Gardening Aya Style

Since V had wrapped up their new song, they were taking a month off.  Ju took that opportunity to do absolutely nothing at all.   He tinkered around in the shop a little, watched a lot of soccer matches, hung out with Acchan and chased Aya around.  He’d let the dye grow out of his hair which was longish for him and a little ragged around the edges.  He and Apollo spent a lot of time in the dog parks and walking and because of this Ju had lost weight but had toned up some.

Aya on the other hand was busy with private jobs, keeping an eye on Hana and her pregnancy, being chased by her husband and making sure that Apollo and Sona didn’t tear up the flat.  Apollo seemed to think that Sona was a playmate.  Sona had other ideas.  While Sona didn’t really do anything that would hurt the pup, she wasn’t playing when she swatted at him but he didn’t seem to notice.

Her latest job had kept her from home for a whole week.  She was happy to see the place was in relatively good shape when she got in though her magnificent beast and his new best bud were nowhere to be found.  She scooped up her kitty when Sona met her at the door and petted the cat until she purred.  After checking her litter box which someone had cleaned amazingly enough, she made sure that both animal’s dishes were full of food and water then went to shower.  She had her head in the frig contemplating dinner when her husband sauntered in, Apollo announcing his pleasure at seeing her with yips and a lot of tail or nub wagging.   When Ju came over and gave her a kiss she wrinkled her nose up.

“You smell like you’ve been rolling around in the grass with your puppy.   What have you been doing?”

Ju took a whiff of his clothing and grinned.  “I was rolling around in the grass with my puppy.  What else?”

Aya just shook her head.  “Shower while I fix dinner.  You can tell me about your week when you are clean.”  She pushed him toward their bedroom.  “Git!  You reek.  How am I going to climb into your lap with you smelling like that?”  Since Ju liked it when she crawled into his lap, he hurried to get clean.  Dinner was ready when he came out and dessert was Aya crawling into his lap amongst other things.

The next day Ju had a meeting early.  His spitfire was still sleeping when he left.  Since he’d let her know about it, she’d fixed him something for breakfast that he could warm up in the microwave.  She’d chastised him for missing meals while she was gone.  She could tell by the amount of food that was still in the fridge.  He let Apollo out into the back lot to do his thing while he ate, then retrieved the pup, made sure he had fresh water, then hit the road.

When he got back, Aya’s car was gone and she’d left him lunch and a note saying she had some errands to run.  He sighed.  He’d hoped to get a bone jumping in but since his jumpee was out he figured he might as well hit the shop and see what he could do.  It’d been a while since he’d done anything shop wise and he enjoyed helping out.  Before he knew it dinner time had rolled around.  He headed upstairs to shower and change.

When he got into the flat he noticed that Aya had come in.  It was odd that she hadn’t come down to the shop since she hadn’t seen him all day.  He shrugged and headed into the bedroom figuring that she was probably in there.  She was and the sight of her stopped him in his tracks with a very puzzled though pleased look on his face.

Aya was dressed in the shortest pair of denim shorts Ju had ever seen that weren’t panties, a plaid shirt that was at least a size, maybe two, too small considering how the buttons were straining not to pop, a leather belt with toy gardening tools hanging from it and a grin that let him know fun times were on the way.  He raised an eyebrow.

Uhm…Aya?  Since when did we have a garden?”

Aya walked over to him, took a deep breath and stepped back.  “I noticed one of our trees was in need of some care.  First thing is watering.  It needs the refreshing aspects of a nice watering down.”  She pointed to the bathroom.  Ju grinned.  “So I’m a tree now?”

Aya nodded.  “Yep.  Watering first. Now go.”  He did and found that she’d put out some bath salts that he liked and had let half a tub of very hot water run.  He figured that since she didn’t know when he’d be up, he’d have enough room in the tub to adjust the temp which he did.  He sighed when he finally eased into the tub.  Between playing with Apollo and doing some honest to goodness shop work, his muscles needed the soothing warmth of the water.  He looked up when Aya walked into the bathroom, scissors and his shaving kit in hand.

“Now that the tree is getting some water, it’s time for a trim.  It’s looking way too ragged for my tastes.”

Ju pouted.  “So you don’t like my rugged look?”

Aya giggled.  “Rugged to you.  Ragged to me.  It’s all in that one consonant.  One way or the other you need a trim.”

She set about washing his hair which got some groans of pleasure from her husband since he loved scalp massages.   She trimmed the split ends in his hair then waited until he’d gotten out of the bath to work on the scraggly beard and faint mustache he had.  She gave a nod after she was done.  “Let’s see.  Watering. Check.  Trimming.  Check.  Now plant food.”

She pushed him into the kitchen after he’d put on a yukata, sat him down in a chair, climbed into his lap and began to feed him bits of food between quick kisses.  It was during one of those kisses when the buttons at the top of her shirt decided to just end it all and popped off exposing a lot of pert breast.  Ju immediately stopped nibbling on food and started nibbling on them.

Aya pulled his head up after he’d enjoyed them for a bit.  “I think it’s time for me to do some tree climbing.  Guess who’s supplying the limb.”   She waggled her eyebrows at him which got the man grinning at least until she slid out of his lap.  That got a pout and a glare.

“I was enjoying my lumberjack wife in my lap.  My…limb…is getting cold.”

Aya pulled her hair out of the ponytail it was in and shook it out.  She took off the shirt and threw it over one shoulder as she gave her husband a look that made him moan.  “I think it’s time to plant that tree in a new bed so I can climb it properly.”   She headed toward the bedroom dropping the removed belt on the floor.

“Hey Aya?  Aren’t you going to need some tools for that?”  Aya stopped.  “I think I’ve got all the tools I’m going to need unless you have some suggestions.”   She stepped out of her shorts as she talked and Ju could see that they may as well have been panties since she wasn’t wearing any under them.  He got a look on his face that would have given Aya pause if she’d seen it.  She hadn’t and he made sure his limb didn’t break while she climbed to her heart’s content.




~ by jujuken on July 25, 2016.

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