Secret, Lies and Heartfelt Confessions part 3: The Conversation

Ju gently combed his fingers through Aya’s hair.  Dinner and dancing had been a big hit with his wife and she’d allowed him to jump her bones with a passion.  She was still distracted though and all the slight prompting by him couldn’t get her to talk about what was bothering her.  He vowed to call Hana once the session he had in the morning was over.  Right now though, his wife was sleeping peacefully and far as he was concerned all was right with the world.

She was still distracted the next day but Ju didn’t press it.  He didn’t want her angry with him.  He just hugged her longer than normal and gave her a soft kiss before he left, telling her he’d be out later than usual.  She smiled and nodded but didn’t ask why.  Ju knew for sure something was up then.  He hoped H didn’t keep them late for a different reason than usual.

Aya did the dishes after Ju left then settled at the table with a cup of tea.  She hated calling her mom usually.  The woman never missed an opportunity to insult Ju and get Aya angry.  While she loved her parents, she loved her husband also and wished that her mother at least would be polite if nothing else.  Her dad got over his dismay with her choice of mates after he saw how well Ju took care of her and how happy he made her.  He did make her happy.  Just thinking of him always put a smile on her face.  She resisted the urge to send him a text.  It would just make him worry.

She looked at her cellphone and sighed.  No use putting it off.  She was reaching for her phone when it rang, startling her.  Her mother was on the other end.

“Good morning Aya-mei.  It’s your mother.  We need to talk.  Is that man around?”

When Aya answered no, the line went dead and there was a knock at the door.  Aya kept saying hello into the phone as she walked to the door.  She opened it to find her mother in all her imperial attitude standing there.  Aya thought a few choice words, said a silent prayer thanking the gods that Ju wasn’t there and put a smile on her face.

“Hello mother.  Fancy seeing you here.”

Ju and company were putting the finishing touches on one of the recordings.  H was satisfied after he listened to it and the guys took a short break before proceeding.  Ju took the break to give Hana a call to see when they could meet up.  He didn’t tell her why and very happily allowed her to think he was planning a surprise for his wife which he was in a way.  She should know better than to think he’d let anything keep her down for long without doing all he could to solve the problem.  If he had known what was happening at the flat, he would have left H wondering what the devil was going on and made a beeline home.

Aya’s mother walked in and looked around frowning.  “I see you’ve bought some new furniture.  It’s about time.  What you had before was unacceptable.”  She took a seat on the sofa while Aya bristled.  She asked if she wanted tea through clinched teeth.  She was hoping the woman would say no.  It would mean she wasn’t planning on being there long.  When she accepted, Aya sighed inwardly.

She went into the kitchen and pulled out her formal tea set.  She knew her mother.  Nothing less than tea served formally would please her.  While she was there she called her dad and let him know that her mom was there in her most imperious mood.  She knew he’d come and get her.  Even he didn’t like her much when she was in one of those moods.

The tea made, Aya headed back into the living room.  Her mother was busy running her fingers over the furniture checking for dust.  Aya smiled.  The place was immaculate and even her mother couldn’t find fault.  She placed the set down on the table and began making the tea.  She knew her mother wouldn’t start talking until that was done and she’d taken her first sip.

Her mother watched her carefully and nodded her approval before picking up a cup and taking a sip.  She decided that the tea was acceptable and gave her daughter a long look before speaking.

“When were you planning on telling me that your husband had fathered a child?”

Aya took a sip of tea and considered what to say.  At least her mom hadn’t said “that man” which was as good a sign as any that the tirade wouldn’t be too bad.  That being said, there was going to be one.  This was her mom after all.  She looked up at the sound of her name.  She took a deep, calming breath then began to talk.

She placed her tea down on the table.  “Mother, if I had told you as soon as I found out we both know that you would have labeled Ju a child deserter, an unfit parent, or any number of unkind and untrue things.  I love you but I did not want to have to deal with that.  Sometimes facts have a hard time getting through to you once you’ve decided something.”  She raised a suspicious eyebrow when her mother let that pass with just a sniff.

“You can at least give me some details or I really will come up with my own version of the facts.”

Aya sighed and took another sip of tea.  “Ju and Yoichi’s mother, that’s his name Yoichi, were a couple their last year of high school.  Apparently from all accounts she was jealous and possessive boarding on psychotic.  If Ju is with you, he’s with you.  Messing around on a woman he is in a relationship with is just not in his makeup.   She couldn’t seem to grasp that and the two parted ways.  From my understanding it was not a nice parting either.  Ju didn’t find out until a little while ago that she was pregnant when they parted ways.  Her mother and his father gave her money for an abortion since they both felt that they were two young to be raising a child.  She took the money and opened a small diner.  She’d moved out of town to go to college.  She was there when she realized she was expecting.  She had the baby and raised him without actually telling him who his father was.   We found out when she passed.  She left letters for both of them.”

Her mother eyed her.  “If he was having unprotected sex, how can you be sure he only has the one child?  There could be a lot of little Ichihara bastards running around.  That man is so irresponsible…”

Aya cut her off.  “The condom broke.  Now if you want this conversation to continue I would suggest you curb your need to look down on my husband.”

When her mother said nothing more Aya narrowed her eyes.  Her mother was up to something but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what.

Ju made a hasty departure when H said they could leave.  He could just catch Hana before her lunch break was over if he hurried.  He wished he had his bike but he didn’t.  He climbed into the Porsche and peeled out of the parking garage like the demons of hell were chasing him.  After a few near misses and some very nasty comments aimed at him, he managed to get to the hospital just as Hana was taking her tray to the waste bin.

Hana smiled at him and gave him a big hug.  They talked as she walked back to her station.  She got a concerned look on her face when he told her what was up.

“I know she wasn’t looking forward to the conversation, not that I blame her, but I didn’t know it was bothering her that much.”

Ju gave her an exasperated look.  “What conversation?  With who?”

“Her mother found out about Yoichi.  To say she’s not pleased would be an understatement of monumental proportions.  I told Aya she wouldn’t be able to keep that secret long.  I can understand why she didn’t tell her though.  You know how her mother feels about you.”  She laughed when Ju mumbled that the feeling was mutual.

He thanked Hana then left.  If he knew his wife she would be on the phone taking the heat as soon as she could.  Better to get it over with.  Knowing Aya’s mom, Aya would need some cheering up so he stopped and got her a dozen roses and some of her favorite cookies then headed home.

When he got home the flat was empty but he found a note from Aya saying that she was down the street visiting Yoichi.  Ju smiled.  If nothing else the young man would cook and since he was hungry he headed down the street with the flowers and the cookies.   Good food, his lovely and hopefully soon to be very happy wife, what more could a man ask for?  What he found when he got there was closer to an episode of the twilight zone then reality.

Aya answered the door when he knocked.  She gave him a long look and a kiss when he gave her the flowers and the cookies.  Then she hugged him and didn’t seem to want to let go.  He knew then that the conversation hadn’t gone well.  He put his arm around her and walked into a scene that he wasn’t expecting.  Yoichi was surrounded by old ladies.  He seemed more stunned than anything else.  They were tittering and fluttering around him like bees.  When he saw his dad he gave him a please help me look.  Ju frowned then looked down at his wife.

“What in the hell is going on here and who are all these biddies?”  Aya glared at them.

“Those old biddies are members of my mother’s flower society club.  It seems that one of them found out that you were Yoichi’s dad and asked my mother, said with a lot of bitterness, why she hadn’t told them about her grandson and if they could meet him.  She came to see me right after you left and after making a few degrading remarks about you proceeded to chew my rear off stating that since I couldn’t have any children I should have told her that she had a step-grandson especially a famous one.   Then she demanded to meet him.  What I didn’t know was that these…women were waiting for a call from her to descend on Yoichi.”

It was then that Aya’s mom looked up and saw Ju.  She walked over to him and spoke through clinched teeth.

“I see you are good for something.  He is a handsome and polite young man despite whose genes he has.  Ah I see you’ve brought cookies to go with the tea and flowers for the table.  You can put them over there.”  With that she turned and was walking away from him when Ju exploded.  Aya tried to calm him down.  He was having none of it.

“You just wait right there you old battle-axe.   I’ve taken all the insults I intended to take from you.  First you upset the woman I love then you descend on my son with your cronies like a plague.  You are only here because he’s an actor.  If he’d been a regular guy no matter how handsome or polite, you would have shunned him because he’s my son.   He’s being polite.  I have no intention to.  You and that gaggle of harpies out!  Now!”

He handed the flowers and cookies to Aya and opened the front door.  “Get out!  All of you!  If I see as much as a hat pin from any of you hanging around here I’m going to show you that I truly am a barbarian like that harpy friend of yours likes to call me.  Out! Out!”

Aya’s mother turned to her.  “Are you going to let him talk to me, to us like that?  I am your mother after all.”

“Then you should start acting like it.”  They all turned at the voice in the door.  Aya’s dad was standing there and Aya would have to think real hard to remember when she’d seen him that mad.

“I saw Ju when he walked down here.  All of you should be ashamed.  You’ve treated Aya’s husband like a common criminal for no reason at all then you come over here fawning over his son because of what he is.”  He walked in and took his wife by the arm.

“I’m sorry Aya.  You’re mother and her friends are leaving.”  He looked at his wife and whatever expression he had made her blanch.  “We are going to have a long talk when we get home and you aren’t going to like one word if it.  Aya, Ju I’m very sorry.”

He was about to leave when Yoichi spoke up.  “We haven’t been formally introduced.  I’m Yoichi.  Ju is my dad and your daughter is my step-mom.  It is a pleasure to meet you at least.  One day when things calm down I’d like to get to know my step-grandfather if you don’t mind.”

Aya’s dad smiled.  “I’d love to.  I’m very sorry for my wife’s poor behavior.  It will not happen again.”  There was a finality to that statement that made Aya’s eyebrows rise.  Yep.  Her dad was well and truly pissed and he didn’t even know the half of it.

By this time the other ladies had fled the scene.  They were waiting by Aya’s mom’s car since they’d all ridden together.  Aya’s dad told her mom to drop them off and come straight home or else.  She nodded and hurried off to do as she was told.  Aya’s dad gave her a hug, winked at Ju and waved bye to all three then headed to his own car.  It took a lot to get her dad mad but when he got there he was a monster.  Better her mom then her.

Aya was brought from her musings by the sound of her name being called.  Ju had taken a seat at the dinner table with Yoichi and was waiting for Aya to come join them.  He looked up at her when she leaned over to get a kiss and she smiled.  “You are the most handsome man in the world but if I don’t get my cookies there’s going to be trouble.”

Ju turned to Yoichi.  “See I told you she’d come looking for the things.  Sit woman.  Yoichi managed to cook a little something before the ladies and I use the term loosely, invaded his home.  He says there’s enough for us all.”  He got serious once she’d taken a seat.

“Are you okay baby?  That woman would try a saint’s patience.  I’ll apologize if you want me to but only if you want me to.  I don’t like her and how she treats you.  I will not apologize for feeling that way though.”

Aya took his hand and squeezed it.  “I love you Junichiro and she’ll either deal with it or she won’t.  That’s her problem.  Now let’s eat.  I have a knight in shining armor to thank properly for the flowers and the cookies which I might share if you are very good.”

Ju smiled widely.  “Oh I’m going to be the best knight you’ve ever had.”   Both Aya and Yoichi groaned at the pun.

Aya clued Yoichi in on her parents and to expect her mother to be very contrite when she called to apologize and considering how mad her dad was, Aya was sure that she would.

Ju was curious.  “Okay I know how your mother can be but where did the rest of them come from?”

“My mother talked me into introducing her to Yoichi.  Those biddies were in the car.  I had no idea Yoichi.  I’m so sorry.”

Yoichi waved it off as he started serving out dinner.  “You didn’t know so don’t worry about it.  At least I know why I’ve never met my grandparents so to speak.  I think your dad and I might get along just fine but I doubt if I’ll ever like you mom much.  Sorry.”

Aya just shrugged.  “You can pick your friends but you’re stuck with your family.  Dad will keep mom in check so don’t worry about it.  Now let’s eat.  The food smells delicious and from the rumbling coming from my husband I’d say he’s very hungry.”

Ju’s stomach let out a loud growl as if to agree with that statement which got them all laughing.   Dinner was great.  Ju and Aya had dessert after they got home and Ju’s performance as Aya’s knight was a hit for them both.

Aya’s mom called and apologized the next day to Ju, Aya and Yoichi and promised that she would only come visit if invited and her friends had sworn not to reveal where Yoichi lived or visit unless invited.  Aya’s dad had threatened to reveal some secrets that none of the ladies wanted known especially by their husbands.

Things were relatively calm after that.  Ju had a few shows, Aya a few jobs and the two had time do what they did best and that was love each other.

With all that was going on Aya had forgotten all about Amaya and her secret love.  That was until she ran into her at the bistro she liked.  She had run in to grab some of the cookies she liked and who did she see sitting in a corner booth holding hands but Amaya and her love.  The only problem was he had his back to her.  She walked over and spoke surprising Amaya and grinned.

“Well hello there.  Fancy meeting you here.”



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