Some things are best not forgotten.

Mun: is in front of her computer contemplating her next post when Ju falls in the door, locks it, puts a chair under the doorknob, then hides behind the computer desk.  She looks under the keyboard holder.


Ju:  Shhh…I don’t want her to find me.

Mun:  Who?  Aya?  You know she’s going to look in here.

Ju:  I’m hoping she won’t see me down here.

Mun:  I’m afraid to ask.

Ju:  It’s H’s fault.  He made us all do it.  I just forgot and wore the damn thing home instead of changing before I left.

Mun:  Wore what?  I know you’ve had problems with her when your hair is all black like it is which I think really looks sexy on you too but what in the world could you possibly wear that would push her buttons that badl….oh dear.  You didn’t?

Ju wails:  I FORGOT!

Mun is going to pat him on the head when there’s a loud bang at the door.  Looks down as Ju mouths “save me”.  sighs.

Mun:  You know that won’t stop her.

True enough.  Aya waltzes in from the back door.

Aya:  Where is he?  I know he’s hiding somewhere the wimp.

Mun:  Tell me.  Why is he hiding missy?

Aya gets a dreamy look on her face:  He came in dressed in a kimono.

Mun:  Knowing you, he was attacked before he got in the door good.

Aya: grins

Mun:  glances down at computer desk and places a finger against her lips.  Aya gets the hint.

Mun:  Aya you know you can’t be attacking him like that.  I know him in a kimono pushes your buttons like you doing the pole dance pushes his but cut the man some slack.  He’s just getting too old to keep up with you.

Aya:  Maybe you’re right.  Maybe I’ll just limit him to once a week.  One time once a week shouldn’t tax him too much.  giggles at the sputter she hears at that

Mun:  I’m sure he can handle that as long as you aren’t too rough with him.  He is an old coot and is probably not sure if he can please….

Ju comes from under the desk all righteous indignation.  Excuse me?  Who says I’m too old?  Let me at her and I’ll show you too old.  grabs his wife’s hand and drags her out of the room after unblocking and unlocking the door.  Aya gives the mun a wink and waves bye.

Mun:  That was easier then I thought it would be.  goes back to thinking about next post and wonders if both muses will survive


~ by jujuken on July 26, 2016.

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