On the road again part 2

Ju sighed happily.  His little spitfire was busy massaging his legs.  He loved her massages especially the full body ones.  They tended to lead to some awe-inspiring sex.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today.  He was just one of the guys getting a massage from the nursing staff.  He’d be performing shortly.  A pre-performance massage was a must.  He jumped a little at the light smack on his ass.  Turning, he gave Aya a mock glare.

“You just wanted to put your hands on my ass didn’t you?”

Aya grinned.  “You barely have one handsome but if it makes you feel better to believe that, who am I to rain on your parade?”  She squealed as he made a grab for her.  She back pedaled out of reach, wagged a finger at him, then blew him a kiss as she headed toward her next massage.  Ju watched her go with a smile on his face.  He loved it when she could be with him on tour.  She was someone he could make love to, to whine to, to hold him when he was down or tired.  He appreciated all of that and then some.

He turned at a chuckle from behind him.  Arly was standing there clearly amused.  Ju raised an eyebrow.  “What?”

Arly nodded toward Aya.  “It’s amazing the change that comes over you when she’s around.  No moaning, groaning, bitching and complaining.  I say we keep her around non-stop.”

Ju turned back around and put his head down on his arms.  “I have no problem with that.  I’d much rather look at her then you ugly mugs. ”  He sat up suddenly grinning.  “Oh ho!  Our fearless leader has decided to bite the bullet and get a massage from Aya.  Hey baby!  Give him a deluxe!  Let’s see if he can handle it better than G did.”   H just humphed and put his head back down, clearly ignoring Ju.  Arly leaned against the massage table Ju was now sitting up on.

“I bet you a beer that he’s immune.  Nothing much gets that man riled up…unless it’s stupid when he’s trying to get things done.”

Ju laughed.  “I’ll take that bet.  Look.  Look.  He’s beginning to squirm a little.  Hey H!  Just give it up and enjoy it dude!  It’s happened to the best of us.”

H gave Ju a withering look before Aya massaged a few spots on his neck and the man settled down with a small sigh.   She continued with the massage and before long H looked like a puddle of goo on the table.  He was wearing a very contented smile at least until Aya motioned for him to turn over.  “Uhm…I think you’ve done enough.  I should be okay with just this.”

Aya shook her head.  “I need to get at those calf muscles from a different angle.  You like to jump around a lot on stage.  It should only take a couple of minutes so if you just lay down on your back and let me do it, I can go on to K.”

When H started to cough the rest of the guys fell out laughing.   H gave them a glare but he didn’t turn over.  “I will in a couple.  You go get K prepped.”  Aya just shrugged and went over to K who was trying hard not to laugh at his partner in crime.  Once H thought Aya was out of earshot he turned to Ju and Arly.

“If I hear one word, just one…  Now I see what G meant.  What is she like when she’s trying to get those results?”

Ju grinned.  “Positively lethal.  I’ve long since given up trying to think my way out of the situation and just enjoyed the end results.  The woman has great hands.”  H and Arly both nodded at that then laughed at K as he had the same reaction.  The other men agreed that it might be best if they got one of the other staff members to do their massages and leave Ju to Aya.  For her part, Aya just shrugged when she was told and gave Ju a smile that put him on notice.   She’d be toning down her massages a little for him but since he was used to them he had a little more resistance to the effects.

Once the pre-performance issues were done, the band got dressed and waited for the show to start.  It was a small venue holding around two thousand people at most but it was mostly full which made the band and H happy.   They were also happy at how many people were lined up hours before the show to get either a chance at an autograph or photo with the members or to get as close as they could to the stage.  H was happy with the show and from the bone jumping that Ju got later,  Aya was happy with his performance.

He was whistling happily when he showed up for the meeting the next day.  Even Arly commenting on how he was glad the gloomy Ju was gone didn’t bother him.   He was a happy man and he didn’t care who knew it.  Back in the hotel room,  Aya was on the phone with Amaya.

“I knew you’d pass with flying colors.  So what now?  Are you going to take H up on his offer or sign on to the hospital?”

Amaya sighed.  She’d forgotten about the tour.  “Tell H I’m sorry.  I forgot all about it and signed a six month contract with the hospital.  That ex of yours was on the phone almost as soon as I got the results back.  He’s quite the businessman and a charmer.”

“Yes he is.  He’s used to getting what he wants.  Now that you’ve gotten the job are you going to go out with him if he asks?”

“I don’t know Aya.  I’m not sure if I could ever forgive a man for doing what he did.”

“Amaya, he was nineteen then.  He’s grown up.  He’s tried hard to make it up to me.  Give the man a chance.”

“Alright!  Alright!  I’ll think about it but I’m not making any promises.  How’s that beast of yours and is there anyone I should be wary of at the hospital?”

Aya looked up as her beast came into the room.  She put her finger up to shush him.  “My handsome beast just came in.  As for the rest, people who didn’t like me might like you but I’d keep knowing me down to a minimum until you get the lay of the land.  I’ve got a beast to tame so I’ll talk to you later and congratulations again.”  She hung up and turned to her husband.

“Amaya passed her test and signed onto the hospital so no tour but I think we should celebrate her passing that test.”   Ju grinned.  “What do you have in mind?”  Aya pulled him down for a kiss.

“How much time do I have?  That much!”  She pulled him toward the bed.  “I’m sure I’ll think of something.”

Ju was glad he had no plans for the evening.  His pint-sized wife celebrated until he thought his heart would burst.   They’d be back on the road again the next day so they spent the rest of the day enjoying each others company.   Back in Japan, Amaya was wondering if she should go out with Naohito.






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