Life is good…until it’s not. Pt2

Aya spent most of the next twenty-four hours worried about what Ju was going to ask her.  She really didn’t go out of her way to get Amaya and Naohito together but she did put her two cents into the mix after he told her not to.  One way or the other he wasn’t going to be happy with her and that really bothered her.  The last thing she ever wanted was to be at odds with her handsome beast.

She sighed.  It was a done deal and there was nothing she could do about it but take the heat and hoped it would all be over soon.  With a little luck she might be able to distract him with a big time bone jumping.  That thought made her smile and calmed her down a bit.  She just hoped that Amaya and Naohito appreciated the sacrifice she was making.  Her patient looked up at the giggle that thought brought to her lips.  She just patted him on the shoulder to let him know everything was alright and went about the business of getting him his meds.

Ju and company had put on a great show.  For a change he wasn’t exhausted since the show was acoustic and he was seated for most of it.  It really wasn’t his thing but a paycheck was a paycheck and it was televised.  He hoped Aya had a chance to watch it.  Thinking about his wife reminded him that he needed to have a long talk with her.  He was not happy about Amaya and Naohito getting married.  The whole thing made him nervous.  He really liked Amaya and wanted her to have someone worthy of her and he trusted Naohito about as far as he could throw his bike.  He got undressed and climbed into bed wishing his wife was there to keep his back warm amongst other things.  Still, she had some explaining to do and he hoped for both of their sakes that the explanation was a good one.

On the other side of town, Naohito and Amaya were wondering if the Ichihara’s had received their invitation and what the fallout was going to be.  Naohito was wondering what Ju might do to him and Amaya was wondering what lecture she might get.  She wasn’t worried about Aya.  Ju was another story all together not that it mattered much.  She loved Naohito and as much as she liked Ju, he could take it or leave it.

It was late afternoon when Aya made it back home.  She’d worried about the conversation she knew she was going to have with Ju.  She knew he would be upset with her.  She just hoped it would be a mild irritation and not be a full-blown pissed off.  He wasn’t there when she got in and there was no note which surprised her somewhat.  She tried to call him but the call went to his voice mail.  She left him a message saying that she was home then went to shower and see what was available to make dinner with.

She was pulling her head out of the frig when Ju walked up behind her.  She turned around and bumped right into him.  She squeaked and he laughed.  She gave him a glare.  “I’m going to put a bell around your neck if you don’t start making some noise around here.  You scared at least a year’s worth of growth out of me.”

Ju just laughed again and pulled her to him for a kiss.  “At least this way I don’t have to chase you around the house.  What’s for dinner?”  When Aya told him he nodded his approval and licked his lips.  “That’s going to take a little while to fix.  Good.  We can talk while you are making it.”  Aya cringed inwardly when Ju pulled out a chair and sat down at the table.

He watched his wife for a few minutes and could tell from her body language that she was nervous.  He frowned.  “So Aya, what do you know about Amaya and Naohito hooking up?”

Aya tried to hedge around the answer she knew he was looking for.  “All I know for sure was that they kept it quiet.  If I hadn’t seen them holding hands at the bistro I would have been as surprised as you by the invitation.”  When Ju didn’t say anything she turned to look at him and sighed.

“I know you told me to stay out of it and for the most part I did.  We talked about him one more time after you told me to stay out of it.  I only told her that he was very young and very stupid and to give him a chance.   I didn’t say a thing to him though.   I know you don’t like him but honestly I was tired of him giving me those looks when he thought I wasn’t watching.”

When Ju looked puzzled she elaborated.  “I noticed that he would give me a wistful look from time to and it was getting on my nerves.  He knew that there was no hope I’d give you up for him or anyone else  but it didn’t seem to make a difference.”

She walked over to her husband and looked down at him.  “I know you don’t like him Ju but he’s changed.  He’s not the same man who I dated all those years ago.  He’s not even the same man we ran into a few years ago.  Please give him a chance.  Amaya is a smart woman.  Do you think she’d just fall over for the first handsome face to look at her?”

Ju frowned but he couldn’t really argue that particular fact.  Amaya wouldn’t be a pushover.  He still didn’t like it and he told Aya as much.  “I still don’t like it and I’m not happy about you giving her even a shred of a notion to give him a chance.  What’s done is done and there isn’t much I can do about it.  I just hope that neither you nor Amaya lives to regret your advice or her decision.”  He got up from the table and headed out of the room.

“Aren’t you going to have dinner?”  Ju just kept walking and shook his head.  “I’m not hungry.  I’m going out for some fresh air.  It’s stuffy in here.”  With that he grabbed the leash, hooked his pup up to it and both he and Apollo left.

Aya sighed and took the food off the heat.  He was mad but at least he didn’t do any shouting.  Hopefully the walk would cool him off some.  She fixed him a plate and put it in the frig, ate a little, then went into the bedroom to do some reading.  With luck he’d be back and in a better mood before she fell asleep.

Ju found himself and his pup at the dog park a few blocks from the flat.  He was idly tossing a ball to Apollo which the pup was happily bringing back for more throws.  He considered the situation.  Naohito would probably wind up hurting Amaya and Ju really didn’t want to see that happen.  He had almost called Amaya to try to talk some sense into her but it occurred to him that Aya’s mom had told Aya the same thing about him that he was going to say to Amaya, that he wasn’t good enough for her and that he would break her heart.  None of that was true and Ju was more than happy that Aya hadn’t listened to her.  The problem was while Ju wasn’t like that, he was pretty sure that  Naohito was a jerk and a complete liar.   He doubted if he could convince her of any of that especially when he had nothing but his gut feelings to fall back on.

He looked down at a nudge to his leg and found Apollo looking at him pensively.  He patted the pup on the head.  “Sorry dude.  Lost in thought.  Where’s your ball?”  He looked around for the ball, found it under the bench he was sitting on and tossed it out for Apollo.  He looked up at the darkening sky and figured he had about thirty minutes before the sun set.  He’d have to figure out how he wanted to handle the whole thing before he went back home.  He was brought from his musings by his cell going off.  It was Toshi.

Usually when the two talked they started off with a round of friendly insults.  When Ju just said hello, Toshi knew something was up.   “What’s going on dude?  You sound kind of lost.  That pixie you married finally wised up and dumped your scrawny ass?  Nah.  Couldn’t be that bad, you aren’t crying.  So what’s going on that has you so out of it?”

He got real quiet when Ju told him that Amaya was marrying Naohito.  “Where are you?  Okay, I’m at Yoichi’s…yes I know he’s out of town.  He asked me to water his plants.  Is that the dog park down the street from here?  Good.  I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.  We need to talk.”

Toshi was true to his word and showed up a few minutes later.  Ju clued him in on all that had happened.  “I take it you are not happy about the situation.  Neither am I.  I never told you this because I really don’t know for sure but you remember when I went to him about another van?  Well he gave me the deal I got because I told him that I had proof he set you up.  He didn’t acknowledge it but he didn’t deny it either.  Now before you go ballistic, he could have given me the deal because he knew you’d beat his head in before you found out for sure whether he had anything to do with it or not and didn’t want the hassle.  You tend to not want to listen to reason when it comes to Aya and your marriage.

Ju couldn’t argue with that.  He would have gone after Naohito’s blood with no evidence at all.   He frowned.  “Dammit!  That makes this even worse.  I told Aya to stay the hell out of this.  Wait until I tell her about this.  We really need to stop this wedding.”

Toshi agreed but with some reservations.  “Look Ju.  I know this is a bad idea…maybe, but Amaya is a grown and very intelligent woman.  We can try to find some proof but we can’t just go up to her with our suspicions.  You also have to think about Aya in all of this.”

When Ju gave him a puzzled look he continued.

“First off, Aya is not going to want to believe that anyone could be so low especially after he saved her life.  Second, she pointed Amaya in Naohito’s direction so she’ll feel guilty about that and third which is the most important.  Think.  How do you think she’s going to handle the fact that someone from her past almost killed you even if it was an accident?  The guilt will crush her and you know it.  She’ll think that because she didn’t just walk away from that dealership without purchasing anything because it was his dealership, that he would have never gotten any information on you guys at all.  She’ll blame herself as much as she’ll blame that rat bastard.”

Ju sighed.  Toshi was right.  Aya would beat herself up even if she had nothing to do with it.  The only thing he could see doing was trying to talk Amaya out of it.  He told Toshi as much.  “We are going to need some proof and I have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions?”

Toshi couldn’t think of anything.  Both men sat quietly for a few minutes before Ju sat up straight and turned to his friend.

“Doesn’t the hospital do background checks on people before they hire them?”  When Toshi gave a tentative nod, Ju continued.  “I wonder if Naohito and the board use an agency to do the looking.  Considering who he is, I’d bet my car that he did a complete check on Amaya before he asked her to marry him.  Probably used a detective agency.  He might have used the same agency to do some snooping on me.  If he had those pictures sent to Aya then he had to have someone taking pictures and following me or something.  Now if we can only think of a way to find out.”

Ju blinked when Toshi gave him sinister grin.  “You leave that to me.  You go home and keep that woman of yours happy.  She’s going to need all the happy thoughts she can find when this hits the fan.  I’ll keep you posted.  Later dude.”

With that he headed back down the street whistling and Ju knew from experience that the man was going to do a number on someone.  He was glad he didn’t know.  He gathered Apollo, who was taking a nap at his feet and they headed home.

Aya had dozed off while he was gone.  He looked down at her and while he wasn’t happy about her involvement, it’s not like she did a whole lot to get those two together and she didn’t have a clue about them dating or the whole possibility of a set up issue.  He sat down on the side of the bed and she woke up, smiling when she saw him.  He leaned down and got a quick kiss.

“I’ll heat up my food and be in shortly.  Go back to sleep beautiful.”

She gave him a sleepy smile.  “I’d much rather wait until you get back in here.  I need a nice warm, tattooed blanket to cuddle with.”

He gave her a slow smile and then a long, thorough kiss.  “Be careful what you wish for woman.  Now don’t you go falling asleep on me before I get back.”  She said she wouldn’t and Ju went to eat, all the while thinking that things were going to get ugly before it was all said and done.




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