A Hunting We Will Go. part 3

That comment set off a string of conversations that drowned each other out.  Aya was asking Toshi what he was talking about.  Amaya was trying to rouse Naohito by asking if he was alright and if what Toshi was saying was true and Ju was trying to get Aya to calm down.  Toshi finally gave a high-pitched whistle and everyone shut up.  Naohito moaned softly but other than that the room got quiet.

Ju went over to Aya who batted at his hands when he tried to hug her.  “Toshi.  What the devil is going on here?  You said Naohito was the person who set Ju up.  But why?  How did you come to this conclusion?”

Toshi went over to her, a sad look on his face and took her hands.  “You should sit down for this Aya.  It’s not pretty.”

He waited for Aya to sit down.  She was clearly confused and in a bit of shock.  When Ju sat down next to her she gave him a pleading look.  She so didn’t want it to be so.  When Ju tried to take her hand again she let him but it was limp and lifeless in his.

Toshi spoke loud enough for Amaya, who was cradling Naohito’s head in her lap, to hear.  Naohito had come around some but wasn’t making a fuss.   Toshi told the tale of his conversation with Naohito while he was buying his van, his talk with Ju and how he managed to get a job at Naohito’s accounting firm.  He told them about the wire transfer between Naohito, the detective agency and the exact same amount paid to Misaki.

“I also found out that the detective had his men looking for her.  She was in Morocco for a time but is back in Japan.  They lost her in Tokyo about a month ago.  I just found out that your boy there may have gotten a lead on where she’s holed up.  As to the why he did it…you’ll have to ask him.”

Aya had gotten paler and paler the longer Toshi talked.  She’d been the one to let that man into their lives and Ju had almost died because of it.  She shook her head no.  There had to be some mistake but for the life of her she couldn’t find any holes in what Toshi was saying.  When Ju touched her shoulder she jumped.  She turned to look at him and the tears began to flow down her cheeks.

“Ju, I’m sorry.  I didn’t…you could have…it’s my fault.  I should have kept walking when I saw him.  If you had died…my god what have I done?”

Ju gathered her into his arms and held her while she cried.  “You had no way of knowing baby.  Please don’t beat yourself up for this.  What you should be doing is beating the jerk over there.”

He was about to say more when they heard a choked sob coming from Amaya.  She’d been forgotten in all the commotion.  She just shook her head no.  She didn’t want to believe any of it.  “Naohito?  It’s not true right?  You wouldn’t…”

Toshi had walked over to the pair and was looking down at Naohito in disgust.  “I would suggest you start talking and if I don’t like what I hear you are going to wish Ju was the one still hitting you.”

Naohito groaned and sat up.  He turned to Amaya, a pleading look on his face.  He tried to touch her but she jerked back like she’d been burned.  He sighed then began his story.

He told them how he didn’t think Ju was faithful to Aya and had asked the detective to find out if he was bedding groupies.  How the detective had sent Misaki to try to seduce him but that neither of them had told her to drug him or had even known that she had until he’d overheard Aya’s conversation with Hana.  He admitted that he’d been the one to put the photos in the post but he hadn’t known about the drugging at that time.

“I just couldn’t let it go Aya, let you go.  I just knew that Ju was using you for your money.  I didn’t realize that you two are a pair and share everything, that you truly do love each other.  Once I did get it through my thick head I started dating that lunatic.  We all know how that turned out.  I’ve done everything I could to make up for what I did.  I’ve moved heaven and earth to try to find that woman.  I was going to tell Amaya everything before we got married.  I just couldn’t keep that a secret from her.  As for Misaki, I got word a couple of days ago that she was seen in a village outside of  Tokyo.  I had planned to go to the police about her but that would have gotten me locked up even though I didn’t have her drug you.  Please believe me when I say I was going to find a way to make her pay.”

Aya sat and listened to him and anyone who knew her could see she was getting angrier and angrier as he talked.  She finally got up, walked over to Naohito who was standing by then, made a fist and socked him in the jaw as hard as she could.  She gave a satisfied smirk as the unexpected hit sent him staggering back.

She went back over to a grinning Ju while trying to shake the pain out of her hand.  Ju took her hand and gently placed a kiss on it then pulled her in for a hug.

“That’s my barbarian princess.  Should I give him another ass whipping or just call the police?”  Aya sighed and shook her head no.  “The scandal would damage the hospital and he has done a lot of good for it and it would still be your word against hers.  You’d have to worry about what the scandal would do to your career.”

Ju growled.  “I hate the idea that bitch will get away with this.”  Naohito spoke up then.  “She’s wanted by the Moroccan police.  Seems she pulled that stunt on a rich old man there and he didn’t make it.  I was looking for her to have her shipped back there to stand trial.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Amaya, I swear I was going to tell you before the ceremony.  Please don’t hate me.  You are more important to me then anything in the world.”

Amaya was at a loss.  She loved Naohito and while she knew he wasn’t perfect she had learned that he was working to be a better person.  He was at least trying to make things right.  She looked up at a light touch to her shoulder.  Aya opened up her arms and Amaya let her hug her while she cried.

“Come on.  Let’s get you some tea and let the guys talk this out.  I couldn’t care less about Hito.  Right now I’m more worried about you.  Ju, Toshi.  Try not to beat him senseless.  We need to know where that woman is.”  With that she led a still sniffling Amaya into the kitchen and away from the men.

Ju watched them go then turned to Naohito who took a couple of steps back at the look on Ju’s face.  He actually jumped when he backed into Toshi.  He held up his hands.  “Look.  I didn’t know and I didn’t tell her to do it.  Toshi, you said yourself that I’d hired people to track her down.  So I’d appreciate it if you guys would think about not hitting me anymore.”

“I’ll consider it if what I hear coming out of your mouth is helpful.  Now what was that about the police looking for her and do you know where she is?”  The look Ju had on his face as he spoke made Naohito pale.

Naohito took a seat and wiped at the blood that had started dripping from his nose.  He hoped it wasn’t broken.  He looked up as the other two men hovered over, threat evident in their faces.  He started talking.

“We tracked her to Nagatoro Village.  We think she went there because with all the tourists it would make it harder to find her and she was right in a sense.  It was just luck that someone spotted her.  They lost her in the crowd but she didn’t know she’d been spotted.  As far as we know she’s still there.  I’d have let the police here know but that would have raised questions that I didn’t want raised so I was going to head there with some backup and try to grab her but quietly and drop her off at the Moroccan Embassy.”

Toshi and Ju looked at each other.  Looks like they were headed to Nagatoro.  All three men turned at the sound of Aya announcing that she was going too and all three men knew from the look on her face that there would be no talking her out of it.



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