Life is good…until it’s not. pt1

Ju lay in bed thoroughly relaxed, watching his wife get dressed.  He enjoyed that almost as much as watching her get undressed.  He’d have preferred the latter but she had a job to get to.  It was an overnighter so no bone jumping for at least twenty-four hours.   He sighed.

Aya had been at him for most of two days when he mistakenly walked in dressed in the kimono he had to wear for a photo shoot.   He’d totally forgotten that seeing him in one was a major button for her.  Add to that his all black hair and it’s a wonder she didn’t turn down the current job just so she could go at him again.

Aya knew he was watching her get dressed and had a pretty good idea what was running through his mind.  She purposely took the job to get a break.  While she may have been doing the chasing, he was giving all he had to the cause and she was a little worn out.  A day away to gather her strength and she could give back what he was dishing out and then some.  She smiled evilly.  If he only knew.  She jumped a little when he called her name from directly behind her.  She hadn’t noticed him getting up much less heard what he’d asked her.

Ju put his hands around her waist and his head on her shoulder.  “What’s with the space cadet look?  I simply asked you what time you think you’ll be home tomorrow.”

She turned in his arms to tell him when she noticed he was naked as a newborn.  The smile she gave him made him blink.  “I’ll be home as soon as tomorrow afternoon so you’d better get all the rest you can.  Naked is what you will spending most of the evening being.  You got your kimono jumping.  Tomorrow will be your hair jumping.  You’ve been warned.  Now I would suggest you take that sexy naked body to the shower or I’m going to play with you just long enough to get you hot and bothered, then go to work.”

Ju tsked her.  “You would get the awesome one waving at you and leave?  You’re a mean woman.  I think I’m going to make you pay for that.”   He didn’t squawk when Aya ran her hands into his hair and pulled him down for a breath stealer.

“Is that a promise or a threat my magnificent beast?”

He grinned.  “How about a whole lot of both?”  He turned her loose so she could finish getting dressed while he went to shower.

She just watched him go with a smile on her face.  He had a show later and she would have loved to go but the bills still needed paying so she finished getting dressed then went to make breakfast for them both.

She picked up the post before entering the kitchen and went through it, pulling out bills and dumping trash.  They had both been too into each other to worry about mail the night before.  She spotted a fancy envelope and opened it.  She was glad afterwards that they hadn’t opened the mail yesterday.  It was an invitation to the wedding of Naohito and Amaya.

Aya grinned.  She hadn’t spoken to Amaya much since finding her and Naohito together.  Her magnificent beast had kept her busy when she wasn’t working.  She looked at the date and put that memory of hers to work.  Ju had a show that day so he wouldn’t make it which was probably a good thing.  He’d probably grumble through the whole thing.  The question now was should she even tell him.

She actually squeaked when he asked her what she was looking at.  The man moved as quietly as a cat.  She hadn’t heard him come into the room.  She turned to show him and promptly forgot all about the invitation.  He was standing there dripping water on the floor, holding a towel that barely covered his dangly bits and looking delicious.  The smile she gave him made him grin.

“I’m out of conditioner.  I was wondering if we had anymore somewhere and if you don’t stop smiling at me like that you are going to be very late getting to your job.”

Aya sighed at that because it was true so she just told him where the conditioner was, warned him it was apple scented and licked her lips as she watched him head back to the bathroom, the invitation all but forgotten on the dining room table.  She turned and headed into the kitchen to fix them something to eat.

She had just finished plating up when he stormed into the kitchen in a huff brandishing the invitation like a sword.

“So when were you going to tell me about this?  How long have they been seeing each other?  I know you know.  Spill woman.”

Aya calmly took a sip of tea and motioned for him to sit down and eat.  “I was going to tell you  but when you paraded in here dripping sex all over the place, I got distracted.  As for how long they’ve been seeing each other, I don’t know.  She’s been very closed mouth about it.  I only found out last month when I ran into them at a cafe holding hands.  Amaya asked me to not share that with anyone.  I told her I wouldn’t volunteer the information but if you asked I’d tell you.  You’d better eat before your food gets cold.”

Ju glared at her but if Amaya asked her to keep it a secret then he couldn’t complain too much.  They all knew what his reaction would be.  “I don’t like it.  I don’t like him but there’s not a damn thing I can do about.  I’ll be damn if I go to the wedding though.”

“I understand and you don’t have to worry about it.  You’ve got a show that day.”  She finished eating and prayed that he wouldn’t ask the one question she was afraid to answer.

Fate was kind to her as Ju’s cellphone went off.  Since it was H he had to take it.  By the time he got off the phone, Aya was ready to leave.  She gave him a soft kiss, told him she loved him and made a quick getaway.  Ju wasn’t fooled in the least.  He’d have some questions for his petite wife when she got back from her job.



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