Oh Dear!

mun is having breakfast when Aya strolls in dressed or half-way dressed in a gold brocade qipao dress that is slit up to there while the top plunges down to that. 

mun:  How you can be dressed and look almost naked is beyond me.

Aya:  Yesss.

mun:  Hmm…I take it that you have been entertaining that man of yours for his birthday.

Aya:  Yesss.

mun:  I’ll take it from the spaced out look on your face that he enjoyed himself.

Aya:  Yesss.

mun:  So what did you give him?

Aya leans down in mun’s face and gives her a smile that makes her eyes get wide:  As much of me as he could handle.

mun:  Since you aren’t crying I’m going to assume he’s still breathing.

Aya:  Yesss.

mun:  Woman will you stop that?  You’re beginning to freak me out.  Where is the birthday boy right now?

Ju walks in dressed in pajama bottoms and nothing else with the same spaced out look on his face.  Looks down at mun.

Ju:  Yesss.

mun:  I don’t think I even want to know.  Happy birthday handsome.  Now get out and take that space cadet wife of yours with you.  And Ju…you missed a few buttons on that dress.  I hope you aren’t getting too old to be the pervert you claim to be.

Ju looks over at Aya and whatever was on his face made her flee the room.  Laughs maniacally and runs after her making grabby hands.

mun watches them leave and shakes her head hoping Aya lives to be another year older much less Ju.   Goes back to eating breakfast.





~ by jujuken on June 28, 2016.

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