Secrets, Lies and Heartfelt Confessions- part 4

Amaya quickly snatched her hand back but it was too late.  Aya had seen the hand holding.  Now all she needed was to see who had been on the other end of said hand.  She looked around the shoulder of the gentleman in front of her and her grin got even wider.

“Why Hito!  You’ve done something new with your hair!”  Naohito glared at her then sighed.

“I just got a hair cut woman.  Why are you looking at me like that?  I can’t have lunch with a co-worker?”

Aya tisked him.  “I never held hands like that with any of my co-workers and a simple lunch would never get me blushing like Amaya is.”  She made Amaya move over as she scooted in next to her.  “I want all the not so gory details.”

Amaya gave Naohito a pleading look and he relented.  He gave Amaya a smile and a nod and the woman beamed a smile back at him.  “I thought about what you said Aya and decided to give him a chance.  I haven’t regretted one minute of it.  I’ve been so happy since he came into my life.  Please don’t tell anyone.  At least not yet.  You know how they are at the hospital.”

Naohito chimed in.  “I’m sure Ju won’t be happy about it either.  I’d kind of like to not get him involved.  At least not yet.”

Aya frowned.  She just wasn’t good at keeping secrets from Ju and she didn’t want to.  Still, they wouldn’t be together if Aya hadn’t talked Amaya into giving Naohito a chance and Ju wasn’t going to like that at all.  She reluctantly nodded.

“If he presses me I’ll tell him but I won’t volunteer the information.   Know this Hito, if you hurt her I’ll gladly let him know.  He’ll be upset with me but he’s going to be after blood with you.”

Naohito took Amaya’s hand again.  “You won’t have to worry about that.  I haven’t been this happy in a very long time and I’m not planning on messing up this time.”

Amaya smiled a smile that Aya knew all too well.  It was the smile of a woman head over heels for her man.  It made her smile as well.

“I’m happy for you both.  I’ll keep your secret but I’ll warn you now.  If Ju asks me right out I won’t lie to him.  He won’t be happy but it’s not his life now is it?”  She squeezed Naohito’s shoulder then left the happy couple alone.  She had a man of her own to get home to.

Aya considered the situation on the way home.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen Naohito so happy.  The man deserved a break and she was glad he’d finally found someone to make him happy.  From the way those two smiled at each other it was obvious that Amaya was just as happy with him.

Aya hadn’t mentioned the ring on Amaya’s left hand.  She’d twisted it to hide the stone but not before Aya had seen it.  It was quite a rock.  From the looks of things Aya was sure she’d be shopping for a wedding gift soon.  Ju was probably going to go ballistic but it wasn’t his life and if Naohito made Amaya happy, he’d just have to deal with it.

Her high maintenance husband was nowhere in sight when she got in.  She headed to the kitchen and put up the items she’d picked up for dinner and nibbled on a cookie just because.  She idly wondered if Ju was still down in the shop since he’d said he had some work to do on his GT.  That man and his cars.

She wandered into the bedroom to change into something more suitable for cooking in.  She found her magnificent beast asleep on the bed in only a wife beater and boxers.  She smiled, walked over to the bed and leaned down to give him a soft kiss on the forehead.  She squeaked when he suddenly pulled her down and rolled her onto her back.

“You certainly took long enough to get back.  I was getting bored.”  Aya gave him a look that made him reconsider the position he was in.  While a mild bone jumping was what he was going for, his wife’s expression promised a major one.  He was trying to decide if he had that much energy in him when Aya ran her hands into his hair and pulled him down for a breath stealing kiss of epic proportions.  The awesome dick woke up for that one and started making some demands of its own.  The most important one was getting the sexy woman under it naked.

Aya seemed to be working on that since all the squirming she was doing had caused her skirt to work its way up her thighs.  It had also caused the awesome dick to awaken to its full glory.  She was still giving him those eat at his mouth, breath stealing kisses.  Her motor was running at full throttle and he’d done nothing to start her engine but allowed her to try to kiss him silly.  He knew she could feel him hard and ready through his boxers, the tip actually peeking out through the opening.

Aya wasn’t exactly sure why she wanted him so badly.  It just came over her while she was watching him looking so innocent.   Whatever the cause she wanted him and badly.  She continued kissing him while unbuttoning her blouse so he could get at her breasts.  He didn’t need any special invitations other than seeing them and had his lips on them as soon as she released his mouth from the kiss she’d been giving him and had unclasped her bra.

While Ju was acting like a newborn on her breasts, Aya managed to wiggle out of her panties.  Her skirt had hiked its way up to her waist and was effectively out-of-the-way.  She rubbed against the tent in Ju’s boxers and knew she’d gotten his attention when he stopped moving and moaned.  Since he’d conveniently released her breasts she pulled his head down for another mind-blowing kiss.

He leaned his head against hers as he pushed his boxers down far enough to release his penis, pushed Aya’s legs up around his waist and entered her quickly.

He set a bruising pace since he knew he wouldn’t last long.  Aya was making the most delicious sounds and it was spurring him on.  He felt that familiar warning that let him know he was about to blow when his wife went “Oh yes. Right there.”   She said it with a hitch in her voice that he knew all too well.  He made sure he was hitting that spot dead on when he came, his wife shuddering beneath him as she had her climax also.

He just collapsed on her, trying to draw a breath and think coherent thoughts.  He stayed like that for a few minutes before slowly and carefully rolling off of her.  They looked at each other for a moment before they both broke into wide smiles.  Nothing like good sex to make everything right in the world.

He watched contentedly as she got up, divested herself of her now very wrinkled clothes and headed into the bathroom for a quick shower.   He pulled his boxers up, put his hands behind his head and sighed happily.  He was enjoying this lack of drama and work.  He looked over at the night stand and wondered if he should wait until after dinner.  The decision was made when his wife came out of the bathroom in water and a very small towel.

She leered at him and he swallowed.  Yep.  He was going to be dessert no matter what he did so he decided that then was as good a time as any.  He motioned her over and told her to lay down and close her eyes. He pulled open the drawer to the nightstand and took out a small box.

Aya didn’t know what Ju was up to so when she felt something cold against one ankle it made her jump.

“You can open your eyes now beautiful.”

Aya did and looked down at the ankle Ju was holding.  On it was a delicate ankle bracelet with infinity hearts like the necklace he’d gotten her a few years ago only this had no diamonds in it.

“Happy birthday.”  Aya pulled him down for a kiss after taking a good look at the anklet which Ju appreciated since she raised her leg up at one point forgetting that very small towel was very small indeed.  She grinned when she noticed where he was looking.

“Down big boy.  You just had your treat.  Dinner first, then I’ll give you your anniversary gift, then dessert.”  She waggled her eyebrows in a fair imitation of him.

He slid onto the bed next to her and pulled off the towel, tossing it across the room.  “You mean that wasn’t my gift?  It’s not like you to start your engine before you’ve barely gotten into the room.  I don’t mind of course.  You put the happy in happy sex.”  He was putting his hands in some strategic places while he talked.

Aya slapped at his hands.  “Quit it.  You need some down time and I need to fix dinner.  I’m starving.  Need all the fuel I can get to keep up with you.”  She gave him a quick kiss then climbed out of bed and pulled on some panties and a bra.  She had pulled out a shift to put on when Ju’s phone rang.  He seriously considered not answering but a look from Aya made him at least look to see who was calling.  It was Toshi and he’d just keep calling until Ju answered.  Best to get it out of the way sooner then later.

“What’s up dude?  Make it quick.  I’m busy.”  He watched his wife getting dressed.  “Or about to be busy.”  He held his phone from his ear as Toshi and from the sound of it, Yoichi both shouted “Happy Anniversary!”  Aya was laughing when her phone rang.  She looked and it was Yoichi.  She shook her head as she answered.

“Happy Birthday Mom!  I got you a gift.  It should be arriving just about now.”  Aya looked up as the doorbell rang.  “What did you do Yoichi?”  He just laughed.  “Enjoy it. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Ju watched Aya go answer the door.  “I’m sure you know what’s going on Toshi.  Spill.”

“If I tell you it won’t be a surprise.  I came up with the anniversary gift and Yoichi the gift for Aya’s birthday.  Enjoy.”  He hung up.  He could hear Aya talking to someone so he pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt and went to see what was up.  What was up was a catering service delivery.  All of their favorite foods were on display in the living room where a group of people were placing them on the table.  A chilled bottle of champagne was in an ice bucket, plastic but made to look like a silver one.  All of the food containers plus the plates and silverware were disposable but looked like the real deal.  Aya was standing in the floor holding a large bouquet of roses and a box of her favorite cookies that was almost as big as she was.  Yoichi and Toshi had pulled out all the stops.

Aya put the roses in water while Ju escorted the catering people out the door.  She called Yoichi and thanked him for everything.  After she hung up she turned to find Ju smiling at her with his hands behind his back.  She eyed him suspiciously.

“Your hiding something.  What are you up to now?  You already gave my gift right?”

“I gave you two actually if you count that awesome orgasm as one.”  He laughed at the glare that got him.  “I guess this can wait until after we eat.”  He knew his wife and now that something was dangled in front of her she’d want to know and not wait.

“Juuuu!  I want to know now.  Please?  You know I’ll just bug you until you show me.”  She was trying to look around him as she talked but he kept his back and his hands away from her.  He finally took pity on her and gave her what he was hiding.  He was hungry too and she wouldn’t sit to eat until she had her other gift.

Aya looked at the jewelry box wondering what could be in it since he’d just given her the ankle bracelet.  She opened it and gasped.  Inside was a diamond tennis bracelet.  She had seen it in the store and had sighed over it many a time.  She teared up as Ju put it around her wrist.

“It’s beautiful Ju.  I love you.”  She hugged him and kissed him.  She put all the love she could in that kiss.

“Happy Anniversary baby.  You’ve put up with a lot from me this year with all the touring and stuff.  I knew how much you wanted one so I saved a little something from each check I got so I could get it for you.”

Aya hugged him again and wiped the tears off her cheeks.  “Your gift is in your studio.  I’m sorry it’s not as elaborate as your gifts.  I just hope you’ll like it.”

Ju grinned, gave her ass a squeeze then hurried downstairs.  He couldn’t fathom what she could have gotten him that would require her to leave it in the studio.  He was downstairs for so long Aya almost went to check on him.  When he came back up he just stood and looked at her for so long Aya was worried that she’d done the wrong thing.

She was about to say something when she heard a yip and Ju’s gift came bounding around his legs and straight for her.  She bent down and picked up the little French bulldog.  “His name is Apollo.  I know you’ve always wanted a pup and since he was available and house broken I said why not.  He and Sona seem to get along so…Happy Anniversary!”  She put Apollo down and he went bounding over to Ju all happy and energetic.  Ju picked him up and held him out at arms length.

“Dude.  You and me are going to be best buds as long as you don’t chew up my clothes.  I thought you said a dog was too much trouble.  Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice the new bass case you got me.  What made you think of that?”

“I overheard you talking to Toshi about how that new monster you had made didn’t fit easily in any of your cases so I got his help to find one that you could use.”

Ju put Apollo down who promptly started exploring the flat.  He took Aya into his arms and gave her a breath stealer.  “Food, walk the dog, dessert and you.  Sounds like a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  I love you woman.”

Apollo voiced his approval with some yips and a tail chase which got Sona up from her nap.  She looked down at the dog with some disdain but didn’t kick up a fuss.  The Ichihara’s sat down to a delicious meal then took Apollo out for a stroll.  Once the animals were down for the night, Ju and his wife reminded each other just how much they loved one another.




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