Secrets, Lies and Heartfelt Confessions part 2

It was late in the afternoon before Ju saw the text from Aya.  He frowned a little wondering what had prompted the text since “I love you”  was all she sent.  He knew his wife.  She only sent him those three words alone if something upset her and thinking of him made her feel better.   He couldn’t imagine what could have upset her since she was just having lunch with Amaya and Hana.

He shrugged, sent “I love you too woman” back at her and figured she’d tell him or not.  One thing he did know was that she usually wanted some slow and gentle lovemaking after one of those types of declarations.  He had no problem with that.  Now if that slave driving boss of his would let them out of there he’d be a happy man.

As it turned out H was about done and Ju made haste to get home to his wife.  He found her just finishing up the dinner dishes when he got in.  She gave him a big smile and a kiss before hugging him for a long moment.

“Should I be worried?  It’s not like you to send me those three words alone.  What got you so upset?”

Aya just held him around the waist.  “It was nothing really.  A sad memory is all.  Thinking of you made me smile again.”  She looked up for another kiss which he gladly gave her.

He grabbed his covered plate from the frig and popped it into the microwave.    “So what’s up with the two ladies?  Life being kind?  How’s Amaya doing at the hospital?”

Aya sat down at the table with a cup of tea.  “Everyone is fine.  Amaya’s blending in with the staff well.  She put that asshole doctor in his place but other than that she seems to be getting along with everyone she should be and ignoring those she shouldn’t.  You know the group.  Hana says hello.”

Ju sat down with his dinner and a beer.  “All she said was hello?  No smart remarks?  No horrific new names for me?  The woman is slipping.”

Aya grinned.  “Not today.  I think she may have hit her stride with that walking orgasm name.   I think they’re cute.”

Ju just grunted at that and ate his dinner.  Whatever had bothered his pretty little wife she seemed to want to keep to herself.  He wasn’t going to push the issue.  Instead he kept her entertained with stories about the session.

He was mildly surprised that no shopping had ensued.  When he asked her about it she informed him that Hana had to get back to the club and Amaya had to go to work.

“I didn’t feel like going alone and I really don’t need anything so I just came on home but if you want I’m sure I can find something to buy tomorrow.”

She giggled at the glare that got from her man.  She went around to his chair, waited for him to push it back, then crawled into his lap.  “You do know that if I’m tired, I won’t go shopping.  Maybe you can help with that situation.”

Ju acted like he was thinking about it.  “What do I get out of the deal?”  He grinned at the look he got from his wife.  “Ohhh!  I get that?  Let me think about it first and I’ll….ouch!  That hurt woman!  You know jumping your bones is the most favorite part of my day…next to eating, having a few beers, watching a soccer match.  Hey?  Where are you going?  Come back here you little minx.”

He grabbed his wife around the waist as she tried to slip out of his lap.  “You know if I had my way the only thing I’d do all day is have you in my arms now stop squirming and give your magnificent beast a kiss.”  She gave him the kiss but she didn’t stop the squirming and the awesome one was very pleased at that.

After a couple more kisses Aya did manage to get away from her amorous husband long enough to clean up his dirty dishes.  He then proceeded to chase her around the flat until she was ready to be caught.  Just as he predicted their love-making was slow and gentle.  Aya was all soft caresses and light kisses.  When they were done she snuggled against him like she was afraid he’d leave.  Ju would have given a show’s worth of salary to find out what had prompted this but since his wife didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t push it.  He just wrapped her in his arms until she fell asleep before letting sleep claim him as well.

The next morning when Aya awoke, her magnificent beast had already left for his session.  She showered and got dressed.  She thought about her phone conversation with Naohito as she did.

“Hello Hito.  Long time no talk to.  How are you?  When were you going to tell me about you and Amaya?”

Naohito looked at his phone and sighed.  “Hello Aya.  I’m fine thank you and I can’t tell you about me and Amaya if there’s no me and Amaya.  Where in the world did you get the idea that we were an item?”

“Oh I don’t know Hito.  The fact that you didn’t chase her after she started working at the hospital was my first clue and her being so closed mouth about it.  It just sounded strange that considering your interest before she started working there, that after she got the job all you’ve been is polite  when you’ve seen her.”

“You’ve been talking to that cousin of yours haven’t you?  That woman.  If I didn’t know better I’d swear you guys were twins.  You look alike and think alike.  But no.  I’ve been too busy to be courting someone.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a meeting to get to.  Call me later in the week and we can have lunch if that man you married will allow…wait.  Forget I even thought that.  As if you’d need permission from anyone.  Give me a call and we can have lunch.  I’d enjoy talking to you and getting some ideas about fundraisers.  You didn’t think I’d swing for lunch for nothing did you?  I’ll talk to you later Aya.  Bye.”

Aya looked at her phone and grinned.  He hadn’t convinced her at all.  She was going to grill him good when they had lunch and if she didn’t hear from him in a few days she was just going to show up at the hospital and ambush him.

That was twenty-four hours ago and Aya was having a few doubts about him and Amaya.  Maybe she had read him wrong but she really didn’t think so.  For starters he hadn’t called her once to have her put in a good word for him or to find out if she’d talked to Amaya about their past since Ju had spilled the beans.  It just wasn’t in Naohito’s nature to give up anything without a fight.  Then there was Amaya’s reluctance to say who she was dating.  She probably knew that Ju wouldn’t be happy about it and she could be uncertain how Aya herself would react.  Saying it was okay was one thing.  It being true was another.  Then there was the fact that Ju was going to be upset with her if the things she’d said to Amaya had convinced the woman to go out with the man.  He’d been specific when he told her to stay out of it.

She sighed.  Well at least there was Hana’s good news.  She couldn’t wait until Hana spilled the beans to Acchan so she could celebrate outright.  She hoped that they had the little boy they wanted.


H eyed Ju suspiciously.  The man had been bouncing all over the place and it was tiring H out just watching him.  He finally pulled him to the side and told him he was gonna give him a sedative if he didn’t calm down.  Ju just grinned.

“Can’t a guy be in a good mood around here without the sedative police showing up?   The sessions are going well considering the amount of bitching you aren’t doing.  No long tours here or abroad so I have time to spend at home with my adoring wife.  The shop is doing well without me.  What’s not to be happy about?  When I’m extra happy I show it.”

H just shook his head.  “I’m sure your adoring wife had a lot to do with you being so happy.  You two.  Right now, you’re working my nerves.  Get out of here.  We’re done anyway and I could use the rest from watching you bounce around out of control.”

Ju grinned, saluted and made a hasty exit in case H changed his mind.   He was going to treat his woman to a night out and hopefully another round of bone jumping.

His woman was looking at old photos and thinking she’d lucked up.  Her man was tall, thin, handsome, sexy and talented.  If he had a little more booty he’d be dangerous.  That was just the outside stuff.  He had a good heart, a great sense of humor and could kiss a corpse back to life.  She wasn’t even going to go into how good he was in bed.

She smiled when she heard the Porsche pull up.  The thing was almost as noisy as his bike.  She wondered just how tired he was.  The idea of jumping his bones was crossing her mind.  She at least wanted to get some of those corpse rejuvenating kisses.

Ju couldn’t suppress the smile on his face when he saw Aya standing in the door waiting for him.   He knew that look and licked his lips.  He had been wondering if he was going to have to chase his lovely wife around a bit before he jumped her bones.  From the smile on her face he thought not.  He walked in and got into her face.


Aya put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a major breath-stealer.  When they broke for air Ju commented.  “I take that for a yes and I haven’t even told you I’m taking you out for dinner.  That’s if you don’t mind Acchan’s.  I’m not up for fancy tonight.  Dinner, a little dancing, then a serious have at you.  All you have to do is nod.”

Not only did Aya nod, she gave him a few have at you kisses then went to change.  Ju figured if he followed her they’d never make it to Acchan’s and he was hungry so he just cooled his jets on the sofa until she made her reappearance.  When she did he just sat there with his mouth hanging open.

His wife was wearing some hip-hugging jeans that hugged her hips very nicely and a slinky cowl-necked shell that barely hid her midriff.  Between the shortness of the shell and how low the pants were riding on her hips, he could catch a glimpse of smooth skin and on that skin was the tattoo of a small butterfly.

Ju couldn’t believe his eyes.  He watched as his wife walked over to him flashing that tattoo.  When she got close enough he lifted her shell to get a good look at it.  He looked up at her and grinned.

“You had me going there for a minute.  Temp?”  Aya smiled and nodded.

“I just wanted to see what one would look like and what your reaction would be.”  She giggled when Ju kissed the butterfly.  It tickled.

“It’s sexy.  Be thankful I’m hungry woman or I’d be peeling you out of that outfit now instead of later.  Let’s go.  I wanna show off my pretty princess, get fed, then get up close and personal.”

Aya gave him a kiss for that, which made him moan and seriously consider changing his plans but his stomach made its displeasure known with a loud gurgling which sent his wife into a round of giggles.

“Come on handsome.  Let’s go feed that monster so we can take care of the other one later.”Ju grinned and the pair headed out to Acchan’s.

When they got there, Acchan was busy passing out beers and pounding people on the back.  Hana was standing off to the side of the bar all smiles.   When Acchan spotted Ju he made a beeline for him and Aya, a spritzer in one hand and a beer in the other.

“Just the people I wanted to see!  Guess what?  I’m gonna be a dad!  Well a dad again!  Hana’s expecting!  Isn’t it great?”

Aya hugged him then went to see Hana while Ju pounded him on the back hard enough to move him a few steps.

“It’s about time you old dog.  Eri’s what, three now?  Hope it’s a boy but another girl will be fine as long as she takes after her mom.  Hell the boy better take after her too.  Wouldn’t wish your mug on anyone.  Ouch!  That hurt!  Seriously dude.  Congratulations!”

Hana grinned when Aya came into view.  She hugged her cousin who nodded toward the two men.  “I thought you were going to wait a couple of days before you told him.  What happened?”

Hana sighed.  “Kimchi and morning sickness happened.  I just had to have some last night and well this morning…it’s about the only thing I hated about being pregnant.  I hope it’ll pass as quickly as it did with Eri but I know that every pregnancy is different.”  She checked Aya’s outfit out.  “You’re looking awfully sexy tonight.  Planning on ambushing that man candy you married?”

Aya laughed.  “Ju was saying you were slipping because you hadn’t come up with anything new to call him.  Man candy.  He’s gonna do some serious cringing with that one.  I’m beginning to think you only come up with these names because you know he’ll be horrified.”

“Of course I do.  It’s fun.  Oh ho!  What’s this?”  She lifted Aya’s shell an inch and whistled.  “You?  A tattoo?  It looks like you’ve had it for a while.  No.  It’s a temp!  What made you get one?”

Aya shrugged.  “I wanted to see what Ju’s reaction would be if I had a tat.  I’ll find out later if you get my meaning.”

Hana shook her head.  “You’ve spoiled that man terribly.  You know that right?  That’s so unlike you actually.”

Aya looked back at Ju who was holding a lively conversation with Acchan and a couple of their other friends.

“I’ve been thinking about that the past couple of days.  He saved my life in a sense.  I was just going through the motions of being happy and whole but after I met him and we started dating I knew I’d been fooling myself.   There was a hole in my soul that losing my baby caused.  He filled that hole so neatly, so completely, that I never really longed for any children.  I had him and it made me so happy that I didn’t think I had room for anyone else.  Then he gave me Yoichi.  I didn’t tell you that he called me mom the last time we talked and that life I thought was full got even fuller.  If I’ve spoiled Ju it’s because he deserves to be.  I’m his number one fangirl and he’s my best friend and the love of my life.  And since he’s headed this way I’d better make sure there’s some food coming.  My baby is starving.”

Hana hugged her cousin and wiped the tears from her eyes.  “I’ll have two specials made up.  Oh and you need to call your mom.  You bringing up Yoichi made me remember.  She just found out who he is.  I don’t envy you having to have that conversation.  Now go give your man a kiss and keep him distracted until the food arrives.”

Aya sighed.  She’d been avoiding her mom.  She’d never told her about Yoichi for fear that she’d start ranting about Ju being an unfit parent and the like.  She knew the conversation was going to be rough.  She put a smile on her face and waited for Ju to get in her personal space.  She gave him a quick kiss and let him know dinner was on the way.

Ju put his arms around her for a quick hug.  He could tell something was up and it wasn’t good.  Hopefully she’d tell him.  If not he was going to grill that cousin of hers.  He wasn’t about to let his baby be upset and not know or be able to do anything about it.  But for the moment he was content knowing that he would do anything and everything in his power to make sure she was happy.








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