More Touring and Old Friends. part 1

The next performance in America was at a club so small the stage was practically on top of the audience or vice versa.  It was positively claustrophobic and it made Ju nervous enough to be off his game a little.  He’d played in small clubs before but for some reason this one just flat-out unnerved him.  His playing was fine but the joy that usually exuded from him just wasn’t there.  Aya did her best but he was quiet and not himself for the rest of the night.  She just held him in her arms until he was asleep, gave him a soft kiss on his brow, then went to sleep herself.

He seemed to be his old self the next day and Aya breathed a sigh of relief.   She was giving him a scalp massage and grinning at the sighs that brought.  She had let him eat what he wanted for breakfast, steak, eggs, toast with lots of jam and coffee strong enough to kill a moose.   Then she’d given him a full body massage which for a wonder didn’t lead to sex, now the scalp massage.

“Okay woman.  I know you well enough to know you’re about to do something that I probably won’t enjoy.  What’s up?”

She grinned and rubbed at a spot that felt good enough to almost make the awesome one wake up.  “Rei, Yuki and I are going shopping.  Now don’t cringe like that.  I’m not planning on spending one dime from our savings.  I’m spending my own money.  Being tour nurse pays well.  So.  Does my magnificent beast want or need anything?”

Ju thought about if for a minute.  “Cologne.  I’m almost out.  Something new.”

Aya looked puzzled.  “Shouldn’t you buy that?  You’re the one who has to wear it so it should be some scent you like.  I can’t decide that.”

Ju turned and gave her a look that made her blink.  “I want you to buy something that will make you want to jump my bones every time you smell it.”

Aya shook her head and laughed before pulling him down for a kiss.  “You are so bad.”

Ju gave her another kiss before answering.  “You know it and you love me anyway.  What time are you meeting the others?”  When Aya told him he gave her a lecherous grin.

“Since I behaved myself last night and this morning, I’d say I’m due for some down and dirty.  Just be thankful you have to go out later or walking would be an issue.”

He was about to pounce on her when there was a knock on the door.  Ju was planning on ignoring it hoping that whoever was knocking would think they were out.   He’d forgotten they’d put the do not disturb sign on the door.  His band mates would have no problem ignoring the sign which was what was happening.  He would have ignored them if they hadn’t been causing such a racket.

He opened the door with a “what?” and was met with the whole band laughing and pushing each other.  H looked at him and glared.  “Why aren’t you dressed?  We’ve got a meet and greet in a few minutes and they want you guys there.  Put some shoes on and let’s go or we are going to be late.”

Ju swore.  He’d forgotten all about that.  Sighing, he slid his feet in his shoes, kissed Aya on the cheek and told her he’d finish their “conversation” later.   He left to a chorus of “did we interrupt something, good.”  Aya shook her head as she watched them leave.  Ju was lucky to be working with such a group of good people.

Ju enjoyed himself at the meet and greet.  It was unusual for the support staff to be included in these things but the fans wanted to ask them questions also.  Some of them were down right scandalous and while H got the most attention, then K, he got a lot more than the other guys.  Seems the fans appreciated his goofiness as much as his bass playing.

While Ju was being idolized by his fans, Aya was in an exclusive shop checking out cologne for her man.   Rei and Yuki couldn’t believe she’d spend one hundred dollars US on cologne for Ju even if it smelled heavenly which it did.  “Well he said buy something that would make me want to jump his bones whenever he wore it.”

Rei laughed.  “Aya, the man could be wearing soap and you’d want to jump his bones.”  The three ladies all laughed at that.  They were in the hotel restaurant having some lunch and having a good time when a handsome man walked over and bowed.  He was very clearly Japanese.  He asked if he could speak to Aya.   She was about to ask why when he broke into a grin that Aya knew meant trouble.

He pulled up a chair and sat next to her.  “You are the cutest little thing.  My friends call me Goner and I want you to be my friend.  I’ve been so lonesome here with no Japanese ladies to talk to.”  Aya glared at him when he put an arm around the back of the chair she was sitting in and picked up a sweet potato fry off her plate.

She pushed the plate to him with a shark’s grin.  “I’m surprised a restaurant as nice as this has gokiburi (cockroaches).  Maybe it’s time for us to leave ladies.”  She started to stand up but Goner put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“Aw, don’t be like that!  I meant no offense.  Let’s be friends.  I can show you the sights.  You can even bring your friends along for protection.  Whatta ya say?”

“I say you’re about to lose some teeth if you don’t leave my wife alone.”  Ju had walked up behind them.   Goner stood up.

“Maybe if the missus had said she was married I might and I mean might, have left her alone but she is a cutie.”  He turned around to face Ju.  They were about the same height and build but Goner looked more the thug then Ju ever did.  He was about to ask Ju where his help was if he was gonna do some fighting but he stopped, stared, then fell out laughing.

“I don’t fucking believe this.  Out of all the women in this world, I wound up hitting on your wife.  The gods are sadistic pricks.  What’s up dude?  Long time no compete with.”

Ju glared at him.  “When the hell were you ever any competition?  I see you’re still a first class jackass.  Maybe that’s why I got all the ladies.  That and you’re still as ugly as a warthog.”

Aya, Rei and Yuki were looking back and forth at the men as they talked, confusion evident on their faces.  Were they friends or enemies?  Aya spoke first.  “Uhm…baby?  You know this man?”

Ju gave Goner another glare then turned to his wife.  “Yeah I know this jerk.  We were friends at one point until he started competing with me for the ladies.  Then he pulled every underhanded trick you could think of.”

Goner spoke up then.  “Hey, the hell I did!  You pulled some nasty stunts yourself asshole.  Which reminds me.  What happened to that girl you were dating as a senior?  I let you have that crazy bitch.”

“The crazy bitch is dead and we had a son she didn’t tell me about.  What about that girl you got knocked up?”

Goner shrugged.  “I married her.  She finally had enough of me after two more kids.  We divorced about three years ago.  So that handsome devil that won that award is yours?  I’d heard rumors.”

“I should hit you for not warning me about her.  Some friend you turned out to be.”

The men were back in each others faces by then.  They weren’t shouting but anyone looking would know something not good was going on.  Aya pinched her nose.  She was developing a headache.  “Ju?  Ju?  Junichiro?  Dead men walking?”  That last got both of their attentions.  The glare she was giving them made both men cringe.

“Rei, Yuki.  Thanks for lunch and the shopping trip.  I’m going to take these two idiots upstairs so they can shout this out in private.  If you hear sirens you’ll know I’ve pushed them out the window.”

Both ladies snickered, shot the two men mini-glares then left.  Aya turned to her husband.  “Upstairs now and bring…that with you.”  Goner huffed but he followed behind the pair quietly.  That changed the minute they hit their hotel room.  Aya shook her head as the two traded insults and accusations.  She let them go at it for about fifteen minutes then got in between the two of them.

“You two have got to be the two biggest idiots I’ve seen in some time.  After listening to the two of you I’d say you both got what you deserved.  Now bury the hatchet and apologize for killing your friendship over some truly flighty, non-deserving little girls.”

Goner looked down at Aya then up at Ju.  “Is she always like this?”  Ju nodded.  “Why do you think I married her?”

Goner shrugged.  “I thought it was because she is cute as a button.  Didn’t figure you’d go for someone with brains too.”

Ju was about to comment when a knock on the door turned out to be room service with lunch for them both and a couple of beers.  Aya pointed at the table.  “Sit.  Eat.  Behave or else.”  Both men knew that tone and sat without fussing.  They sat and ate and before long were trading war stories though Ju was careful about what stories he told.

After drinking a few beers the men seemed to have relaxed.  “Goner, what the devil are you doing here?  Last I heard you had a small club in Sapporo.”

Goner took a sip of beer.  “I came here to check out a local band I’d heard was from home and not too bad.   Thought if they were looking for a way back home I’d provide it.  Never know.  New talent is new talent.  I heard you’ve gotten involved with that V group.”

Ju nodded.  “Yeah. Support.  I finally got serious about playing.  Don’t say a word.”

Goner just grinned.  “I told you.  About time you got serious.  Congratulations by the way.  I hear you guys are on your way to England.  V has pretty much been everywhere.”  He turned to Aya, a mischievous look on his face.  “So you need any company while he’s touring all over the world?  I’m available.”

Aya, who had her head in a magazine, didn’t even bother to look up.  “I’ll never be that desperate.”  Ju fell out laughing.

Goner looked deflated.  “Damn that was harsh.”  Ju shook his head.  “She was being nice.  If she’d been harsh, you’d be a bleeding mess.  Mentally at least.”

He got up and walked over to Aya.  “So what did you get me?”  Aya just pointed to a small bag on the nightstand.  Goner beat him to it.  He dumped the contents out and whistled as he held up the barest of lacy undies.  “Damn dude.  She has good taste.”  Then he saw the cologne.  “Expensive taste too.  This stuff costs a small fortune.”

He squeaked as Aya smacked him on the back of the head, grabbed her undies and pointed toward the door.  “That’s it!  Out!”

Goner rubbed his head.  “Ow!  That hurt!  Are you going to let her get away with that?”  Ju wagged a finger at Aya.  “That’s MY job!”  He grabbed Goner by the collar and dragged him toward the door.  He pushed him out and slammed it before the man could say anything.   He then turned to his wife who was clearly amused.

“You didn’t have to buy anything expensive you know.”  When she smiled it made him blink for a change.  “Oh I know that but when I thought of you wearing something that smells this good it made me wet.  Care to try it out?”

Ju grinned, checked to make sure that Goner was gone, hung the do not disturb sign back on the door, then headed back toward his wife.  He opened the cologne, smelled it, approved and dabbled some on his neck.  Before he could say anything Aya was in his face and the look on hers made the awesome dick sing a happy song.  Before it was all said and done, he’d made her sing a happy song.

They had one more day in the States then it was home for a week to prepare for their UK tour.





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