Weekend out

When Ju and company got to the campsite there were already a number of guys there.  There were tents set up around a smallish cabin that housed a shower and toilet.  There were wood tables and benches along with the occasional camp chairs, grills and other things needed for outdoor life.

Ju parked his bike along with the others that were there.  They were all lined up and on display.  A few of the guys came over to check his out since they hadn’t seen the newest one.  Tobio was the first one over and smacked Ju on the back hard enough to move him a step forward.

“Ju you old dog!  How the devil are ya?  Haven’t seen you in ages!  How’s that pretty little thing you married?  Still keeping you in bed and grinning?  Congrats on the V gig too man.  I knew you had it in ya.”

Ju rolled his shoulders to work out the slight pain that smack on the back had given him.  He threw a mock punch at the man then gave him a man hug.  He’d known Tobio for a while though they didn’t see much of each other anymore.  “How’s the missus and the…how many kids do you have now?”

Tobio grunted.  “The she devil is doing just fine and the last time I counted five.  Considering how easily that woman gets pregnant it’s a wonder that’s all I have.  Hey, I hear you’re the owner of a pup now.  Congrats.  I’ve heard rumors but I didn’t believe them.  So you tell me.  Is he that young stud that won that tv award?”  When Ju nodded, proud papa smile firmly in place, Tobio whistled.  I bet you had fun climbing that mountain.  She must have been some looker.”

“She wasn’t enough fun to put up with how much of a crazy bitch she was.  Didn’t find out about the kid until she died.  She better hope I don’t see her in the after life or I’m gonna kill her ass again.”

Tobio just laughed.  “If it happens, sell tickets.  I wanna see that.  In this corner Ju-ken trying to see if he can actually kill a dead person!  Cowering or glowering in the opposite corner, his soon to be victim!”

Ju just shook his head, smiling.  “You have some serious issues dude.  So where’s the birthday boy?  Wait.  If I know him all I have to do is look for the food.  Yep.  I thought I could eat.  That man has a black hole for a stomach.  We’d better hit the food tent or we are going to miss lunch.  Hey Shoyo!  If you eat all the food I’m gonna kick your ass, birthday or no birthday!”  With that the two men headed toward the food tent and hopefully some lunch.

Aya was taking a nap and dreaming of her sexy but errant husband.  He was doing some delicious things to her and it made her moan in her sleep.  When her phone rang and woke her at the best part, she said a few choice words before answering it.  When she heard who was on the other end she had to smile.  “You must have known I was dreaming of you, you sexy man.  Having fun?”

Ju laughed.  “Yep.  Don’t know how long it’s going to last though.  They put me in charge of cooking the ramen.  You got any tips to keep me from being lynched?”

Aya thought about it.  If it was anyone else she’d say not to worry about it but she knew her man.  Cooking was not on his list of things he did well.  “Make sure your water is boiling well before you put the noodles in.  Don’t stir them a lot, just every now and then and make sure you don’t put a lid on the pot.  Let them cook until almost tender.  Turn off the heat and stir them then put a lid on the pot.  What are you seasoning them with?  Okay.  Just don’t overdo it.  Taste as you season.  Oh and baby.  Please remember that not everyone loves their food hot enough to burn a hole in the bowl.”

“What?  They don’t?  What kind of men are they to not like fire for food?  Wimps!”  He smiled at the giggle he heard from his lady.  “So…you were dreaming of me?  What was I doing?  I was?  Damn!  Did it make you hot and bothered?  Ah so.  You need me to run home and work my magic?”

Aya grinned.  “If you come home now you won’t be going back.  I’ll make sure of that you sexy man.  You won’t have energy to walk much less ride.  You stay there and scare them with your cooking.  I’ll be fine.”

“You already are fine my beautiful barbarian.  I’ll call you tomorrow.  We’re about to kill some brain cells.  Tobio and Shoyo say hello.  Later woman and make sure you dream some more dreams. Love ya.”

Aya returned his love then sighed.  She really did miss the man when he was gone.  She debated going back to sleep and decided not to.  She gave Hana a call to find out what she was up to.  When the woman said waiting for her to get there, Aya grinned, hung up and got ready for an evening at Acchan’s.

Since it was a nice day and Ju wasn’t around to bitch about it, Aya opted to take the bike.  She enjoyed riding as much as Ju did but couldn’t seem to find the time to do much of it.  She parked in Ju’s parking space and headed inside.

When she got in she was told that the couple were up in their loft and to go on up.  Hana answered the door when she knocked and Aya could tell from her body language that something was amiss.

She hugged her and asked what was wrong.  Hana glared over her shoulder.  “It’s that man I married.  He’s been pouting ever since Ju told him about that camping trip.”

“I take it he wants to go and you said no.”  Hana shook her head.  “I told him to go.  It would get him out of my hair for a while.  He’s not working this weekend and Eri’s at his parents for the weekend.”

Aya looked puzzled.  “So what’s the problem?”

“Mister big shot over there doesn’t want to take the van.”

Aya nodded.  “He doesn’t want to leave you here with no car?”

“Nope.  You would think that was the reason.  Get this.  He is afraid they’d laugh at him for showing up in, and I quote, an old man mobile.”

Both ladies turned and gave Acchan, who’d been sulking in the corner, the village idiot glare.  He at least had the good sense to flinch at the look.  Hana turned back to Aya.  “I was hoping the two of us could hang out without having to worry about testosterone around.  Guess that’s out the window.”

“Hana?  Why would Acchan be taking the van at all?  Where’s his bike?”

This time Acchan spoke up.  “I took it apart to replace some worn parts.  The engine is in pieces right now and I’m waiting on a couple of parts.”

Aya understood.  Ju was always fiddling with his.  She had told him in no uncertain terms to leave hers alone.  That thought made her smile.  “Why don’t you take my bike?  I know it’s not as rad as yours is but it’s a bike.  I can have Hana drop me off at home or spend the night here.  I just have it out today because the weather is so nice.”

“You’d let me do that?”  Aya tossed him the keys.  “You’ll have to wear your own helmet of course.  Just take care of it and try to make sure you and Ju don’t kill all of your brain cells.”

Acchan looked at Hana who smiled and nodded, then he gave Aya a bone-crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek before heading into the bedroom to pack a bag.   He was back in record time.  He gave Hana a kiss that made Aya wonder if Ju was giving him lessons, picked up his bag and was on his way out the door.

The ladies stood in the door and watched as he left.  “There’d better be a full tank when I get it back or else.”

Acchan threw Aya a salute then stowed his gear.  He checked the bike out, nodded, then started her up.  He revved the engine a few times, flashed the ladies a happy smile, then eased out of the parking lot and into the street.

“This is going to earn you a few brownie points Aya.  That was a great idea.”  Aya grinned.  “Ju knows that bike like the back of his hands.  I wonder how he’s going to react when he sees it.  I’d pay good money to be there.  Now what’s up for the rest of the day?  I say dinner and a movie.  I hear Galaxy Turnpike is hilarious or maybe Bakuman.  That’s got your boy Satoh in it.”

They decided on Galaxy Turnpike since that was playing in a theater near a good restaurant.  Dinner, a good movie, then back to the bar.  If the guys could have a fun weekend away from the ladies, then the ladies could sure have one away from the guys.

Ju had just finished making the ramen when he heard a bike pull up.  He looked over to the parking area and raised an eyebrow.  The bike was just like Aya’s.  He looked again, squinting.  He poked Tobio who had his head in the ramen pot.  “Dude.  Can you see the tags on the bike that just pulled up.  I don’t have my glasses and if you laugh I’m gonna hit you.”

Tobio gave him the numbers then took a step back at the scowl that appeared on Ju’s face.  “What’s up dude?  Why the scary?”

That’s Aya’s bike.  One.  I told her this was a guys only thing.  Two.  She should know better than to drive out here alone.  We’ve had this discussion before.  Three.  Now I’m going to have to drive back with her to make sure she gets home alright then come all the way back here.  Wait till I get to that minx.”

He handed Tobio the ladle and headed toward the parked bikes.  When he got there, Acchan was bending over the bike and had his back to Ju so the whack on his ass surprised the hell out him.  Ju knew instantly that it wasn’t Aya by the feel of said ass on his hand.  He meeped when Acchan turned and gave him a glare worthy of his wife.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t deck you for that.”  Ju just sputtered and pointed at the bike then back at Acchan.

“I..I thought you were Aya.  What are you…that is her bike right?  I thought you weren’t…how did you?”

“Whole questions please.  Yes it’s her bike.  She let me borrow it.  She rode it to the club and before you start acting like a fool, remember she’s a careful driver and the club isn’t that far from your place.  Now stop acting like an idiot and show me where the food is.  I’m starved.”

Ju closed his mouth before he put his foot in it and led Acchan to the food tent and the rest of the guys.  The ramen turned out well so Ju got no glares from anyone.  He was sitting a little off to himself doing a slow burn.  He’d tried calling Aya a couple of times and only got her voicemail.  He looked up when Acchan sat down next to him.

“Chill dude.  They are probably at the movies.  I know Hana was talking about going.   You can bust her chops about the bike later.  It’s time to sing happy birthday to Shoyo and whack him around a little.  I knew that’d put a smile on your face.”

They headed back to the campfire and drank sake toasts to Shoyo before proceeding to pound the man with birthday punches.  One of the guys pulled out a guitar and sang a few camp songs that the rest managed to mangle.  They took some pictures, cleaned up, then got drunk as skunks.  All in all it was a great day.

Aya and Hana enjoyed the movie and dinner.  They spent the evening at the bar dancing then went up to the loft where Hana called her in-laws and made sure Eri was okay.  Aya checked her messages and sighed.  She tried calling her crazy husband back but the phone just rang before going to voicemail.  She told him she loved him and she’d talk to him later.  The ladies spent the evening talking about the men in their lives and what they planned on doing to them when they saw them next.  Both Ju and Acchan would probably have run for the hills if they could have seen the looks on their wives faces.  They were both going to be taking a few for the team.



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