Amaya part 5

Aya met Amaya at the mall and gave her opinions on some of the items she was thinking of buying.  They had lunch then headed back to Aya’s to go over the test one more time.   Amaya asked where Ju was.

“He and his buddy are on a bike weekender.  Some camping thing where they are going to kill some more of the few brain cells they have with too much alcohol, cook questionable food and lie about their escapades with women.  Oh and drool over each others bikes and pictures from whatever magazines show up.”

Amaya laughed.  “Sounds like you’ve got all the bases covered.”  Aya nodded.  “He’s gone on them before.  At least they can’t get arrested out in the woods…maybe.”

“You don’t seem too upset about him spending time with the fellas considering he’ll be gone in a week.”   Aya shrugged and went to get the materials they’d need for the practice test.

“I’m not that happy about it but I have to let him hang out with the guys when he’s not working or he’ll pout and it’s not really fair not to every now and then.  Ah.  Here they are.  Are you ready?”  When Amaya nodded, Aya started quizzing her.

Ju and a couple of the guys going on the camping trip were at Acchan’s in the parking lot waiting on Toshi, when Ju’s phone rang.  It was Toshi.  He apologized and let Ju know that one of the band members had gotten sick and he was going to have to cover for him at Gark for the weekend and as such couldn’t make it on the trip.  Ju said a few internal curse words then told Toshi he understood and he’d have a few drinks for him.  The two friends promised to catch up before Ju went back on tour.  Ju let everyone know and the group climbed on their bikes and headed out to the camp grounds.

While Ju was settling in, Aya and Amaya were having dinner.  Aya brought up Naohito.  “I understand you’re going out on a date.  It wouldn’t be Naohito would it?”

Amaya shook her head.  “First off he could be my boss in a sense.  I’d rather not at least not right now.  Second thing is I’m not sure if I could date a man who could leave his pregnant girlfriend for any reason.  He’s handsome and all but still.”

Aya thought about it for a minute before commenting.  “I can understand you not wanting to go out with him before you’ve gotten the job.  It would look like he only gave it to you because you were dating or sleeping together.  Not a good way to start.  Afterwards I don’t see the problem if you like him.  As for the past.  He’s changed a lot Amaya.  I think you guys could have something special.  He likes strong, confident women and you are that.  Give the man a chance.”

Amaya gave her watch a peek then sighed.  “If I don’t hurry I’m going to be late.  I hear what you are saying Aya but I just don’t know.  I’m off.  I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how my date went.”

Aya walked her to the door and waited until she was off before pulling out her phone and calling Naohito.  Maybe she should be working this from his end.  “Hello Hito.  Busy?”

Naohito looked at his phone and sighed.  If Aya was calling him it meant he was probably in for something unpleasant, devious, or expensive.  Turned out this time devious was in the works.   “No I’m not busy and what now?  You only call me when you want something.  I’m not giving out any discounts on cars and I have no intention of taking any of your husband’s loony groupies in tow.”

Aya laughed.  “I wouldn’t call her a groupie.  How’d you like my friend Amaya?”  That got his attention.

“She’s a nice enough sort.  Pretty.  Why?”

“Oh no reason in particular.  Just that she’s new here and doesn’t really know a lot of people.  Thought you might like to show her around one day but if you aren’t interested….”

Naohito knew she was dangling a carrot in front of him and he really wanted to ignore it but the woman was gorgeous, funny, self assured and intelligent from what he gathered at lunch.  “You are not right and you know it.  Just one question before I answer you.  Why me?”

“Let’s just say I owe you one for dealing with that twit Nashi.”  No way could she add that she was tired of him giving her that wistful look when he thought she wouldn’t notice.  It was way past time for the man to move on.

“Okay.  I’ll bite.  I’ve got her number.  I’ll give her a call but not until after she starts working at the hospital if she passes the test.  She will pass it right?”

Aya did a mental fist pump before answering.  “She’ll pass with flying colors.  In the mean time, I’ll do some damage control.  Ju told her why we broke up.  She’s a little leery of you at the moment.  Don’t worry.  She’ll think you’ve given up your horns and become a saint by the time I’m through so you can stop glaring at the phone.”

Naohito schooled his features even though Aya couldn’t see that she was right about the glaring.  “If I was a sane man I’d toss the phone and go running for the hills.  Why do I have the feeling I’m going to regret this?”

“I have no idea.  I’ll talk to you later Hito.”  She hung up with a big grin on her face that faded when she remembered that Ju had admonished her not to match make.  Well he couldn’t get mad if he didn’t know about it.



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