A Hairy Situation

It was mid-afternoon when Ju sauntered into the flat.  He’d had a busy morning.  Studio at seven, then a short meeting, then back in the studio.  H had finally turned them loose around noon.  He decided that he needed a hair cut and headed to his favorite stylist since the man had a spot open.  Three hours later he was home and wondering where his wife was.

Aya was busy hanging up laundry when Ju arrived.  She had her headphones on and hadn’t heard the bike pull up so she was surprised when she walked in and found Ju in the kitchen with his head in the frig.

“Hey handsome.  I didn’t know you were home.   That was a long session.  I put some lunch up for you if you haven’t….”  She stopped talking and just stared as he stood up with a beer in one hand and a covered plate in the other.  She stared at him for a minute and resisted the urge to lick her lips as he tossed his head moving the errant locks of hair that fallen into his face.

“What?  Oh the hair.  I stopped and had it cut and redyed.  You like?”  He smiled as Aya nodded slowly.  His hair was mostly black again but with swaths of indigo and Persian blue.  It was cut to the base of his neck where it fanned out in tendrils.  He sat down and opened his beer before taking the lid off the plate to see what was for lunch.  He jumped a little when Aya reached around him and picked the plate up.

“Let me heat this up for you.”  Ju was a little puzzled since she hadn’t given him a kiss yet which was very odd.  She didn’t seem upset with him and she didn’t have any reason to be but she sure wouldn’t look at him.

“Are you okay baby?  You seem a little distant, distracted maybe.”  She came back over to the table with his now warmed plate of food.  She kissed him on the top of his head and inhaled.  His hair smelled as good as it looked.

“Thanks baby.  This looks good.  Let me tell you about that crazy man I work for.  Aya?  Where are you going?  Aya?!”

Aya didn’t even stop.  “Eat your food before it gets cold again.  I’m coming right back.”  She was back a few minutes later with more laundry.  She flashed him a quick smile then went out to finish hanging up what little was left .

Ju really was confused.  Where was his little spitfire?  He just knew she’d be all over him with the darker hair.  At least he thought she would be.  He was mildly disappointed but since she wasn’t mad at him he just ate his lunch.  He’d just finished and was heading into the bedroom to change when she came back in.

She sat down on the bed and watched him as he went about deciding what he was going to wear.  She had that owl looking at it’s prey look on her face though she hadn’t said a word.  It was unnerving.  He’d pulled off his shirt and was working on his pants when he couldn’t take it any more.  “Woman what is wrong with you?  You’re acting crazy even for you.”  That’s when he noticed she had a white-knuckled grip on the bedspread.

“Aya?  Baby what’s wrong?  Are you in pain?  Why the death grip?”  He’d gotten down on his knees in front her and was about to touch her when she flinched.  He pulled his hand back like it’d been burned.

“Aya, I…”

She looked at him and he gulped.  He knew that look but being on his knees like he was he didn’t think he’d be able to move fast enough.  She released the bedspread and raised her hands toward him.  She ran her fingers into his hair and pulled him to her for a kiss that was so intense he got lightheaded.  She started talking once the kiss was over, her fingers combing through his hair some before playing with the soft strands at the base of his neck, one of his zones.  The awesome dick woke up.

“You came waltzing in here with your hair like this.  You know how much you and dark hair turns me on but this is beautiful and you’re wearing that cologne too.  I’ve been trying to keep the darkness at bay but it wants you and I’m going to let it have you.”

She slid down off the bed, kissing him as she ran her fingers through his hair, down his chest, then into his boxers.  She talked to him in a throaty purr between kisses and the things she said she was going to do to him got the awesome one more and more awake.  Before he knew it they were both on the bed and she’d relieved him of his boxers.

She dined on him like he was lunch and she was starving.  When she’d had enough of that, she rode him hard and fast.  Once he’d recovered enough to speak he looked at her and the words froze in his mouth.  She had a positively feral look on her face.  He knew from experience that she was going to have at him again.  Hopefully he’d survive to get another hair cut.




~ by jujuken on February 21, 2016.

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