Home again part 3

Ju yawned and stretched sighing softly as his back cracked.  He rubbed at his face and felt stubble.  Not having his goatee meant he had to shave everyday.  He grinned wondering if his wife was up to a shaving session.  Speaking of his wife, he wondered where she was hiding.  He’d been all too happy to let her have her way with him whenever she wanted especially since she was intent on doing all the work herself.

He turned over deciding the he really wasn’t ready to get up even if he wasn’t sleepy.   He rubbed the pillow Aya had been sleeping on against his face.  It smelled of the shampoo she used.  He wished that she was still in bed.  He wasn’t interested in more sex.  He just felt like cuddling.  As if she could read his mind, Aya came in and crawled into bed.

“Hey handsome.  How are you this morning?”  He pulled her closer and gave her a quick peck on the lips.  “Better now that I’ve got my nice warm pillow to snuggle up too.  What has my beautiful wife been up to this morning?”

Aya snuggled into his arms.  “I had a few calls to make to get things set up for that overseas tour.  Are you hungry?  I haven’t made breakfast yet so whatever you want within reason I can make for you.”

Ju just nuzzled her neck.  “Not yet.  I just want to cuddle with my wife for a bit and I will as soon as I get back.  Don’t go anywhere.”  He got up and headed to the bathroom.  Some things couldn’t wait.  While he was there he made sure to brush and gargle.  He was planning on doing some early morning kissing with the snuggling.  When he came out, he found Aya sitting in bed on her cell.  She was smiling broadly.  She put her hand over the phone.  “It’s Amaya.  She took her test early.  She should be getting her results in a couple of days.”

Ju nodded and wished her good luck then climbed back into bed.  He leaned on Aya’s shoulder while the woman spoke to her friend.  She was still beautiful in his eyes.  She was wearing a nightshirt against the chill that was always present in most Japanese homes.  She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and though you could tell she wasn’t in her twenties, she didn’t look like she was in her forties.  Her breasts were still perky and her figure was still nice and trim.  She worked hard to keep it that way though even if she was as big as a house he’d still love her.

He smiled, waited patiently for her to finish her phone conversation then pounced on her.  She squeaked and slapped at him when he hugged her too tightly.  He let her go and gave her a breath-stealer.  “What was all of that for you demon?”

Ju grinned.  “I was just thinking that I’d love you even if you were big as a house but since you aren’t yet, I figured I’d get some hugs in now.”  Aya punched him in the arm hard enough for it to sting but he laughed it off.  “All I’m saying is I love you no matter what you look like.  Fat or skinny.  Wrinkled or unwrinkled.  It doesn’t matter.  You own my heart woman and don’t you forget it.  Now come over here so we can cuddle.”

Aya was all for that and settled into his strong arms.  It was rare that the pair got to just laze around in bed these days and with Ju leaving the day after next, he wanted to make sure he had some quality time with his wife.

They lay in each arms for a time.  Ju gave Aya some kisses and talked quietly about the tour and how much he was going to miss her for the two weeks he’d be in South America.  Aya told Ju that Amaya had asked how she was going to stand being away from him for that long.

“I just told her that I’d get as much quality time with my snuggle bunny as I could.”  Ju gave her a terrified look.

“Please tell me you didn’t call me that while you were talking to her.”  Aya shook her head no.

“I called you my walking orgasm.”  When Ju looked even more terrified she laughed.  “Of course I didn’t say that.  I called you my magnificent beast which is what she’s heard me call you before.”

Ju breathed a sigh of relief then turned on his wife.  “Woman!  Don’t be scaring  me like that!   I’ve got a rep to uphold you know!  Oh?  You thought that was funny?”  He proceeded to tickle Aya until she screamed uncle.  Aya wrapped her arms around his neck and reeled him in for a kiss once she’d caught her breath.

“I am going to miss you terribly.  I know you’ve been gone for weeks at a time on tour but always here.  This is the first time you’ll be overseas for so long without me.  One can only have so many orgies before they get boring.”

That comment got her tickled again before Ju decided that he did want more sex.  This time he did all the work and Aya did the laying there enjoying it thing.

It was around ten when both decided that it was time to get food if nothing else.  Aya was showered, dressed, and in the kitchen almost done with cooking when Ju finally appeared.  He’d considered getting her to shave him but that would have probably ended up being another attempt at sex by him and the awesome one needed food and recovery time.

Whatever Aya was cooking smelled good.  He set the table while she finished up.  Grilled Spanish mackerel, miso egg custard, pickled vegetables, and warm rice with black vinegar were on the menu and Ju licked his lips.  He loved miso egg custard so he didn’t squawk at the pickled veggies though he’d have preferred her not making them.  Aya and healthy went hand in hand.

They’d just started eating when Yoichi strolled in.  They hadn’t seen much of the man since they’d gotten home.  He was wearing a cat eating the canary grin.  Ju knew that smile.  Either the young man had gotten laid or he had some good news though Yoichi getting some from a young pretty woman was good news as far as Ju was concerned.

He sauntered in, pulled a chair out, turned it around, straddled the seat and smiled at them over the back of the chair.  Both Ichiharas’ raised their eyebrows.  “Guess what.”

Ju spoke up first.  “You met a buxom beauty.  You two did the thing and you rocked her world?  Ouch Aya!  That hurt!”  He rubbed his abused shoulder where Aya had pinched him but he was still grinning.

“Don’t mind him Yoichi.  What?”  Aya gave Ju a warning glare and Ju swallowed the crack he was about to make.

Yoichi grabbed the back of the chair and leaned back, looking around very casually as if all was fine in the world.  “Oh nothing much.  It’s not like I got offered the lead in a movie or anything.”  When this was met with silence he glanced at his parents.  Both were sitting there with their mouths open.  That lasted for a minute.  Then both started asking questions at the same time.

Once he was able to get a word in, he explained.  “I’ve got the lead or at least one of the lead roles in the “Attack on Titan” live action movie.  I’m playing the role of Eren Yeager.”

Ju spoke first.  “Holy fucking awesome!  He’s the main character!  Congratulations!  Damn!  Oh that’s right.  Aya doesn’t watch the show.  It’s based on a very brutal anime Aya.  Very popular also.  Why didn’t you tell us you’d even auditioned for it?”

Yoichi just shrugged.  “I did it on a lark actually.  We both like the anime and I thought it’d be cool to have a part in it.  When they asked me to read for the lead role you could have knocked me over with a thought.  Oh.  One more thing.  They are planning two movies.”

Aya got up and gave the young man a hug.  “That’s wonderful Yoichi though if it’s the anime I think it is, I’m not sure even you could get me to watch it.  You know how I am about gore.  I’m sure your proud papa over there will make up for my lack of yells by being louder than everyone else in the theater.”

Ju was nodding, proud papa smile in place.  “You know that flat two doors down is up for sale.  You should think about buying it.  You’ll have the money and the privacy but still be close enough to us to be the annoying brat you can be sometimes.  Aya will you stop pinching me?  I’m going to be all bruised up!”

Aya gave Ju a warning look.  “Don’t mind him but the flat is a good idea.  At your age it’s time for you to have a place and I’m sure Toshi wouldn’t mind it.”  That made Ju blanch and Yoichi grin.

“I haven’t told him yet.  Since you guys are the two most important people in my life, you got the news first.  As for the flat…I already have the real estate agent looking into it.  Toshi actually suggested it.  He said with what I’m making with the tv show, I’d need the tax write off.  If you have the time…mom…could you help me decorate?”

Aya stood next to him stunned.  It was the first time he’d ever actually called her mom.  She smiled as the tears fell.  Yoichi teared up a little himself.  He gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  “You are my mom you know.  More than my real mom ever was, may she rest in peace.”

Ju came over and hugged both of them together.  “We’re just one big happy family.  Wow.  You starring in a movie.  Ichi taking part ownership of the shop.  Weird times.”

This time it was Yoichi turn to be stunned.  “What?  When did this happen?  Nothing’s wrong is it?”

When Ju explained what was going on Yoichi just shook his head.  “Damn dad.  I’ll be an old man before I see you again at this rate.  At least you’ll have mom with you for most of that.  She’ll make sure you stay out of trouble.”

Ju got a puzzled look on his face.  “What makes you think I’m going to be staying out of her?”  He yelled abuse when Aya smacked his arm.  Yoichi just shook his head.  Ju was trying to grab Aya to keep her from hitting him again.  She was laughing and swatting at him.

“You two.  I hope to find someone to love like you guys love each other.  On that note.  I’m outta here.  I’ve got a hot date and she is very hot.  Who knows?  Maybe love will bloom.  Later folks.  Don’t wait up.”

They said their goodbyes and Aya reheated their food.  “You know I’m going to miss him walking in on us making out.  He could turn the weirdest shades of red I’ve ever seen.”

Aya laughed.  “Ju, I wonder about you sometimes.  Wait.  I wonder about you all the time.  Only you could have thought of that.  I am going to miss my workout partner.  Guess I’ll have to make you take his place.”

Ju gave her a look that put her on notice.  “When we’re done eating, I’m giving you a serious workout.  You’ve been warned.”

He was true to his word and gave his little spitfire a full workout that had her smiling and content for the rest of the day.  He was doing a lot of smiling himself and plotting.  He had one more day before he would see her again for at least two weeks.  He was planning on making the next thirty-six hours memorable for them both.


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