work in Japan or she could go back to the States.  She beamed another smile at him then leaned on the table a bit, giving him a good look at her cleavage in the process.  “Thank you Kei-san.  I’ll let you know as soon as I get the results back from my test.  I’m taking it in two weeks.  Will that be too long for you to wait?”

Naohito looked up from where he was staring into a beautiful set of dimples perched on a lovely face.  What he thought was, “I think I’d wait forever”.  What he said was, “I’m sure that won’t be a problem.  Is there a number where you can be reached?”  Amaya gave him one of the business cards she’d had made with her cellphone number on it.

“Feel free to call me.  Ah.  Looks like lunch is ready.  Now that we have concluded the business aspect of this, I’d like to get to know my maybe new boss a little better.”  She gave him another smile which for a wonder he echoed.  It made him look younger.

“You need to do that more often.”

Naohito was puzzled.  “Do what?”

“Smile like you mean it.  You really are a very handsome man.  When you smile like that it just makes you even more handsome.  And when I say smile I mean the real thing.  Not what you usually show people.”

Naohito was at a loss.  Not many people could tell the real from the fake.  Aya was good at it.   His opinion of the woman in front of him went up a couple of notches.  Maybe she wasn’t just a pretty face.  He gave her another smile from the heart and started eating.  Lunch might just be the beginning of something good.

Aya and Ju were having their own mutual enjoyment lunch but this lunch had no food involved.  His pint sized wife had taken to chasing him around the flat as soon as the door closed.  He finally let her catch him and at the moment she was dining on the awesome dick.  She finally came up for air after a warning from him.  He flipped her onto her back and entered her with a moan of pleasure.  The sex was quick and fierce and he managed to get a shout from her when she came.  She told him that if he said one word about it he’d be sleeping alone for a while after she saw the grin on his face.  She gave him a mini-glare when he asked if he could say a few words about it instead of just one.  He laughed and gave her a kiss that had her moaning again.

“You’re a demon.  No one should be able to kiss like that.”  He grinned.  She sighed and snuggled against him.  “I guess I’ll have to get up and fix us some real food in a bit.”  When he said “yes you will” in a tone that left nothing to the imagination she shook her head.  “You are too old to be acting like you are still twenty one.  Even you need some down time.”

Ju humphed.  “I may be older but I’m wiser.   Hey! Don’t look at me like that!  I AM wiser now.  I know to make these sessions shorter so I can do more of them.  You’ve been warned.”  Aya shook her head, called him a pervert and climbed out of bed.  She was heading to the bathroom when her phone went off.  She looked at the caller id then sat back down on the bed as she answered it.

“How did it go?  Really?  That’s wonderful!  Tomorrow?  Nothing that I know of.  You do?  You guys must have really hit it off at lunch.”  She slapped at Ju’s hands when they started playing with her breasts.   “Hmm…okay.  I’ll see you then.”  She hung up the phone then slapped at her husbands wandering hands again.  “Will you stop?  I thought you were hungry.”

“I am but not necessarily for food.  Ouch!  That hurt!  Okay!  I’ll stop for now.  Who was that on the phone?  Amaya?  How’d the interview go?  I hope she gets the job.  She’s good people from what I’ve seen.  You two have plans for tomorrow?”

Aya nodded.  “She wants to meet for lunch and do some shopping.  Will you get that look off of your face.  For a change there’s nothing I want or need.  Unless you want something I doubt if I’ll be doing anything more than keeping her company.  For some reason I think she wants to talk about Naohito.  Now don’t give me that.  He’s not all bad you know.”

Ju sat up in the bed and looked at her.  “You know I don’t really like him much.  I tolerate him because he’s been helpful at times and he saved your life.  That almost, almost excuses him for what he did to you.  Almost.  I wasn’t happy that he slept with Nashi and I damn sure don’t want him sniffing after Amaya.  She’s too nice for him.  It would be nice if you resist the urge to hook them up.  I know you woman.  You have that look on your face.  Stay out of it Aya.”

Aya crossed her arms and glared at him.  “If she asks questions I’m going to answer honestly.  She’s grown.  She can date or not date whomever she wishes.”

“Oh I know.  I just don’t want you pushing them together.  Stay out of it.”  With that, Ju stood up and headed toward the bathroom.   Aya stuck her tongue out at his retreating back.  If Amaya was interested then she would help her along.  It was about time Naohito moved on with his life and for one, Aya thought Amaya could well and truly handle anything Naohito threw at her.




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