Secrets, Lies and Heartfelt Confessions pt 1

Aya was brushing her hair when Ju ambled out of the bathroom.  She eyed him warily as he headed  over to the bed and began dressing.  He’d jumped her bones like an eighteen year old hopped up on Spanish fly all week.  After putting on his boxers and a wife-beater he gave her a grin.  She pointed her brush at him.

“If that thing even twitches in my direction I’m gonna swat you.”   He laughed and fell back on the bed, arms outstretched.  “Abuse me baby.”

Aya walked over and looked down at him.  “You’ll be singing a different song if I swat the right place.”  Ju got a look of horror on his face and covered his privates.  “You wouldn’t.”

Aya grinned.  “No I wouldn’t but I had you going for a minute.”  She squeaked when he made a grab for her.  She managed to elude him and went back to her cosmetics table and started applying some make up.  She shook her head when her husband started talking to the awesome one.

“She didn’t mean it.  You know she’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“Ju, you have issues I don’t even want to contemplate.  How about you stop playing with yourself and come give your wife a kiss before she leaves.”

He looked up at that.  “So where’s my beautiful barbarian off to?”

“I’m having lunch with Hana and Amaya today.   I shouldn’t be out very long.  What time are you due in the studio?”

Ju gave his wife a quick kiss before answering.  “I’ve got another two hours before I have to be there.  Hopefully I’ll be home before you turn in but if not make sure you leave me something to eat in case that slave driver forgets to feed us.”

Aya nodded, gave her beast another kiss then hurried out in case he changed his mind and decided he had time to jump her bones again.  She honestly didn’t know what had gotten into the man.  She really didn’t mind all that much since he was so damn good at jumping her bones but she had to draw the line somewhere or the man would be insufferable.

Aya made the right move.  Ju was seriously considering going at her again.  He filed the thought away for later and finished getting dressed.  Since he had some time to kill he headed down to the shop to see what was going on down there.  He spent some time talking to the guys and checking on Ichi and Tomo.  Since things seemed to be going well, he pulled the Porsche out of the garage, put the top down and headed to the studio.

He put the car through its paces and was pleased with the performance.  When he got to the studio, he pulled into the garage and parked next to H’s Lamborghini.  It was flashy but his Porsche was no slouch either.  He put the top up, locked the car then went in to what he hoped was a short session.  He had plans to ambush his wife again.  The thought made him smile.

While Ju was working and contemplating ambushes, his wife was entertaining her lunch companions with stories about her trip to the UK.   None of them had really had much of a chance to talk since she got back so gossip was at the front and center of their conversations.  It was when they got around to talking about Valentine’s day that things got really interesting.

“That was the best advice in the world Amaya.  Thank you.   He loved being the king of the world and I enjoyed making him one.”  Amaya laughed at the expression Aya got on her face at the memory.

“You are quite welcome.  I’m sure you enjoyed the aftermath also if that look is any indication.”  Hana looked between the two ladies.

“What did I miss?”  Aya clued her in.  Hana just laughed.  “Aya, that man would be happy if you just smiled at him.  And before you start denying it, remember.  I’ve seen him walk into things after you’ve smiled at him a certain way.  Why you get all stressed out about these things is beyond me.”

Amaya giggled.  “See?  I told you.  You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your man.”  Aya gave her a long look.  “Well?”

Amaya suddenly found the lunch menu very interesting.  “Well what?”

“Give woman.  I want to know who the lucky guy is.”  Hana leaned in, all ears.

Amaya blushed.  “I’ve got nothing to say except he really liked his gift.”  She got a devilish twinkle in her eyes.  “I mean, really like it.”

Hana laughed.  “Looks like you enjoyed it more than he did.  You know we’ve got a pool going at work.  Everyone is curious about your love interest.  We know you’ve got one.  No woman walks around with that type of glow without there being another person involved.  Last I checked that cute surgeon that started around the time you did is leading two to one.”

Amaya shook her head then turned to Aya.  “You see what I’m up against?  Now can you understand why I’m keeping his identity to myself?  When the time comes you guys will be the first to know.  Now can we change the subject?”  When both ladies shook their heads no, Amaya sighed.

Aya decided to give her friend a break and turned to Hana.  “So, have you told Acchan yet?”  Hana just stared at her.  “How?”  Aya pointed at her lunch.  “The only time I’ve ever seen you eat kimchi was when you were pregnant with Eri.  You normally won’t go near the stuff.”

Hana smiled.  “I just confirmed it myself.  We had talked about me having another child a little while ago and with Eri three years old now, it’s about time.   We’re hoping for a little brother for Eri.  Acchan is going to be so excited.”

Both ladies congratulated Hana.  Aya really was happy for her cousin.  For a brief moment she wondered how things would have been if she’d had her baby.  He would have been a grown man by now but she probably wouldn’t have had her magnificent beast.  The fact that she did made her happy.  She pulled out her phone and sent him a text saying she loved him.  She looked up at a cough from Hana.

She placed a hand over Aya’s.  “Things happen for a reason.  Meeting Ju saved you both and I doubt that you could be any happier than you’ve been with him and if he walked in here right now the smile you’d give him would light up the room.”

Aya hugged Hana and wiped a tear from her eye.   Amaya looked lost in thought.  “I’m not sure how you forgave him but you are a kind woman with a big heart.”

Aya shrugged.  “It was a long time ago and there were processes in motion I had no idea about but enough of this.  I’ve got a great step-son, a beautiful god-daughter, hopefully soon a godson and a magnificent beast that I love to pieces.  My life is full and I couldn’t be happier.  The only thing I need to know now is who has your eye.”

Amaya stood firm despite being grilled by her friends.  When she left they still didn’t know who she was dating.  Aya leaned over to Hana once Amaya was gone.  “So what’s the gossip at the hospital saying?”

“She’s been out with a number of doctors and a few interns but never more than a couple of times.  Always seems friendly but that’s all.  That asshole that chased you for so long asked but she politely and very firmly told him no.  I kind of thought that ex of yours would be after her but he’s been polite when he’s seen her but that’s all.  Of course he’s been extra busy these days what with the yearly fundraisers and all coming up.  All I know for certain is that there are days when she comes in looking like you do after that beast of yours has been at you.  Speaking of Ju, please don’t tell him I’m pregnant until after I tell Acchan.   He’d be on the phone ribbing him as soon as he found out.”

Aya nodded.  “I’ll leave the telling to Acchan.  Ju will be the second person he calls after his folks.  When are you going to tell him?  You know me and secrets.”

Hana thought about it.  “Probably later this week.  He has a couple of days off so I’m going to wine and dine him then drop the baby bomb.”

Aya laughed.  “You’d better screw his lights out first.  You know how he was with Eri.  Scared he’d break you if you guys made love.  You might want to stock up a little first.”  Hana laughed at that.

“You might have a point.  Which reminds me.  You seem to be doing some glowing yourself.  That beast you married been putting you through your paces?”

Aya blushed.  “I knew it!  That man and his libido.  And to think he was on your case about jumping his bones too much.”

Aya got the waitress attention and asked for a fresh cup of tea before commenting.  “He’s been relentless even for him.  Makes me wonder where he found that fountain of youth.  He’s been at me like he was still in his twenties.  I don’t mind really but he’s insufferable enough as it is.  This is just stoking that massive ego of his.  Still…”

Hana finished the sentence for her.  “You have no problems being ambushed constantly.  I don’t know if it’s because we are at that age but I’m more inclined to be jumped than to be left alone.  I thought we were supposed to have a cooling off period.  Oh well.  As long as the guys can keep up I’m not going to question it.  Speaking of which, it’s time for me to head back to my man.  If I hear anything more about Amaya’s possible boyfriend I’ll let you know.”

She gave Aya a hug then headed out.  Aya paid the tab then made a call.  “Hello Hito.  Long time no talk too.  How are you?  When were you going to tell me about you and Amaya?”




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