A Hunting We Will Go part 1

Ju and Toshi wound up at a bar other than Acchan’s.  They wanted some privacy to discuss what Toshi had found out. Toshi hadn’t gone into any details earlier but Ju needed to know.  He started asking questions as soon as his butt hit the chair.

“What’s with the get up?  How did you manage to find all this out?”

Toshi took a sip of his beer before beginning his tale.  “I asked Amaya to find out what accounting firm Naohito uses.  Told her I needed some advice.  Then I put that associate degree in accounting to use and got a job as a clerk at the accounting firm that jerk uses.  I managed to find out that he uses a certain detective agency.  A very large sum of money was transferred to that agency right after your run in with that groupie.  Being in a smallish city means that a lot of people use the same business.  I played a hunch and checked to see if that agency used the same accounting firm.  It did.  I found a payment to a Misaki Koumara for the exact same amount.  I don’t think there is that much coincidence in the world.

Now before you go off to kill someone, I doubt if they told her to drug you.  From what I could find out, the detective who worked directly for Naohito is a stand up guy for the most part.  I do know he and Naohito severed ties not long afterward so something went down.  Only way to find out is to ask one of them and I doubt the detective will talk.  That means Naohito.  Just remember that jail is not where you want to be so sit your bony ass back down and think.  I say we talk to Amaya first.  Tell her what I found out and go from there.  Until then, I would suggest you calm down, go home, take that lovely little sprite you married out to dinner and dancing then rock the hell out of her world.  We can tackle telling her tomorrow after we talk to Amaya.  I called and told her I would be stopping by since she’s not working.”

Ju just nodded and took a sip of his beer along with a few calming breaths.  He gave Toshi a long look before speaking.  “I owe you big time but you still haven’t explained the disguise.”

Toshi grinned.  “I had to look the part of a nerd.  Don’t even go there.  Besides, looking like this, if I was unlucky enough to run into Naohito there’d be less chance of him recognizing me.”

Ju sure couldn’t argue with that.  He barely recognized him and he’d known Toshi for more years than he wanted to think about.  “What time do we meet to go see Amaya?”  He nodded and stood up after getting the time.  “I’ll tell Aya we are going out for lunch.  She won’t question it since she knows I’ve been trying to catch up with you but not why.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  We can meet here.  I’ll ride with you since you’ve gotten rid of that shit mobile.”  He laughed when Toshi flipped him off then headed toward the door.

He’d just gotten outside when it dawned on him that he’d ridden there with Toshi.  Sighing, he went back in and endured the tirade Toshi went on until they got back to where Toshi had picked Ju up.

“Take the missus out and show her how much you love her.  She’s going to need some reassurance before this is all over.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ju watched him leave before walking back to the flat.  Once inside he called his wife’s name.  Aya was out hanging up laundry.  He stuck his head out the door and asked her if she was up for a night out.  The smile he got almost broke his heart.  He had every intention of beating Naohito within an inch of his life if necessary if he made his lady cry one tear.  But for now, he just smiled back at his very happy wife then called and made reservations at her favorite restaurant.

He took particular care in dressing for the occasion.  The place while classy wasn’t a “formal wear” establishment.  He put on his blue suit with a simple black dress tee under the jacket.  He was glad he didn’t need to wear a tie though the thought had crossed his mind.  Aya could use it to reel him in for kisses.  He also knew that if the kissing started too soon they’d be eating carryout because he’d be molesting his wife before they could get out the door.  He was a little on the horny side.  Aya had been away on a job for a few days and the sex up until then had been sporadic to say the least.

As if thinking about her gave her a signal, Aya appeared in the door.  She was dressed in a simple white blouse and black pencil skirt.  She had her hair down and was wearing the diamond studs and infinity necklace he’d bought her a number of years ago.  He told her what he was thinking.  “You look stunning baby.”

She gave him a radiant smile.  “You aren’t looking too bad yourself my handsome, sexy, talented, tattooed husband.  You do clean up well.”

He got in her face.  “Be thankful I wanna show off my beautiful wife or we’d be eating takeout and I’d be nibbling on you more than the food.”  That got him a smoldering look but only a pedestrian kiss.  He pouted.  She grinned.

“If I kissed you like I want we really wouldn’t be going out but you did make reservations so…”  Ju knew a hint when he heard one.  He sighed playfully then escorted his wife out the door.

Dinner was excellent.  Dancing later was fun and Ju’s performance after they got home had his wife singing his praises.  He looked down at her sleeping form and hoped that somehow all of this would work out in the end.  Sleep was a long time coming.



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