Home again pt 2

Ju gave Ichi a call when he got in.  They agreed to meet over lunch.  Ju didn’t tell him what was up, only that he needed to talk to him if he wasn’t busy.  He then called Toshi and asked him a few questions.  He gave him a mini-account of the camping trip, mindful that Aya, while acting like she wasn’t listening, was in reality all ears.  He’d tell Toshi some of the more scandalous things when the missus wasn’t around.

After talking to Toshi, Ju called Shoyo, who handled his legal matters, explained what he wanted and was pleased to find that his friend could meet them at the flat that afternoon with the needed papers.  Since it was something that was done all the time, all Shoyo had to do was print out the form and bring it to them.

“Shoyo is coming over?”  Ju grinned and nodded.  Aya said a few choice words then looked into the frig to see what she could make for lunch.  “I think I’ll make some grilled pork with miso sauce and a bean sprout and green bean salad.”

Ju nodded.  “Sounds good but I didn’t know we had a whole side of pork in the frig.”  Aya gave him the look.  “Very funny.  I know Shoyo can eat but he’s not that bad.  I think a roast will provide enough meat.  Maybe he’ll leave some scraps so I can make some soup for dinner.”

Ju took his wife in his arms and kissed her softly.  He let her go so she could get the pork marinating.  While she cooked he talked to her about all he was going to give up and what control he should still have.  By the time lunch was ready, he’d figured out what he was going to do.

Shoyo arrived first which wasn’t a surprise.  He knew they’d feed him.  They always did and Aya was a good cook.  Ichi arrived a few minutes later with Tomoka in tow.

Since everyone knew each other they settled on a relaxed lunch in the kitchen around the kitchen table.  Shoyo had the company in stitches telling them about Ju and the other guys beating him black and blue not only for his birthday but because he out ate the lot of them.  He had Aya glaring at Ju when he told them about the stripper someone had hired and how most of the guys had a dance with her including Ju.  Ju made sure he let Aya know that she didn’t strip down to nothing, just some barely theres.  He didn’t mention that those barely theres made Aya’s smallest set look like a tent.

After lunch was over, Shoyo managed to not eat everything, they got down to business.  Ichi was still in the dark as to what was going on and asked Ju point-blank what was up.  Ju had gone into this long song and dance about how well Ichi was doing while he was gone, yada yada when Aya spoke up.

“He wants to turn the shop over to you.  At least make you part owner.”  When Ju glared at her she just smiled.  “I’m not getting any younger and you were taking all day.”

Ju turned to a stunned and for once speechless Hayato.  “I don’t know why you look so surprised.  You’ve been doing a good job while I’ve been gone and you know I was going to turn the shop over to you one day.  It just came sooner than I expected.  Shoyo’s got the paperwork here to give you power of attorney and make you part owner.  You’ll need the power of attorney in order to move money around for payrolls and supplies.  Anything over a certain amount will still have to be okayed by me but that still gives you a lot of leeway.”

When Ichi tried to say he was too young and inexperienced, Ju shushed him.  “Dude, nothing has changed except now you get to pay the bills without me being involved.  You’ve been doing great up till now and I’m proud of you.  The only thing you really won’t be able to do is fire Yukkie or Tomoka.  I’m the only one who can do that and I had that included into the paperwork.  Now shut up and sign the damn thing.  I’ve been up since dawn and I want to get some rest and spend some quality time with my wife.”  He laughed as Aya added, “You forgot beautiful.  Your beautiful wife.”

Ju blew her a kiss.  “Okay, my beautiful, sexy wife.”  Aya gave him a look that made him smile even wider.  Ichi wasn’t having any of it.  He started to protest when Tomoka shushed him.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed Hayato but you’ve been doing all of that for a while now.  It’s second nature to you.  You’ve made good decisions, consulted Yukkie and myself when you weren’t sure about something, did research when you needed to and left the design part of it to me or Ju when he’s around.  All your uncle wants to do is make it legal.  I think it’s a good idea.”

Ichi still looked unconvinced.  “I still don’t know how to do a lot of things Unca Ju.  I don’t know if I can handle this.  It’s a big step.”

“I know and if things weren’t so hectic for me I’d wait at least another year but I was going to do it anyway and I really need it done now.  You’ve got Tomoka and Yukkie for support.  If you need to, call Toshi.  He’s a wiz at numbers believe it or not.  Hire someone part-time to do the payroll if you don’t think you or Tomoka can handle it.  I’m sure Toshi probably knows a good agency or person.”

Ichi sat quietly for a long time before finally nodding.  Ju breathed a sigh of relief and Shoyo gave Ichi the papers to sign after explaining all of the nuts, bolts and legalese.  When Ichi left he was part owner of a very profitable shop with a power of attorney in case it was needed.  He still looked rather stunned but Tomoka was busy chatting him up and calming him down.

Ju watched them leave.  “He’s still awfully young Aya.  I just put a load on his shoulders.”  Aya put her arm around his waist and leaned into him.

“Ichi is bright and driven.  He’s got a good crew around him.  I think he’ll be fine once the shock wears off.  Now, don’t you think it’s about time you attended to your beautiful, sexy wife?  I seem to be short a kiss or two.”

Ju looked down at her and the look on his face made her gulp.  “I know that look you monster.  I thought you were tired.”

He talked as he started backing her toward the bedroom.  “It seems that all I needed was some weight off my shoulders.  You haven’t seen the monster yet.  When I’m done….”

He stopped at a cough that definitely didn’t come from Aya.  Seems they’d forgotten all about Shoyo who had gone back into the kitchen after the papers had been signed and was helping himself to the rest of lunch.  Ju gave the man a murderous glare and was about to say something equally murderous when Shoyo started humming.  Ju abruptly backed down and Aya’s eyebrows went up.  Seems there was more to that trip than Ju had told her.

Ju cleared his throat.  “Sorry dude.  Forgot you were even here.  Hey!  That was supposed to be dinner tonight!  I swear I don’t know where you put it.  No you can’t have the rest!  There’s just enough left where we won’t starve.”

Shoyo finished chewing and grinned.  “I’m gone dude.  I’ll send you a bill later.”  Ju mumbled that he’d already eaten his fee to which Shoyo laughed.  He headed to the door after giving Aya a kiss on the cheek and thanking her for lunch.  “I’ll give you a call when all the papers have been filed.  Talk to you later.”

Ju walked him to the door and watched for a second until the man was in his car before turning back and running smack dab into his wife who was giving him the look.

“Are you going to tell me what that was about or am I going to have to pull it out of you bit by bit?  You can expect to sleep on that sofa every night for each bit I have to pull out so I’d suggest that you come clean.”

Ju was thinking fast.  He really couldn’t see a way out of this.  If he lied and she found out the sofa would be the least of his worries.  He could just tell her the truth but not the whole truth.  That still might get him glared at and maybe end his bone jumping prospects for the night but it would keep him off the sofa at least for now.  If she found out he only told her part of it…

She cleared her throat, he jumped and she knew it was going to piss her off whatever it was.  Ju went and sat down on the sofa he was hoping he wouldn’t be sleeping on later.  Aya had her arms crossed and did not sit down.  Not a good sign.

“Well you see.  Some of the guys got Shoyo a stripper for his birthday.  Oh right you know that.  She was a tiny thing.  Kinda looked like you.  Oh did I tell you that I thought Acchan was you when he pulled up and smacked him on the ass?”

He coughed after getting the dead fish glare from his wife and continued his story.  “Well you see, she did her little strip thing then she danced around everyone.  When she got to me she stopped, stared, grinned and tried to climb into my lap.  She recognized me from V it seems.  The guys gave me a lot of heat for that.  Shoyo was humming the song she danced to.”

Aya leaned down into his face; arms still crossed and asked him point-blank.  “Did she succeed and exactly how much was she not wearing?”

Ju paled.  Leave it to Aya to ask the two questions he really didn’t want to answer.  “Well you see, I didn’t want to hurt her by dumping her on the ground but she did manage to sit in my lap for a few before I eased her off of me.  As for what she was wearing…she had on something.  Can I say I don’t remember?”

When Aya said no he sighed.  “You know that little red set you have.  It was about that size.”  Aya glared daggers at him.  “That set is small enough to fit in your pocket.  Why do I have the feeling that it was smaller than my set?”  When Ju didn’t answer she sniffed and headed toward the bedroom mumbling.  Ju groaned.  He was gonna kill Shoyo the next time he saw him.

He waited for a while expecting to see his wife come back out with his pj’s, a blanket and a pillow.  When that didn’t happen, he ventured into the bedroom ready to plead his case.  What he wasn’t expecting was to find his petite wife sitting on the side of their bed in that scandalously small red lingerie set, a lightweight yukata thrown over her shoulders.  She was calmly buffing her nails.  She looked up when he came in and Ju wasn’t sure if he was still in the doghouse or in her crosshairs.

She pointed at the chair by her cosmetics table using the nail buffer.  “Sit.”  It was not a request.  Ju did as he was commanded.  He still wasn’t sure which Aya he was looking at.  She stalked over to him like she was an enraged tigress and he was the hunter she was going to maim.

“First of all, if you think I’d believe that you didn’t enjoy having that almost naked hussy squirming around in your lap even if it was for a few minutes, then you don’t know me well at all.  Second, who gives a fly fuck, yes I said flying fuck, if you have to dump her on her ass?  No one is allowed to put their half-naked body on you period.  Third, if it was just for a minute, Shoyo wouldn’t have been able to intimidate you.  And last but not least, do I have to show you who the barbarian princess is in your world?”

Ju had shrunk down in the chair by the time Aya had asked the last question.  He was just happy that Aya didn’t know the woman had given him a lap dance even if it was a short one.  Aya would kill him then go looking for the stripper.  The thought made him cringe.  Apparently cringing was the right response even if it was for a different reason.

Aya sighed then eased into his lap surprising him.  “I know it’s not your fault for being so handsome and irresistible.  Being famous doesn’t help either but you’ve got to learn to stand your ground or at least stand up.  If you’re standing no one can sit in your lap.  I’m the only one allowed here other than small children like Eri.”

Ju thanked all the Gods that Aya wasn’t angry.  “You know that no one looks as good in tiny red things as you do baby.”  Aya humphed and crossed her legs.  “You’d say anything right now.  I’m waiting for you to prove that.”

Ju smiled and took one of her hands placing it on the growing bulge in his pants.  “All you’ve done is sit down in my lap dressed in your tiny red things and you’ve gotten the awesome dick’s attention.  No one has ever gotten me as hard as quickly as you do.  It’s like a spell you’ve cast over me.”  He used his free hand to tilt her face up.  He kissed her and it was long and slow.

“You didn’t have to put these on to prove your point you know.  Not that I’m complaining.”  Aya gave him a smile that set off alarm bells in his head.  She squirmed in his lap a bit then eased oh so slowly and gently across that bulge before standing.  “Oh I was already wearing these.  I was planning to have you for lunch before we got sidetracked.”

She reached back and popped the snap on the bra and allowed it to fall.  “Since these tiny red things have gotten you into so much trouble maybe I should trade them for…I don’t know.  Nothing.  I’m sure nothing will work.”

Ju was too busy watching his wife strip to pay attention to what she was saying.   When she stopped moving he looked up.  “Huh?  Oh!  Yeah.  Nothing will work just fine.”

Aya humphed and continued walking toward their bed.  “I thought as much.  Well?  Why are you sitting over there and still dressed?  It’s chilly in here.  I need some warming up.”

Ju came up out of the chair in a flash.  He advanced on the bed and his wife, pulling off and tossing clothes.  “Hell you look hot to me.”  He finally made it to the bed and pounced on his wife who started giggling.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him.

“You do realize that if I have to, I’m going to lock you in here for the rest of your life and have at you with abandon.  You’ve been warned mister.  This handsome bassist with the awesome…talent amongst other things, belongs to only me.”

Ju began a slow nibble down her neck.  “Yes ma’am.  Now allow me to show you just how talented I am.”  By the time he had entered her, Aya was panting heavily and moaning his name.  She proceeded to act like a horny kitten.  She munched on his neck and shoulders like he was a chew toy and gently clawed his buttocks, thighs, back, whatever she could reach like he was a scratching post.  It was driving him crazy.

He fucked her hard and fast and came with her name on his lips.  From the smile he saw on her face once he had come down off the high, he must have lived up to his awesome reputation.  She snuggled up against him and yawned.  They really had been up early.  When she suggested a nap, Ju was all for it.  He set their alarm to get them up in a few hours.  He was going to take his wife out to dinner.  That got him a kiss and a comment from Aya that would have made his hair stand up if it wasn’t already all over his head.

“That must have been some lap dance to get you this guilty.  Don’t worry.  I’ll make sure it’s a faint memory by the time I’m done.”  Then she went to sleep leaving Ju to ponder whether he was going to survive the next few days at home.


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