mun:  Is watching old VAMPS concert on Nico when the crazy one runs in, slams the door and leans on it out of breath

Ju:  I thought you loved me.  I thought I was your favorite.  Why are you trying to kill me?

mun:  What are you talking about?  Why would I want to kill my main source of entertainment?

Ju:  points at computer screen 

mun:  Yeah and?

Ju:  Aya.

mun:  Oh dear.  Got her juices flowing?

Ju:  nods  You know how she can get.  She didn’t see that show so when that solo of mine that starts ******* played she got all hot and bothered.  Then she bothered me…big time.

mun:  Ah.  Rough?

Ju:  Life threatening.

mun:  So why are you hiding in here?  This will be the first place she looks.

Ju:  I know.

mun:  -_-

Ju:  I have to make it at least look plausible.

mun:  You have issues.

Ju:  You know it.

Aya:  You don’t know the half of it.

both mun and Ju jump

mun:  When?  How?  I need new locks.

Ju:  Save me?

Aya:  I don’t think she’s going to be able to help this time.  Come along love.  I have a few buttons I want to try pushing.  Put your big boy drawers on and take it like the man I know you are.

mun:  What she said.

Ju:  No help there.  None at all.

Aya:  leans down and gives him a kiss that’s all tongue, heat and promise

mun:  shakes head and watches as Ju drags Aya out the room

mun:  Hmm…I think Aya just got ambushed and she doesn’t even realize it yet.  Oh well.  goes back to watching show


~ by jujuken on January 25, 2016.

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