My lovely but strange wife has been doing a lot of feeling me up lately.  She’s either running her hands through my hair or running her hands over my tattoos.  I call her a pervert and she just goes “yesss” and keeps touching me.  I don’t mind really but it has led to some interesting evenings.

Take yesterday.  She had a job early and had gotten showered and dressed while I was still sleeping.  I woke to find her just staring at my partially uncovered body.  The look she had on her face.  If I’d been food I’d have been eaten down to the last crumb.

Me being me decided to milk the situation for all it was worth.  I oozed off the bed looking like liquid sex, that’s what she called it later, my pajama bottoms hanging very low and stood there so she could take it all in.   I walked over to her and asked if she was going to leave without kissing me goodbye.  She shook her head no so I kissed her and it was a major breath stealer.

By the time that kiss was over she’d run her hands over my chest and they were right at the waist of my pants and moving down when I reminded her she had a job to get to.  You would have thought I’d kicked that demon cat of hers, the look she had.  I whispered in her ear that I’d be ready and waiting when she got home and smiled at the shiver that caused.

I gave her my back as I walked back toward the bed before stopping and looking over my shoulder at her.  She looked as if she was photographing every inch of me before she swallowed, gave me a shaky smile and fled the room.  She was going to have to spend most of the day remembering what she left at home.  I’m so mean.

I did a few chores around the house.  Yes I will do housework especially if I’m on the prowl for some major bone jumping.  Since I hadn’t had any for a couple of days, no we don’t do it every day unfortunately, I figured that we were overdue.  I also ordered in some take out.  The sooner dinner was over, the sooner she could have me for dessert.  I’m devious too.

I was looking out the window when she pulled up.  I grinned.  She was sure to notice the work I’d done.  I was also wearing a sweat suit.  I had the jacket open with no shirt under it and the pants were riding extremely low on my hips showing off the bat tats I’d gotten recently.   I looked like her idea of a walking wet dream.  This was going to be fun.

She came in, hung up her coat and came looking for me.  I was in the kitchen putting some rice on to cook.  It’s one thing I can make safely.  She smiled at me then looked around.  The place was immaculate if I should say so myself.  She just stood there with her mouth open.  I’d had my back to her and had only looked over my shoulder when she came in.  When she started to speak I turned around.  The words froze in her mouth.

I walked over to her and gave her a quick kiss which seemed to wake her up from whatever sex filled daze she was in.   She thanked me for cleaning up then told me she was going to take a shower and change before dinner.  The look she was giving me as she talked threatened to set my clothes on fire.  I wisely didn’t tell her I’d gotten takeout and since she hadn’t seen it dinner would be a surprise.   I was working on every bell and whistle she had.

While she was in the shower I put the rest of my nefarious bone jumping plan into motion.  I pulled out the wok and took off my sweat jacket to put on one of her aprons, the less frilly of the bunch.  Since there was no back to the thing my demon tat was in almost full display.  The rice was ready so I waited until a few minutes after the shower stopped running to pull out the wok and get it heating.  All I was going to do was reheat the stir fry I’d gotten.  Even I could do that without burning down the house.  I was busy flipping the food when she walked in.

She was asking what I wanted for dinner but stopped in mid-sentence.  I couldn’t tell you if it was me half-dressed or me cooking that stopped her.  Probably a combination of both.  I turned around with the wok in my hand and grinned.  The dress she’d put on put the ease in easy access.  It was short, loose and zipped down the front from the neck down to the bottom.  Her look went from hot to horrified.

I laughed and assured her that I was just warming up the takeout I’d gotten and for her to sit down.   I turned back around and placed the wok back on the heat for another minute or two.  I looked over my shoulder at the sound of a can being opened and found my wife drinking a beer of all things.  I asked her if she was hot and she gave me a throaty yes.  Must have been mighty hot for her to do that.

She at least remembered to get me a beer before she sat down at the table.  I brought over the stir fry and bowls of rice before taking off the apron and putting my jacket back on.  She watched all of this quietly and got a disappointed look on her face when I zipped the jacket up.

We did our normal talking at dinner but she would look at me from time to time like she was trying to decide what part of me she was going to have for dessert.  When I got up, took the jacket back off, and put the apron back on so I could wash the dishes, her eyes tracked my every move.  When she realized I was about to do the dishes her eyes got even darker.  Yeah I’d say someone was getting pretty primed so when I felt small soft hands running down my back I wasn’t surprised.

She ran her hands down my back then around my waist as she laid her head against my back and thanked me for doing the housework, the dishes and dinner.  When she kissed my back it tickled a little so I flexed my back muscles.  Oh the sigh that came from those soft lips made the awesome one open up his sleepy eye.

I went back to washing the dishes in hopes that the awesome one would go back to sleep at least until I was done.  I had another surprise or two for my beautiful wife.  When she began to run her hands up and down my torso I figured it was time for the next surprise.

I was about done with the dishes so I let her know I’d bought her some of her favorite cookies and they were on the night table in the bedroom.  How she didn’t notice them while she was changing is a testament to how hot and bothered she was.  I grinned when those hands vanished.  I know my wife and as much as she loves feeling me up, she loves those cookies even more.  I also knew she would have at me once she’d eaten a couple.

While she was busy munching, I finished the dishes, hung up the apron then headed toward the bedroom.  I closed my jacket so all of me was pretty much covered when I got into the room.  She looked up when she heard me and got a disappointed look on her face but smiled and thanked me for the cookies.   I could tell she was trying to figure out a way to make me take off that jacket so she could go tattoo staring again without being obvious about it.   I took it out of her hands.

A few weeks ago she’d seen a performance that V had done in the UK a couple of years ago.  It was the first time she’d seen it.  I played a prominent role in the piece with a solo to start and a heavy bass influence throughout.  I was in the zone and did a lot of undulating and swaying during the performance.  After she’d seen it she ambushed me and had at me until I had to hide from her.  I was aiming for that again, magnified a couple of times.  The difference being I wasn’t expecting that the last time.  I was well prepared for it this time.

I went over to the bed and slowly bent down to get a cookie out of the box.  I managed to snag one while she was staring down my jacket.  She’s very stingy with those cookies.  She looked up at me and licked her lips and I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the cookies or what she saw.  I backed up slowly nibbling on the cookie then walked over to the bureau and turned on the cd player.  I had that song queued up.

She was asking me why I did all that I’d done when the first chords of my bass started and she stopped.   I played air bass for a while doing the undulating and swaying from the performance.  I threw my head back and pulled the zipper down on my jacket as I swayed.  When K’s guitar riff started, I turned my back to her and dropped the jacket off of my shoulders then continued playing my air bass.

Just remembering it put me in a zone.  When it was time to sing the chorus I changed the words a little as I walked toward my mesmerized wife.  All that moving around had caused my pants to drop even lower and had exposed the two bats on my hips even more, so when I got to her my pants were hanging scandalously low.  I tilted her head up and sang, “I’ve been to heaven.  Heaven is you.”  I kissed her then, long, deep and slow.

When the kiss ended I took a step back and blinked.  The smile she had on her face made me wonder if it was the kiss, the dance or the cookies that had her so happy.  What I hadn’t noticed was that her sitting on the bed and me standing put a certain part of my anatomy within easy reach.  She licked her lips and I waited for the fun to start.

She pulled me closer and ran her hands down my chest and across those bats on my hips.  She told me how happy I’d made her with the housework and dinner.  She called me her handsome, sexy, walking picture show.  She was working my pants down as she spoke.  The fact that I was going commando made her smile even more.

She put those magic hands of hers to good use and had me hard in no time.  Once the awesome one was awake she dined on him as if he were a box of those cookies she likes so much.  I had my hands on her shoulders to keep from falling down.  It made my knees so weak.

I finally pulled away from that delicious mouth of hers, pulled her onto her feet, unzipped that dress she had on and pulled it back enough to pin her arms in it.  Then I nibbled, bit and licked her down to her bra before popping the snap and enjoying those pert breasts of hers.

When I’d had enough of that, I turned her around, pulled the dress down and off then pushed her face down on the bed.  She lifted her hips enough for me to pull off her panties.  When I put my hand between her legs she was so wet it made me moan.  I had planned on torturing her for a while but I wanted in too bad so without any more foreplay, as if she needed it, I entered her up to the hilt.

Good thing I was expecting it.  She came immediately.  Felt damn good too.  It just spurred me on.  I rode her hard, one hand between her legs playing with her, the other worrying first one breast then the other.  I was rough with her, not only because I knew she could take it, but because I knew she liked it.  As rough as I thought I was being, she had her hand on mine urging me to be even rougher.  Oh she was seriously primed.

When she demanded that I bring her again, I pulled her down to the end of the bed, put my feet on the floor, grabbed her by the hips and went wild on her.  She was making the most delicious sounds and it made me even wilder.  It’s a good thing we had the flat to ourselves.  The headboard was banging on the wall hard enough to mar the paint.

I could feel myself getting close so I grabbed that little knob between her legs and abused it while I continued to pound into her.  It did the trick.  She came again and it was glorious.  She took me with her and I know I yelled her name when I came.  I collapsed on top of her and she didn’t even care.  We were both bundles of twitching, over-excited, nerve endings.

Once I was coherent again, I rolled off of her.  I was beat.  She snuggled up to me, called me a monster and told me she loved me more than life.  Me and my tattoos.   Then she said something that made the awesome one twitch, albeit feebly.  She wondered what would happen if she got a tattoo.


~ by jujuken on March 9, 2016.

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