Love is…


Aya was in a blue mood.  Valentine’s day was approaching and she hadn’t come up with anything to wow her man.  After eighteen plus years of marriage, it was getting harder to come up with new ideas especially after last year’s surprise.  She didn’t want to do the pole dance again this year.  It was a very special gift for him and she didn’t want to overuse it.  Once or twice more in the coming years while she was still agile enough to do it would be enough.

She and Amaya were in the local mall having lunch when the subject came up.  Amaya had bought her secret love a box of some very expensive chocolates.  As much as Aya had bugged her about it, she had yet to tell Aya who it was.  Whoever it was, Amaya was clearly smitten and apparently very happy about it.

“I’m going to…

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~ by jujuken on February 21, 2016.

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