Home again

Ju gave a contented sigh as his wife kissed the bat tattoo on his neck.  She’d been very, very, happy to see him when he got back home from his camping trip.  After peppering him with kisses, she stuffed him full of some of his favorite food then proceeded to chase him around the flat until he let her catch him.  She let him know in no uncertain terms just how much she’d missed him.  He’d missed his little spitfire too but was happy to have had a weekend out with the guys.  He’d had a blast.  She seemed to have enjoyed herself as well.  He had yet to get all the details but he planned on it whenever he got out of the bed and if Aya didn’t stop nibbling on him like she was and rubbing that delicious body of hers against him, it might just be a while.

“You know if you keep that up I might have to jump your bones again.  You’ve been warned woman.”

Aya stopped nibbling and smiled up at him.  “Well since you wouldn’t let me have that wild orgy while you were gone, I have to make up for it some kind of way.”

“Humph.  Greedy woman.”

“Yes I am you delicious man you.  If you don’t think you can handle it, I could always get that orgy thing started.”  She squeaked as Ju flipped her over on her back and began nibbling on her.

“The rule is no orgies without me and only with me.”  Aya giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I wouldn’t want anyone but you there anyway.”  That comment got her a smile and a slow very thorough kiss.  He was going for another when his phone went off.  He looked at the time and wondered who would be calling him that late.  Had to have been important so he let his wife go and answered it.  It was H.

“I hate to call you so late Ju but I’ve scheduled a meeting for tomorrow at eight.  Be prompt and bring Aya.”  With that he hung up which was a good thing considering the language that began to flow from his bassist’s mouth. Aya raised an eyebrow.  “Trouble?”

Ju sighed but didn’t resume his nibbling which caused Aya to pout.  “H called a meeting for tomorrow at eight.  Could be anything.  You’re invited to come along.  Actually he commanded you come along.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it.”

Aya smiled at him.  “You love it and you know it.  You get to travel at someone else’s expense.  Be adored by women wherever you go.  Can have your barbarian princess with you most days and you’re getting paid for doing what you love to do and what you are extremely good at doing.  The only downside I can see is it keeps you away from the shop.  About the shop.  I think it’s time you turned over everything to Ichi.  Now don’t look at me like that.  He and Tomoka are running things just fine with you gone.  You were planning on giving it to him anyway so why wait?”

Ju was quiet for a long time thinking.  “I may have to do just that though I hadn’t planned on doing it for a while longer yet.  I’ll talk to those two after I find out what kind of mayhem H is up to now.  Enough about him.  I’ve got a sexy woman to ravish.  Come here sexy.”

Aya, being the dutiful wife that she was, did as she was asked and they both came before it was all said and done.  She laid in the bed afterwards and watched her magnificent beast sleep while trying to figure out what in the world H needed her to be at a meeting for.

Both Ichiharas’ were tired when they made it to the meeting spot.  It had been late when they turned in and early when they got up.  All the band members were there and buzzing.  No one seemed to have any idea what was going on.  H showed up not long after everyone else.  The room quieted quickly.

K, who had been there when everyone else arrived, began to pass out sheets of paper.  He was grinning and trying to hide it.  That set alarm bells off in a number of heads.  If H was quiet, K was positively stoic.  For the man to be grinning it could either be seriously awesome news or news that would have everyone groaning.  In this case it was a little of each.

The first page had their itinerary for the South American, Mexican and US stops.  Page two caught everyone’s attention.  Seems they were opening for Apocalyptica for a tour in the UK.  Page three had the dates of a few group shows in Japan.  Page four had Ju cringing and wondering where he could hide from the death glare he was sure his wife was, or planning, to send his way.  It was a list of shows they’d be doing in January.  Out of the whole month all but seven or eight days were free.  He actually jumped when Aya touched him on the arm.  She was wearing a small smile as if she’d figured out something he hadn’t.  If finally hit him that if H wanted her there then he was probably going to have her on tour as their nurse and from the looks of things it was going to be long-term.

When H coughed everyone settled down and waited for their fearless leader to speak.  “As you can see, we’ve got a full plate ahead of us.  I would suggest you get your personal affairs in order.  It’s going to be a long couple of months.  Aya, I’m hoping you will agree to join us again as tour nurse.  Do you think Amaya would be interested?  She’d be handy in the UK with her english skills.  Give her a call for me and see what you can do.  I won’t be needing either of you before the UK tour since I’ve already gotten a nurse short-term for the tour starting next week.  You’ll be joining us in America right?  Good.  It’s nice to know I won’t have a grumpy bassist all tour.”  He ignored the glare Ju was giving him though K was snickering behind his hand.

“K and I have been working on some new material.  One song will be a collaboration with Apocalyptica.  You know what that means people.  Studio time.  Deal with it.  We’ll start that when we return from the States.  Expect long hours and few days off.  Make sure your passports are up to date and your shots.  Any questions?”

Of course there were a few and while H explained some details to some, Ju and Aya were off to themselves talking about Amaya.  “She’s supposed to be taking her nurses exam next week but since she won’t be needed on this next tour all we’ll have to worry about is talking her into the UK and that awful schedule you have for January.  H did the right thing.  If he hadn’t asked you’d be looking at a very pissed and miserable wife who might have rethought this whole married to a rocker thing.”

When Ju looked at her, horrified at the thought, she patted him on the arm.  “If you believed that then I’ve got a mountain to sell you.  You’re stuck with me handsome and don’t you forget it.”  Ju glomped her until she squeaked.  She was still smacking at him when H walked over.  He stopped well short of them.  Aya was glaring at him hard enough to make even him cringe.

“I thought you’d be happy being with him on this tour.  What am I missing?”  Ju answered him.  He was worried about what Aya would say.  “She’s worried I’m working too hard is all.  I told her that I doubt the schedule for February is as brutal.”  When H didn’t say anything, Ju’s eyebrows hit his hairline.  “You can’t be serious!  I’m so dead.”  H clapped him on the back.  “I’m not saying one way or the other.  It’s up to the record company.  I’m hoping it’s not. I could use a little down time myself.”

Ju nodded and went back to his still pissed wife.  He told her what H had said.  The glare dropped a notch but she was still not happy about the situation.  “That’s it.  When we get back home, you and Ichi are going to have that talk.  At least it will be one less thing you’ll have to do.  Now if that man is done with us, I’m ready to go.

They both said their goodbyes and headed out.  It was clear but chilly out and the weather helped Aya to calm down.  She had always loved late autumn early winter.  She wished she could lean her head on Ju’s shoulder while he drove but the seat belts kept that from happening so she settled for talking quietly about what to do about his working so hard that wouldn’t cost him his job or his marriage.  They finally decided that letting Ichi take over the complete running of the shop was the only option.  He knew enough to do the ordering and with Yukkie there to manage the guys and Tomoka to manage the two men, things would probably go well.

They had just pulled into the garage when Aya’s phone rang.  It was Amaya.  “Hi!  I was going to call you.  What’s up?”   Ju knew girl talk was about to happen and headed inside.  Though it was still rather early, he grabbed a beer from the fridge then sat down at the table.  He pulled out his laptop and downloaded most of his shop files to a flash drive.  Ichi would need this info if he was going to be running things.

He hadn’t figured out what to do about the payroll when Aya walked into the kitchen.  She leaned down and gave him a quick kiss.  “Amaya said she’d think about it.  What are you up to?”  She nodded when Ju explained things.

“I know this is a part of your life you don’t want to give up but I can’t see how you can do both love.  Maybe if H slows down but he’s showing no signs of even thinking about it.”  She looked at him and smiled.  “I want you happy and vibrant for a long time to come.”

Ju pulled her into his lap and gave her a breath stealer.  They both sighed contentedly and hoped things would work out.  It was all they could do.


~ by ayaichihara on December 10, 2015.

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