Ambushed 2

mun:  is contemplating the next thing she’s going to write when Aya falls through the door, hair a mess, blouse buttoned incorrectly, holding torn skirt with one hand, is breathing hard

mun:  takes one look at her and falls out laughing

Aya:  hitches up skirt and tries to comb fingers of free hand through her hair

Aya:  That’s it!  I want a divorce!

mun:  Now you know there is no way I’m going to believe that one.

Aya:  Not from him.  From you!  Why didn’t you warn me?

mun:  No fun in that.  From the looks of things you walked right into it.  I take it that used to by your high school uniform?

Aya:  Yeah.  What of it?

mun:  Now you know how he gets when you push that button.  Not only did you push it, you challenged him too with that big drawers comment.  I just let you hang yourself.

Aya:  I still want a divorce.

mun:  Okay but just remember.  I’m the one that controls what he does and you guys are a matched set.  Can’t get rid of one without the other.  What do you think he’s going to be like without me to rein him in?

Aya:  I’ll take my chances.

mun:  Okay, let’s do a trial separation and by the way, here he comes.  I’ve cut the cord.  You’re on your own.

Aya:  eyes get big as the door slams open and Ju stalks in, full perversion mode in effect

Ju:  Come here woman.  I’m not done with you yet.

Aya:  Ju we’ve got company.

Ju:  No one here but us woman.  Now come here and let me have at you again.   I’m feeling extra frisky tonight.  grabs his wife and tries to kiss her senseless

mun:  shrugs when Aya gives her a pleading look as Ju’s hands wander like he had more than two

Aya:  Okay!  Okay!  I give!  Can you calm him down?

mun:  Ju!  Sit!

Ju:  pulls up chair and sits

Aya:  How do you do that?

mun:  grins

Ju:  You ladies through talking?  Aya?  You really need to fix your clothes and your hair.  You look a hot mess.

Aya:  glares  Now I wonder how that happened.  You are a monster.

Ju:  What is she talking about?

mun:  You ambushed her a little earlier.  Don’t you remember?

Ju:  shakes head

Aya:  Good.  Lets go while we can.  I need to change.

Ju:  watches his wife leave out the door then gives mun a grin  I remember us having sex but I wouldn’t call it an ambush if she knew it was coming.  Now this one IS an ambush.  Later woman.

mun:  The things I put up with.  Try to keep it down to a roar Ju.  It’s been a long day.

mun:  shakes head as he salutes then runs to catch his wife hopefully while she’s in the middle of undressing



~ by jujuken on January 27, 2016.

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