Still Tasting the Rainbow

It’s been a few days now since I dyed my hair and the missus is still tasting the rainbow as she calls it.  I’m not complaining one bit.  It’s a little weird though.  She can be all easy going one minute then look at me, get this look on her face, then proceed to chase me all around the flat.  Doesn’t always end in sex when I let her catch me but it happens often enough to keep her happy and smiling.

I hope you noticed I said when I let her catch me.  It’s been kind of a game with us for years, this game of sexual tag.  It has different levels to it.  Level one is just being caught for a couple of kisses.  Level two is being caught for some down right, awe inspiring toe curlers.  Level two usually leads to level three which is a make out session.  Level four is a bone jumping.  Level five is me wanting to fill every hole she has.  Level six is me wishing I could fill them all at one time.  Level six is scary though she usually just calls me a perverted, magnificent beast.  We don’t get there too often but when we do…oh boy look out.

So far today it’s only been level one.  So far.  I’m sure that’s going to change when I tell her where V is going next.  We have a couple of dates here so she can do the private nursing thing but the next two stops are in Latin America.  Even if she didn’t want to go she would.  No way would she want me around all those Latin beauties without a chaperon as if I’d want anyone but her.  Silly woman.  She knows I’m groupie proof.  She’s ruined me and while I’m not blind nor dead, I’m just not interested.  She’s the only woman I know that can have me walking into things or stumbling over my own two feet with just a look.

At the moment, little miss “taste the rainbow” is on a job.  She’ll be back tomorrow at which time I’ll be well rested for the tasting I’m sure she’s gonna do when I spring the trip on her.  We’ll be going back to America for two shows next month which I’m sure she’ll attend.  I put aside most of what I earned from the last two shows so that she can go shopping when she hits the States.  I’m not sure what she’ll be buying in South America but I can count on her spending a small fortune in America.

The trips and the money will ease things when I tell her I’m building a new bike and it will probably eat up a lot of down time for a while.  She’s not going to be very happy about that but the bike is going to be awesome and she won’t be able to deny that.  I’ll make sure not to over exert myself so she won’t complain too much…I hope.

Since I’ve got the day free so to speak, I decided to visit Acchan.  We don’t get to hang out nearly enough what with me touring so much and him with a family now.  It’s hard to believe the man is married with a kid.  Who would have thought?  Said kid was with his wife and on their way to see his parents.  Since he had to tend bar he didn’t go.  It gave us some time to chew the fat without the hormones around.

Acchan was in a good mood.  Things were going well with the bar and even better with the marriage.  He loved his daughter and his wife to pieces though he whined about her spending so much.  I just laughed at him which got me a glare.  I explained to him that at least she was spending money on their daughter.  I didn’t have that luxury.  Aya spends a fortune on Aya with a few items thrown my way.  I’m not complaining really.  I usually am the beneficiary of all she spends on clothes.  They make me want to take them off of her and she usually lets me.  It was Acchan’s turn to laugh at me.  Something about the look I had on my face.  I don’t even want to know.

I hung around for a while.  Talked to some of the regulars.  Messed around with Lethal Wound for a bit.  Showed the bass player just why I was the big man and he wasn’t.  I swear that guy has an ego big as Mt. Fuji.  You’d have thought he’d learned not to mess with me or Aya after our last encounter.  He’s gonna get tired of being the butt of jokes and stop running his mouth around me.  He’s lucky I didn’t have any of my gear with me.  I outplayed him on that piece of crap he uses.  The man seriously needs to upgrade.  I danced with a few of Aya’s lady friends, signed a few autographs, politely told a few groupies I wasn’t interested, then went home.

I grabbed a bite of food, had a few beers then turned in.  I was sure I was going to need a good night’s rest.  My baby would be home tomorrow and knowing her she was gonna still want to taste herself some magnificent beastly skittles.  For a change the world let me sleep as long as I wanted to.  When I woke up I found myself in the clutches of a warm sleeping beauty.  I wasn’t expecting her until later in the day.  I still don’t know how she manages to get all close and personal with me without waking me up.  I do know the awesome dick was dancing a jig.  Have I mentioned that I love sex in the morning?  Okay so it was closer to early afternoon but it’s having sex right after I wake up.  I’m awesome most of the time but I’m positively lethal first thing in the day.  I was seriously thinking of doing some tasting of my own when the object of my musings opened her beautiful eyes and smiled at me.

I don’t know about anyone else but the smiles she gives me make the world go round.  She’s always had very expressive eyes which is probably why her glares are so potent.  I’ll admit that she can turn me into a puddle of goo with the right smile.  Being a man I don’t let it show but I can’t help but smile back.  She must be able to see through the tough man act because my smiles light up her world according to her.  They can also lead to level two with the quickness.

I couldn’t help it.  That smile set something off in me.  I rolled her onto her back which elicited a giggle from her that turned up the fire even more.  I kissed her and it was fierce, loving and thorough.  She looked at me when we broke for air.  There was a similar fire in her eyes.  She ran a finger down my cheek as she looked at me then without much warning she put her fingers in my hair and pulled me down for another kiss.  Then another and another.  Before I knew it we were both naked and I was in her up to the hilt.

We made love like two crazy people.  She was eerily quiet but as intense as I was.  I couldn’t seem to get enough of her.  My hands were everywhere.  I was ramming into her hard enough to lift her off the bed a little with each thrust.  I hit a spot in her that caused her to inhale sharply.  I hit it over and over again as she began to tremble.  I had raised my body off of hers for more leverage.  When I went I made sure to hit that spot as hard as I could.  Her back arched and she came with a silent cry.

We both collapsed back on the bed.   I couldn’t think properly it was so good.  When my sanity returned I looked at my wife and she had tears in her eyes and a very sated smile on her face.  I gently wiped the tears from her cheeks.  She kissed my hand then told me that she was going to have to have skittles for breakfast more often.  Damn, and I haven’t even told her about the trips yet.  Wonder if I’m going to survive the next tasting.  Only one way to find out.  In for a penny.  In for a pound.  Later folks.


~ by jujuken on September 29, 2015.

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