More touring and old friends pt 3: The pod person post

The flight to the UK was uneventful but long.  Aya bounced all over the place until Ju threatened to give her a sedative if she didn’t settle down.  She didn’t and as soon as they checked into their hotel room he gave her all the sedative she could handle.  Neither one complained and Ju was in a very good mood when the guys saw him again. They wisely didn’t comment on the wide smile that seemed permanently etched on his face.

They had twenty-four hours to settle in then the work began.  Meetings, rehearsals, sound checks at the venue they were playing in, equipment checks, all needing doing before their first performance.  That one went off without a hitch as did the second performance at their next stop.  Things went haywire at their third stop.

Since V had performed in the UK before, they had fans there.  At their third stop, the place was packed with many of their fans.  Things were going well until Ju’s amp suddenly stopped working.  He kept playing his bass while the crew worked to get it working again.  It started back up and worked for a whole one song before conking out again.  This time no amount of work could get it up so they stopped long enough to bring out his backup amp.  Once he was going again the crowd encouraged him with lots of shouts and applause.  It made him feel better but once they were off stage again he let his anger at the situation get the better of him.

Apparently the amp had been dropped while being unpacked.  The crew had checked it and it seemed fine but something worked its way loose during the performance.  Ju had yelled at the guys saying they should have told him about the accident and used the backup in the first place.  When his bandmates tried to calm him down, he growled at them stating that it wasn’t them that looked like a fool on stage.

Things came to a head when Aya tried to console him and he snapped at her telling her that since she wasn’t the one on stage how would she know how he felt.  He regretted it immediately.  The look of hurt in her eyes let him know he’d messed up.  He pulled her to him and hugged her telling her he was sorry and that he didn’t mean it like it sounded.  He knew he’d hurt her and since H, K and the others were around, they all heard it.  None of them approved especially H who pulled Ju to the side and read him the riot act quietly.

After things quieted down, Ju apologized to everyone and things went back to normal.  Ju and Aya didn’t speak of it again until they’d gotten back to Japan and then not until Valentine’s Day.  In the meantime they worked, went sightseeing and jumped each others bones when they were able.  There were no other mishaps and the new song that the two bands worked on together was a big hit.  All in all, it was a successful trip.

They had only been home a couple of days when Ju got a text from someone he didn’t know.  He read it twice before he remembered Goner’s visit.  It was the vocalist.  Ju had forgotten all about Goner’s suggestion.  He had yet to run it past Aya.  He was in no hurry to do it either.  That would be one more thing to eat up what little time he spent with his wife though the idea of a band of his own piqued his interest.

He sent the young man a text back saying he’d get in contact with him in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time he wanted some rest and quality time with his woman before he hit the studio.  V was working on a new cd and H had a birthday coming up.  They were planning a performance to celebrate the event.  It was going to be broadcast live with some prior performances and promotional videos for a whole week up to H’s birthday.

It was during one of those prior performances that his sprite of a wife saw him doing a solo then the lead in a song that set her on fire.  He didn’t know what hit him.  She jumped his bones with a vengeance and repeatedly.  When the live finally rolled around he was happy to be out of the house.  That woman and her libido.

The performance was a hit though H was fighting a cold and didn’t sound like his normal self.  At one point his mic cut out and Ju found himself singing alone.  He didn’t hit any off keys so he was happy about that but singing alone like that was something he was glad he didn’t have to do on a regular basis and he respected H more for it.

They celebrated way into the night afterward and Ju nursed a hangover of epic proportions the next day.  Aya for once didn’t bitch about it which made Ju very happy.

V did a couple more shows between then and Valentines Day.  Aya planned a very nice and quiet day for them both.  She treated Ju like a king.  For a change she didn’t have anything decadent planned but that was fine.  What he got was a day full of love and attention and he’d take that any day of the week.

Ju, who had noticed his wife’s fixation on his tattoos years ago, decided that he should pay his wife back for all the attention on Valentine’s Day and plotted some payback.  Aya had been spending a lot of time running her hands over him even when there wasn’t any sex coming.  They’d slowed down the frequency but only because they were usually so busy that they didn’t have the energy they once had.

She’d been out on a number of jobs and he’d been in the studio so it was rare that they both had time off.  He was off at the moment and she had a job so he plotted a sure-fire way to get his bones jumped.   It worked like a charm and he tried to screw his petite little wife through a wall and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Since that night she had a glow about her and a ready smile whenever she saw him.  Things got really weird when Toshi paid a visit.


Aya was making sure she had her phone when there was a knock at the door.   She opened it to find Toshi standing there.  The man hadn’t been around much with Ju touring and Yoichi living a few doors down.  She beamed a smile at him, gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Toshi!  How are you?  It’s been a while.  Come in.  Ju’s down in his studio playing with his bass.  You look good.  Life must be treating you well.   You are planning on staying for dinner right?  I’m about to go shopping so if there is something you’d like me to make for you I would suggest you tell me now.”

Toshi stood there with his mouth hanging open.  When Aya asked if he was alright Toshi just nodded slowly.  “You’re in a good mood and yeah I’ll stay for dinner.  Whatever you were planning on fixing is fine.  You say Ju is downstairs?  I’ll just let myself down.  See you soon?”

Aya gave him a radiant smile then bounced out of the flat.  Toshi stood staring at the closed door for a long minute before he turned and headed downstairs.  He didn’t bother to knock but rushed into Ju’s small studio and slammed the door behind him.  Ju raised an eyebrow when he threw the lock.

He started to speak but Toshi cut him off.  “Man.  I just had the weirdest conversation.  Where in the hell did you find that pod person impersonating your wife?  It was creepy as hell.  Looks just like her but…”  He shivered.

“Toshi, hi and what the hell kind of drugs are you on?  Aya let you in right so what’s all this about a pod person?  That’s what you called her right, a pod person?  For that matter what the hell is a pod person?”

“A pod person.  A pod person.  You know.  The aliens grab you, eat you or some shit and then they go into a pod and come out looking like you or whoever they ate.  Fucking creepy man.  He got a look on his face then backed up until his back hit the door.  “You are Ju aren’t you?”

Ju just shook his head and went back to working on the piece in front of him.  “You have a few loose screws Tosh.”

Toshi walked over to him and sat down on the sofa.  “No seriously man.  Aya gave me a hug, a kiss, invited me to dinner and then asked if I wanted her to fix anything special.  That was not your wife.”

Ju laughed.  “She’s just in a real good mood.  Don’t read anything weird into it.”

“Man the last time Kiba was in a personality altering mood like that was right after I’d screwed him within an inch of his life.”  He got a grin on his face that would have probably led to Aya giving him a death glare.  “Damn dude.  You must have been awesome to screw her that well.”

Ju didn’t respond but he couldn’t quite hide the smile the memory produced.

“I knew it!  You old dog!  You do still have a few good ones in you.”

Ju gave him a perfect copy of one of Aya’s glares.  “I should hit you for that.  I’ve got a lot of good ones left in me.  The smile on Aya’s face most of the time should tell you that.  Why are you here?  Yoichi is on location.”

“Just came to make sure your old ass was still alive and kicking after all that touring.  And here you are acting like an eighteen year old on steroids.  Way to go.  I’m not complaining if pod person Aya is the result.  So what are you up to now I mean besides working on some new material?”

Ju just shook his head, put his bass down and motioned for Toshi to head upstairs.  “I’ve got something I need your opinion on.  I’m going to talk to Aya about it later but some input from someone in the business will help.”

The two men headed into the kitchen where Toshi pulled a couple of beers out of the fridge then told Ju to call Aya and have her pick up some more.  That done, Ju opened his laptop and queued up the vids of Ru for Toshi to check out.

“The kid is good.  Not my style of music but he’s got a good voice.  Why the interest?”

“He’s looking to be part of a group and my name came up for leader.  Goner said that he already has a guitarist friend wanting to join forces.  I don’t know…..”

He was cut off by Toshi uttering a string of expletives that made him wince.  He’d forgotten all about Goner’s warning.  He waited for a bit hoping Toshi would run out of insults.  The man had some impressive ones that made Ju flinch.  Definitely no love lost there.

Toshi finally calmed down a little.  “How do you know that wasted screw?  He’s….”

Ju cut him off before he went on another tirade.  “I’ve known him since middle school.  We were friends back then.  When we realized we had the same tastes in girls our friendship kind of fell apart.  Competition will do that.  I hadn’t seen him in years.  Ran into him in California hitting on Aya.  Don’t worry.  You know my wife.  She hit him back repeatedly.”

“I bet.  Considering how much of a jerk he is, the fact that he’s still breathing means you kept her from killing him.  Why?”

Ju laughed.  “She told him point-blank that she was saving that honor for you.  The last time I saw him he was running away from her and her surgical scissors.”

That put a broad smile on Toshi’s face.  “Got the number to a flower shop?  I’m going to get that woman a dozen roses.”

“Oh?  What did I do to deserve roses?”  Both men turned to find Aya standing in the doorway.  They went over and helped her with the bags she was carrying.  Toshi explained his comment and Aya laughed.

“I was just checking my nurse’s bag when he said he was leaving.  After he left the idea of sewing his mouth shut did cross my mind.  How did you two get on that…person?”

Before Ju could say anything Toshi chimed in.  “Oh he wanted Ju to check out a guy for a possible band of his own.  He’s an ass but he knows talent when he hears it.”  When Aya turned to Ju the man blanched.  That rosy glowing woman had been replaced with a storm cloud.

“A band?  Of your own?  Why am I just hearing about this and Ju, I barely have any time alone with you now.”

Toshi realized he’d started something and tried to calm Aya down.  “He hasn’t decided anything yet Aya and he was going to talk to you about it.  I just let my big mouth go off before my mind could stop it.  You know me.  Speak first, think last.  Even if Ju did have his own band, they’d be local and only a side job in case V disbands which could happen.  They aren’t H’s main band.  Just his side project for now.  He’s just very successful at what he does.  So don’t be mad at Ju.”

Aya relaxed and went over to Ju, placing her arms around his waist and leaning her head on his chest.  “I’ll hear you out on this Ju.  A backup plan is always a good thing.  I just hate not having you all to myself.”  She looked up and he leaned down to give her a quick kiss.

She let him go with a smile then began unpacking the bags.  While she was doing that Ju opened up the folder with Ru’s songs in it and played one.

“He does have a good voice Ju.  What’s he look like?”  When Ju showed her she turned and without any hesitation went, “go for it.”

Ju blinked.  “Just like that?  No arguing?  No tears?  Why was this so easy?”

Aya gave him a grin that made his eyebrows rise.  “First because I can tell you want to do it.  Second, because he has a good voice.  Third, because he’s cute.  Fourth and most important…”  She leaned down into his face.  “I’m going to make you pay for every night I spend alone.  You might want to talk to your doctor about those little blue pills.  You’re going to need them.”

Ju swallowed audibly while Toshi fell out laughing.  Aya got them both more beers, told them to both get out of her kitchen, then bounced around the kitchen preparing dinner and thinking about all the things she was going to do to her magnificent beast.  She was humming happily if a little off-key.

Toshi and Ju filed out of the kitchen, beers in hand and went to see if there was a soccer match on.  Toshi looked toward the kitchen then at Ju.

“Pod person I tell you.  That was too easy and no way in hell are you going to convince me you did her well enough to get that reaction.  She’s been switched.  You’ll be next.  Mark my words.”  With that he settled in, drank his beer and ignored first the glare from Ju then the shaking of his head.  In the back of his mind though Ju was thinking the same thing.  It was way too easy.




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