A Hunting we will go. part 2

Ju and Toshi agreed to meet at the bar they’d visited to discuss their plan of action.  Toshi was there when Ju arrived and asked how the date with his wife had gone.

“She enjoyed herself immensely.  This is going to break someone’s heart and I’m not sure whose.  Amaya is not going to be thrilled and neither is Aya.  I don’t give a fuck if Naohito gets hurt in all of this.  He deserves a first class ass whipping and I’ll be happy to give it to him.”

Toshi nodded.  “Make sure you leave enough of his ass for me to get a few kicks in.”  Ju saluted him and the two headed out to Toshi’s van.

Back at the flat Aya was humming happily as she did her housework.  She didn’t know why her magnificent beast had treated her to a night of dinner and dancing and she really didn’t care.  She’d had a great time and had shown her appreciation by making sure he had as much of her as his heart could stand.  What had her humming was the fact that he had returned the favor earlier.  She wished he was still there.  She’d love another go at him.  The thought made her smile.

She was brought from her musings by her cell going off.  It was Amaya.  They hadn’t spoken since the invitation arrived.  Aya had been too busy and she’d warned Ju not to start anything.  The conversation was short and had Aya grinning before she hung up.  She looked at the time, figured out how long her work would take, then decided what to do first.  It was looking to be a busy day.

With Naohito’s help, Amaya had managed to rent a small house not far from the hospital.  She hated apartments, liking her privacy and a lot of quiet.  This worked for them both as he could visit without having to worry about prying eyes which worked well when they first started dating.  It had been decided that after they got married, at least for the near future, he would live with her until he could either have built or buy a suitable home for them to live in.  At the moment all he had was some clothing and a laptop at her place.

His parents weren’t very happy about her not being “full Japanese” but she had managed to win them over at least a little.  Finding out her parents had the money to travel around the world at their leisure helped.  Being smart and beautiful didn’t hurt either.

That made Amaya ask Naohito why they didn’t like Aya.  She was also smart and beautiful.  He told her that many Japanese think all Americans are rich.  They didn’t think Aya’s parents were rich enough for their blood.  He shrugged and said it was their loss because Aya was a good person.  She agreed.

She gave him a kiss and told him she’d see him later.  He was headed to a meeting at one of his car dealerships.  She stood in the door until his car was out of sight then went about getting things ready for lunch.  She idly wondered what Toshi wanted but since he didn’t sound frantic it must have been something simple.  He had said he owed her one for getting him that info on the accounting company.  She did a mental shrug, did a quick food check then headed out to the store.

She had just put the finishing touches on lunch when Toshi knocked at the door.  She was surprised to see Ju with him and was glad she’d cooked plenty.  She invited them in and was about to give Ju a tour when she noticed how nervous and worried the men were.

“Alright give.  I know something is up and from the looks on your faces I’m sure I’m not going to like it.  If you are going to try to talk me out of marrying Naohito, you can stop right now.  I love him.  He loves me.  We are the only two people who matter in this instance.”

Ju looked at Toshi.  Both men knew this was going to be a hard sell.  Ju asked where the “jerk” was and Amaya frowned.

“He’s out and please Ju.  I don’t want to be rude and ask you to leave.  I like you.  I really do and I consider Aya to be my best friend here in Japan.  Don’t make this difficult for us all.”

Toshi decided to step in before Ju made things impossible.  “Amaya, we have reason to believe that Naohito may have set in motion the events that led to Ju almost being killed.  Now don’t look at me like that.  I wouldn’t be saying this if the evidence wasn’t very convincing so hear me out before you kick us both out.”

Amaya was warring between kicking them out anyway and horror at thinking that they might have the evidence they were talking about.

She was standing there trying to decide what to do when Naohito sauntered in and stopped short.  He could tell from the look on her face that something bad was going down.  He barely had time to speak before Ju was on him.

When Ju saw him all the pain, the uncertainty, the anguish that he and Aya had gone through because of the groupie incident came rushing back.  He lost it.  He never liked Naohito and finding this out just cemented in his mind everything he disliked about the man and magnified ten times.

“You miserable son of a bitch.  I’m gonna whip your ass like I own it.”  He lunged at the man and the two of them hit the ground with Ju on top.  He began punching Naohito who threw his hands up to protect his face.  He managed to roll Ju and the two rolled around on the floor for a bit, both trying to get the upper hand but Naohito was never the delinquent that Ju was and lost that battle.

Ju hauled him to his feet and socked him in the stomach, then the jaw which rocked Naohito back on his heels.  Amaya was screaming for Ju to stop while Toshi was holding her back.  Ju had reared back to sock Naohito, who was wobbly on his feet, one more time when Aya walked through the door.

“Ju!  What the devil is going on here?”  Ju looked at her, then Naohito and hit him as hard as he could.  Naohito dropped like a rock while Ju shook his hand before making sure he hadn’t broken it.  Toshi let Amaya go who went running to her fiance.  Aya rounded on Ju.  “You’d better have a damn good reason for assaulting him.”

Toshi spoke up then.  “Oh he does.  I found out that he was the one that set Ju up and probably has some idea where the woman is who drugged him.”







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